The judgmental me: Why I should not judge others

To be judgemental is completely fine, it’s human nature. But it’s not always useful and it’s better to be curious. We assume that we are the owners of the right to judge and criticize others for being superior in one thing or the other. But is it true? We are in this way trying to bring in bias and create a division of nefarious sorts. It really is a sin to form assumptions about a person based on his physical appearance, money in pocket, way of talking or standing, and his circumstance, etc. We form perceptions usually about others based on what we dislike about them. We generally find people of low status and simple appearances to possess negative attributes which is a totally wrong deduction, something more of a foolish and selfish sort. We don’t try to know the person and understand them to confirm our judgments. We stop before getting started and because of a potent misunderstanding build unpatchable and unmanageable differences between people. 

We don’t have time and we don’t make efforts to build bridges between people which can sort our doubts and give us the right direction to walk in. A method to stop being judgmental is the DUAL method. According to it- 

  • Don’t be judgmental–If you find yourself being judgmental try to stop or give a pause to your thinking then and there. Observe your thought process a bit and try to pin the point where you become judgmental. It can be a difficult step but it has to be done.  
  • Understand—Instead of forming impressions of someone based on his looks or qualifications you must try to understand the person putting yourself in their shoes. You must try and imagine their background and talk to them to find out their life story because good, bad or ugly, everyone has one. You have to try and understand the situations which might have led the person to act or look like they do.
  • Accept-–Once you begin to understand you must also try to accept. You must try to accept the person for who he is, what he does without trying to pressurize him to be someone else. Because this world is large enough to be changed by the wish and fancies of a simple and sincere soul. 
  • Love–When you have accepted the person, try to love him by generating love in your heart for him or her. It is important to love the other person in question even without knowing him, or the fact that you hated him in the past. You must try to love a human on the grounds of humanity boycotting other man-made selfish criteria like being rich or poor, dark or light-coloured, young or old, male or female, lower or upper caste, Indian or American, etc.

Loving someone does a lot of good to us about which we are unaware. Loving others helps to keep you happy and love yourself too. By showering love on others you are doing the work of God which will mold the lives of others in beautiful ways thanks to your faith in them. Loving others empowers you in many ways and makes you selfless, more sincere, takes you closer to God, and gives you inner peace and happiness. It gives you a feeling of pride that you took it on yourself to show someone a path, that you tried to help someone and made someone happy. In this way, you made God happy. Because we all know that 

Service to man is a great service to God”.    

Published by ambikajha

I am Ambika Jha.I like to write on different topics.I feel life is too short for anything.So let us work our best in the given time and let life's music be in rhythm and rhyme.So be your best and never stop to learn and write.

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