Interview fears and how to overcome them

It is a known fact that most of us get anxious when we have a big interview coming up and we worry that our nerves will get in the way of us and our dream job. We are very worried about the types of interview questions that will be put before us. According to a recent survey,73% of job seekers have said that getting a new job and facing an interview is one of the most stressful things in life. And it is quite very normal to get nervous because people don’t know how to introduce themselves in an interview.

One needs to improve the skills for interviews by knowing basic interview questions and answers. It is also not many times that you are on a hot seat and you have to appear perfect. So it’s not surprising that nerves get involved before an interview if it’s a dream job that you want and you feel that the stakes are quite very high. And that anxiety can really sabotage your performance on the big day. This anxiety can take our performance grades down because of the blunderous interview mistakes that we do. In this way, the interviewer will be distracted and he will not remember your plus points and qualifications. Some points to be taken note of to reduce the level of anxiety and for a proper interview preparation are—

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1.Preparation is inevitable-Doing your homework and being prepared is the best way to take care of those jittery nerves. One must know that a bit of nervousness is actually good for your performance. By preparing beforehand the candidate will be more confident which will put him in more command of the interview. The level of confidence can help to channel the nervousness into a positive spirit and energy and gear the body language into form also.

2.Believe in the power of positiveIt is always good to think positive at least during interviews. The job search can be tiring and maddening too and even the best candidates face repeated rejection and sometimes misbehaviour. Bitterness and a rude disposition can be very fatal for interviews as nobody wants a worker with an attitude problem. Negativity can be obstructive as it can prevent you from seeing your key strengths clearly. One should prepare by practicing so that he/she can ace the interview. One can also listen to soothing music to energize self and spirits. But headphones should not be taken to the interview. An uncertain interview can add to the levels of uncertainty so it is advised to get familiar with the place and the people of the organization.

3.Remove desperationThe candidate has to know that he/she may be wanting the job badly but it is just one opportunity. The entire life and future of the candidate do not depend on it. Enthusiasm is a good sign here but neediness is not. It makes one look wanting and weak. The candidate must know that whatever be the result of the interview it will be a learning experience that will make you a better professional in the long run. Confidence should be projected and the candidate can control how he presents himself at the interview.

4.Try relaxation and confidence-boosting ideasThere are some anti-nervousness techniques like breathing exercises which can be helpful to present yourself confidently at an interview. Power posing techniques also help a lot in the same as it has been found that it helps to drop down the stress hormone called ‘Cortisol’.

5.Visualization-It will calm your anxiety if you try and visualize a successful interview. One can picture himself in the interview room making a great impression and try to feel a strong sense of positivity and confidence from it. In this way, one gets a surge of enthusiasm and high spirits which will surely take him out of fears of any kind and motivate him to deliver his best.

6.Breathing techniques-Box-breathing is a simple and effective exercise that can be done in seconds anywhere you are and does a lot of good for calming anxiety and fears.

Box-breathing can be done in these simple steps—1. Inhale for four seconds.2.Hold your breath for four seconds.3.Exhale for four seconds.4.Hold your breath at the end of exhaling for four seconds and repeat. It automatically makes the person calmer and composed.

7.Pace to aceNervousness can make you exaggerate your mannerisms and make you talk too fast, show unwanted body language or stumble or stammer over your words. One may start speaking even before listening to the whole question and context and thus lose self-control. One must immediately slow down and be confident of that pause. One must not feel self-conscious about pausing. It is considered a good sign that you pause to think about the question and answer by the interviewers.

8.Redirect questions-Sometimes the interviewers frame stressful questions about which one may have no idea. It is an intentional move on behalf of the interviewer who wants to know how you react to stressful questions. The apt way to deal with these questions is to redirect the question calmly towards a similar topic with which you are familiar. One needs to stay calm and collected. One tough question asked should not make you frantic or desperate and he must focus on handling the next question well. The candidate should try to end the meeting on a positive note.

9.Know that interviewers are on your side-The candidate may have dark fears of the interview process and interviewers but he must know that they are on your side and want you to succeed.

 10.Know the details-One way to stand confident is by strengthening the knowledge base about the company, it’s entire history, its work, values, mission, culture, products, etc. It will help to overcome fears and gain confidence as knowledge is the ultimate power.

11.Prep up-For the interview be alert and confident both physically and mentally. Before coming to the interview exercise out, get a good night’s sleep, and eat properly. Don’t be late to arrive at the interview, arrive thirty minutes before time.

12.Building rapportTry to know about the interviewers and find out anything common between you and them like a hobby, hometown, favourites. These connections make the relationship sweeter.

13.Do not be a boost bear-Try not to boast about things you haven’t done instead shed light on facts or experiences of your life where you have tried to make things better despite the bad times and how your efforts have saved the company from going down and failing. One must not use empty adjectives. Let the facts say for themselves.

Answer in the affirmative-Sometimes you may be asked a question to which you don’t know the answer.Then don’t answer in ‘umm’ or ‘ugh’ or ‘let me think’.Try to answer with ‘yes’, ‘sure’ or ‘of course’.You may ask a clarifying question if there is a doubt about anything.

14.Shift focus on them not selfAn interview is a conversation and an engaging one can make you gain the win-win position. But if you are stuck on your accent, fears or incapacity the connection between the interviewer and you weakens. A candidate with a fear badge on him comes as a distant, uncompetitive and shy one who is confused and cannot handle the conversation.


By following these simple tricks and tips one can manage an interview, overcome his /her fears, give a worthy performance, build a good profile for self in the eyes of the interviewers and ace the dreaded nightmare, the interview in style.

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