Some important rules of job interview etiquettes

We are all scared of interviews. And we have to give at least one in our lives. To pass an interview a candidate has to firstly follow certain rules, norms, and etiquette which becomes a binding factor and can’t be ignored. It is the absolutely crucial step to give a first good impression and make a lasting impact. These sixty-minute meetings with someone we don’t know and the gunning of so many questions the answers of which remain a mystery to us are really pressurizing and cost us our complete concentration and undue amount of tensions. The interview sessions are not only stressful for the candidates alone they give lots of tension and pressure on the interviewers as they have to struggle too to find the right person for the job. And so the candidate has to make moves with caution, balance, and complete preparation.

1.Take control of the time factorThe candidate must not be late for the interview. This may sound too generic but it still is the most important factor for a candidate to be successful. At the time of the interview, a candidate should give himself some time to relax and be himself. And if because of any reason one is late then he/she must apologize very politely.

On the other hand, the candidate should not be even too early for the interview.It too is not liked by the interviewers as they may have other obligations for themselves or others. One should arrive only fifteen minutes early to the interview place which would be perfect.

2.The attire storyIn this age of global advancement most workplaces don’t go for a strict uniform policy but still you need to dress up formally for an interview. Most of the candidates don’t know what to wear for an interview and wear something very awkward and out-of-relevance for the D-day. The best way to dress is to be formal, maybe too formal to appear more serious, work-worthy, and sincere towards your work. A proper dress code helps give an expression about the entire personality in and out of the person and also tells us about how well the person can work and meet the requirements of the company.

3.Know the interviewer-A candidate should know the interviewer and all formal details about him. If a candidate turns up for an interview and on questioning is not able to say the name of the interviewer it is a blunder which makes him look unprepared, incomplete and indifferent towards his/her interview. So before the scheduled interview, it is important to know about the person who is going to take the scheduled interview. For that, the candidate should receive an email or confirmation along with the interviewer’s full name. It is a required must. The candidate should know the required details of his/her interview completely.

4.Practice makes perfect-An interview is a deciding thing for the candidate where half of his abilities and his personality traits get to be known by the interviewer. It is a delicate affair where one wants to appear balanced and perfect. Because as we know of the saying, ‘The first impression makes the last impression’. The candidate apart from having qualifications and finding self-work-worthy should show some behavioural etiquette, style, and finesse to make that lasting impression on the recruiter. One of them is exchanging pleasantries and shaking hands. One should shake hands neither limply, coming across as a weak, timid, nervous person nor do you want to do so by twisting the wrist or hand very hard to sound bossy and overpowering. One must shake hands mildly, being a bit firm, and should not hold it for too long. One must smile and greet the interviewer smartly.

5.Have the drink-It is generally advised to take the offered drink by most of the recruitment experts. It shows that you aren’t too nervous, that you are cool enough. It also makes you relax, take a breather, and kind of gives you a wanted momentary distraction to concentrate rightly on the interview questions.

6.Mobile phones turned offA very fundamental point of interview etiquette which is ignored by many candidates is that the candidates carry their mobile phones with them in the interview chamber without switching them off which creates an unwanted distraction by ringing and disturbing everyone in the room. It is a sign of a careless person and shows insincerity on the part of the candidate. It also shows that the candidate has a lack of respect for the time of the interviewer and no strong sense of purpose fulfilment, here it being the giving of a proper interview. If the phone somehow rings because you did not mute it then apologize genuinely and turn it off immediately.

7.Body Language balance-A very common interview blunder is bad body language. The interviewer will arrive at his final decision just by meeting you once before hiring or not which means he will be all eyes on you during the interview process keenly observing you and your moves. So some points should be noted to pass this scrutinizing scenario fairly. The candidate should sit straight looking serious yet with a little smile. He must look interested in the interview. He must maintain proper eye contact every time a question is asked. He must never slouch, nor lean forward towards the interviewer. He must just keep sitting with a straight back. The arms must not be crossed and he must not point out his hand towards the interviewer. He must not stare for too long too. He must not fidget with anything on the table, in his pocket, and should not keep looking around the room. The entire focus must be on the interviewer and nothing else.

8.Do the extra effort please-It will really make the interviewer happy and impressed if you show that you have almost complete knowledge about the company. So for that, the candidate should do some homework, extra research about all the details, tit-bits of the company for which he is applying and should update his knowledge bank with the same. It shows that you care to do extra work, are committed to the job role and you are not just fooling around, wasting both your and the interviewer’s precious time. The candidate should be able to answer the personal questions truly and should have a few questions to ask the interviewer too. This will show that you are concerned to know more, you have an active interest in the company, and that you are a sincere worker.

9.Over-sharing is not caringIn the interview many things have to be taken into account by the candidate. He should know that there is a demarcation line between bonding with the interviewer and over-sharing. It is important to show the open and friendly nature that you possess to help them assess how you can fit in the team but one must know to share only the relevant parts of your life with them. There must not be the creation of room for loose talk as it shows that you are a careless and loose person who can be moulded by anyone. The candidate must not complain about previous employers, colleagues, or jobs. He should not discuss personal topics like relationship issues, family problems, or any other issues that are not relevant to the context. Also, care must be taken to see that interviewers don’t ask you discriminatory questions on race, religion, sexuality, or culture. The hirers need professionals who are friendly, will fit in, and work well in tandem with all workings of the company. They want workers who will lead the pack with courage and brain they don’t want ones who will rock the boat.

10.Show respect and gratitudeWhen the interview ends be sure to thank the interviewer for their time and patience. One may as a part of better gratitude follow up with a thank you email too.


These points are though simple rules of common sense but it is quite surprising how many candidates fail to follow them. As the candidates are bogged down by the preparation part, they fail to take care of small things which mean the most. So it is advisable to take heed of these points and get past even the toughest interviews successfully and in style following the correct etiquette rules as mentioning again, ‘the first impression is the last impression’.

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