Tips to create a killer resume

A recruiter is faced with hundreds of resumes in a day and finds himself in a tight spot regarding which ones to choose and pick out. Recruiters take only six to eight seconds to choose out a resume. And if it is computer-screened it may consume even less time. So it becomes a very important task for the candidate to make a classy, catchy, interesting, and information-rich profile that will strike out from all others like being an odd one out amongst all even, here in a positive sense. These are a few tips that will help you create an attractive resume guiding about the skills to put in a resume, perfect one preferably.

1.Understanding the recruiter’s needs and wants– If we take the example of a business to taste the goodness of success it’s important that it understands consumer behaviour really well. As companies make products to be acceptable and likable in the same way you need to make a resume tailored to the likings of your company and the hiring committee. A creative resume doesn’t show every achievement and appreciable effort put together in a numbered list. It’s because the hirers, the HR or recruitment people don’t pay attention to it and the fact are they don’t care because they are only concerned about your ability to do the required job well enough, not more. The resume will give a better impact if it is focussed on the skills and experiences you will employ to do the given target job. So it needs that your resume is focused on how employers prioritize and expect perfection from you and a properly constructed resume will assist a lot in your career assessment including decisions to take in the job.

2.A job-specific resume-The resumes that are generic are though easy and quick to make but are very ineffective. One should try to research the company, the cultural norms, dig through more details of the same to be aware of the legitimacy of the company. Researching gives a lot of clarity about the choices, needs, and work culture of the organization. You must apply for the jobs only if you meet the criteria of the job. The candidate must never try to lie or exaggerate about his/her accomplishments because then trusting again would seem impossible.

3.Some additions would be good(keywords)-When the candidate has written the resume he/she must check it for inclusion of keywords. The structuring of the resume must also be done carefully. The current and recent role must be front-paged. The educational qualifications don’t stand important here more than official experiences and they can be put a bit later.

4.The shorter, the better-The recruiters scan the resumes in seconds and they prefer to cut the crap of lengthy educational qualifications, the extra curricular activity part and more jargon. They are only interested in the current skill and educational degree setup which will show that you are fit and apt for the desired role. They do not need more than that. So a balanced resume must be brief, to the point, and should give the total required information too. But should not be a history exam paper. The candidate must also show that you have had a progressive role in previous places where you worked and about the various responsibilities that you shared delivering total success every time. You need to demonstrate that you are a piece of value in some way or the other. 

5.The preparation saga is supreme-The candidate should take up a single specific job for which he/she can be considered perfect having the experience too and then they must take a look at five job postings. Next, they should analyse how employers think about the job and what they expect from a smart and able professional. The candidate needs to prioritize their common needs and put all the words and phrases used to describe them in a word file. Then one must read out the file knowing the needs of the employers and more. This effort will help to make your resume be the standout one from the hundreds of resume databases put for recruiter review.

6.Roundabout with proofs, no goofsThe candidate should try to qualify the resume with real info about his/her work to date and other relevant documents which prove that you are not cheating, lying, or conning anyone. And proving that you are a genuine person and so are the claims. You can give links to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram too if you have any written content, photos, or creative projects that have been made by you.

7.Give good reasons for short-term stints– The company would be curious to know why you quit the previous job and for what time duration you served the company. And if you worked for short terms and quit you will need to give a reasonable explanation and the reason why the present hirer should hire you and what benefit will that give to the company. And if your resume shows a gap of some time in your work setup, then you must truthfully explain the reason for so without beating around the bush. You should not mention your age, gender, marital status, and other such information because these are irrelevant to the context.

8.Be contact readyThe contact information complete with your mail and a contact number must be included in the resume. The home address may not be needed. The formatting of the resume must be done to provide a proper structure to the resume so that the needed information is got readily by the recruiter. The write-up must be clear, easy to read, and transparent in the presentation. The candidate must stick to a regular presentation unless one is trying for a specific creative role and wants to showcase their talent. The recruiter does not want any distraction while going through the resume. Remove all things which are reducing clarity like pictures.

9.Submission of the resume and editingThe resume must be submitted as a pdf file. It will make sure the formatting stays as such. Then the complete editing and revising of the resume is a must before submission. The spelling and grammar must be checked upto three times. One must not depend totally on the online grammar checker apps as they may sometimes be incorrect.

10.A job title is a mustIt has been seen that 7 out of 10 resumes don’t have a proper job title and contact information because they don’t consider it as being important. But it is just the other way around. A proper job title gives the resume a very updated look and gives the hirers a feeling that the particular candidate is a balanced one who has a keen eye and takes care of minute details too. It gives an edge to your resume and hirers may shortlist it without much fuss. You may also have felt that a title is half the attraction factor for a book, a movie, a TV show, or anything you want to know about and explore. If there is no title one may be confused as to the content and value of a piece of work. And even if the content is moderate a catchy and interesting title can help it run along the success line fast and may compensate for the content part. But it cannot be the other way around. A titled resume is more visible while searching in databases and can catch the eye of the recruiter easily.

11.The job objective is not a necessity-The candidate may not waste his/her time by giving space for the objective part of the resume which states your knowledge and choices. The hirers don’t exactly care for your choices, they are more concerned with getting what they want. The real part, the one which will secure you the dream job is the topmost one. It alone should be well worded to come in the sight of the recruiters and be pulled out from databases. The hirers want to know how you can justify your work with them, how you can fetch them success and how well you can manage your work with them. The resumes are read for 5 to 46 seconds so the start of it should be composed in a very, interesting and beautiful way to grab those eyeballs and let the resume dance on their fingertips because here itself it is decided whether you fit or not for the job position.

12.The inclusion of a performance profileThe first section of a resume should include the ‘performance profile’ or your ability and calibre to do the particular job. It should highlight your skill and knowledge for the job and must not be written in long lines. The paragraph should be in a maximum of five lines and if there is a need for a second paragraph it must be bulleted.

13.Skills to kill-The candidate should identify his particular professional skills required for the job he/she is applying for and put them in a very interesting manner in the first half of the resume. It will bring a strong first impression on the recruiter for starters. After adding the job title and performance profile there should come a professional skills or a core competencies section. The listing of all skills to the topmost section of the resume improves your ranking with the search engine algorithms.

14.Scattering will matter(keywords)-. The candidate should repeat the skills listed in the professional skill section telling the hirers where it was developed and applied. It puts the skill baggage in context with the reader and then when you mention those skills by repeating them it doubles and triples the resume ranking in job searches that use those words.

Stock photograph of job resume inside orange folder.


A proper resume focusing on a specific job keeping the recruiter’s needs in mind and adhering to the norms of a killer resume will really fare better than many others.

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