Top 10 new age careers for the millennium

The students after completing their higher studies are very anxious about their first job and don’t know the answer to the question, ‘what can I do after graduation?’ They need proper career guidance to find out the perfect job for them. They want to find a job that suits the candidate’s requirements and meets his/her expectations perfectly. But the candidate should do a little prep work in advance for it too because choosing a career option is a big deal. To find the desired job they can take the help of career counseling online. Every student once in his life suffers from the dilemma of how to get a job. Because of the advent of computers, the internet, and a progressive revolution even in the thinking pattern of people a lot of job avenues have opened which require only the right degree and a hard-working spirit to become successful. Some of the new generation careers that can be useful for the youth are:-

1.Software Publishing–If we see software is the key component in the functioning of a computer and software publishers take care of the design, distribution, installation, and technical support for both the application and system software. Softwares in the field of operating systems, games, data, graphics, internet business, internet security, word processing are in popular demand. And so talented software professionals are in much demand. It is also a promising field if you have the required educational qualifications and a hard-working attitude.

2.Data Science—It is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract information and insights from a lot of unstructured data. A data scientist takes the data, analyses it, using it to make decisions. To pursue this career path one has to have basic knowhow of excel. And if the company is dealing with a large amount of data then one may need to have knowledge in coding and be aware of tools and software like SAS, R, Python, etc. Data science is considered the real game-changer for business because it solves many business problems and issues. And so the job of a data scientist is very promising, fulfilling, and well paying too.

 3.Artificial Intelligence-Artificial Intelligence also called machine intelligence is a concept where a machine is programmed to make decisions like humans.AI is truly appealing and new emerging trends in it have made it the most lucrative career opportunity in the market. According to the surveys by World Economic Forum(WEF) 133 million jobs are going to be created by AI by 2020. Today lot of gadgets and machines are enabled with AI technology giving them a boost of efficiency and time-bound convenience. Examples of the same are the new generation cameras which have AI where autofocus and quality aspects are improved. Then another machine where AI has been used is Alexa and here the machine does voice recognition and performs many surprising chores. The healthcare industry too relies on AI to help it’s patients and in research activities. To opt for AI one needs to have knowledge of coding and some softwares.

4.UI/UX professional-When we visit a website the first time we notice firstly the design and the experience. The primary goal of any business is also to increase the sale and growth of the business. UI/UX design helps in achieving this goal and giving the user a great experience. User Interface updates the appearance of an application when a  user is interacting with it. So there is a high demand for a UI/UX designer who makes the app look appealing and gives the customer a unique experience.

5.Ethical Hacking-We know that many big businesses have to deal with a lot of data. And the data has to be protected too. Many times the accounts of celebrities get hacked. And there happen many other kinds of cyber fraud crimes. So here steps in the ethical hacker. An ethical hacker keeps the data secure preventing it from being stolen and used maliciously. According to surveys done on cybersecurity firms in the country, Indian firms lost more than $4 billion in 2013 because of hacking. Consequently, the requirement of ethical hackers has increased manifolds across the world.

6.Digital Marketing–Today billions of active users are using the internet. Now no one is interested in going to shops to buy any product and the trend of online shopping is at an all-time high replacing the conventional marketing style. And then here the digital marketer enters the scene. His main job is to set up online campaigns based on geography, target audience, and customer buying habits. A digital marketer promotes the company’s products and brands via online channels. He also develops strategies for marketing with the help of social media, Google Ad words, etc which optimize the reach of a product cost-effectively. A digital marketer must have a good level of knowledge of e-commerce. Digital marketing is the buzzword in the Indian job market and this sector will provide more than 20 lakh jobs.

7.Career Counsellor–Most of the professionals and students are confused about their careers and choices. A trained counsellor can help the students and professionals to make an informed career choice. Today India is in the need of 1.4 million of them for a student base of more than 350+. According to a survey, the market size of career assessment is a huge 5000 crore. The primary source of information for the students today is firstly the internet, the second being the counsellor, and third the teacher. The career counsellor can change this order to rank at the first spot. A trained and professional career counsellor saves the aspiring students and professionals the pain of researching through the most suitable career option and gives them a ready solution suiting their needs and capacity.

8.Graphic Designers–This field deals with the communication of ideas by visual and textual mediums. It is a continuously changing field and the rise of digital media and the internet have brought in various career opportunities in this field. To make a piece of content totally interesting and read-worthy one should add eye-catching images too in it. And it has been proven that visuals increase engagement by 20%. The graphic designers create original sketches based on the client’s ideas and needs which are then used as a foundation for website pics. A graphic designer must be a pro in drawing. To be successful in this field one must have a good idea of fonts, line height, tracking, etc. One must have a clear knowledge about design platforms like Photoshop, Illustrator, In design. They must update themselves about new design applications, know better about web design, layout, print design, use of colours, and know about computer programs like Acrobat. People with a passion for sketching and painting can opt for this field.

9.App development–The coming of smartphones is like a storm that has created a new career avenue and established a viable employment opportunity in the market. Versatility is required here to be able to create an app for any sort of device. One should have knowledge of IOS, Android, Blackberry, coding skills, and a suitable skill-experience set. And yes, brainstorming is an added must. It is a lucrative, paying and good field to be creative and showcase self skills.

10.Blogging–Blogging is a very healthy, useful, fun, and learning-based activity. The internet space is filled with various kinds of content from creative content of poems, stories, advices, to self-opinion-based pieces and editorials. The people who have a flair for writing can start blogging on their subject area and expertise. There are many topics to write on like food, travel, gadgets, interior design, politics, social issues, or personal experiences. Videos can be added to make the post more exciting and interesting. It is a creative way to provide useful information to the viewers.


These career options are quite fulfilling ones. Some are the regular ones but some out of them are not the regular 9 to 5 jobs. Many of these options are based on creativity and so are more interesting in their approach. If one has the knack, passion, and spirited desire to do any of these jobs, they will not disappoint you to make out a good life and work happily.

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