About online proctoring system: Working and more.

In today’s times of advancement, e-learning has been considered the future of education which is here to stay. And the rapid growth of the e-learning industry has created the need for many supportive technologies to step forward. An area that is finding it’s space and importance accordingly is virtual proctoring. The introduction of an online proctoring system has given the promise of protecting the sanctity of exams along with helping to eradicate external factors causing malpractices like cheating. The global e-learning market is on a rapid rise to establishment and will reach a huge number of 300 billion-plus by 2025. The online exam proctoring system has given learning a feasible and strong foundation to work on. Now learning is available to everyone without adhering to any geographical constraints and man or time-bound restrictions. The aspiring students who were not able to attend learning institutions for any reason can study from their homes or any other place possible which is a real and valuable help to society. The system also makes sure that the integrity of the exam is not compromised at any cost giving a new dimension for learning to evolve and grow.

What is an online proctoring system?

The remote proctoring system helps the candidates to write an exam online even from a remote location without sacrificing the integrity of the test.

The online proctoring tool gives a facility that helps the proctors, the computer software to extend their reach beyond any geographical borders allowing them to access the candidates from any location only with a computer and a high-speed internet connection. This service combines technologies of online monitoring software and video streaming along with the conventional ways of invigilation to keep the unfair practices at bay.

In the conventional method of invigilating an exam, the examination process has to go through the steps of booking an exam hall/test center, informing candidates, supervising the exam, evaluating the test papers, and then declaring the results. Now with the introduction of the new technology of e-learning the whole education scenario has been given an unconventional format in which students can study and give their exams from a place of convenience in accordance of their schedules. The online exam proctoring service is being used in many educational fraternities and organizations alike. In many reputed universities, students can get hold of the entire courses online which may include multiple online assessments, interviews, assignments, etc. Then some organizations give e-learning modules to be used by the students.

How does an online proctoring system work?

The online remote proctoring system involves two parties, the proctor who is the invigilator, and the candidate. The proctor can be a human called a live proctor or it can be software. The remote proctor, here the software can at a single instance invigilate 5-10 candidates and it is feasible if there is a high-speed internet connection.

The work starts when the candidate is needed to fill in the required fields of name, date of birth, gender, and name of the institution. Then comes the authorization page where the examinee is needed to submit an ID proof and then the facial recognition feature gets activated. Then the microphone and webcam are tested to check for any technical errors. The assessment starts and the webcam of the computer switches on ready to proctor the candidate. The proctor can look at all the candidates in a grid view via the webcam and can monitor the activities and movements of all of them. Any suspicious move by any candidate is notified by the automatic behavioural alert who can take the decision to stop the exam issuing a red flag.

What is it’s pros and cons?

The pros and cons of online remote proctoring

The online exam proctoring software is of three kinds:-

1. Live proctoring

2. Recorded proctoring

3. Advanced automated proctoring

A. The pros of live proctoring

1. It provides real-time intervention. In the live proctoring the

students are monitored immediately for any of their queries or discomfort and the live proctor can connect with the student and assess the situation well. If

the issue is dishonesty they can remind the students to stick to the rules and

norms of the exam and if the issue is miscommunication they can help

accordingly. So this in-the-moment intervention helps students fast and gives

them a better experience.

2. The human factor: In a live proctoring exam the students are

confident that the human proctor will give the exact report of their activities

and behavior. But they cannot be sure of the computer, the mechanical proctor

which may sometimes make an error in the reporting and give wrong feedback.

A.     The cons of live proctoring

Live Proctoring can become a problem if the proctor or test taker doesn’t have a good internet connection. 

B. The pros of recorded proctoring

1.  In this proctoring there is no need for a human proctor for the better part of the examination as the work of audio-visual and screen sharing details are recorded by the proctoring software.

2.  It can keep an eye on and monitor a larger number of students.

3.  It also removes locational constraints.

4.  It reduces the work pressure of a live proctor.

B. The cons of recorded proctoring

1. This type of proctoring requires the use of a human proctor at one stage of the evaluation process.

2. It is not cost-effective and is also not scalable.

3. It can make errors at times because of a technical malfunctioning.

C. The pros of advanced automated proctoring

1. The system is more effective with advanced analytics in AI

algorithms that take care of all the functions without needing human


2. This way of proctoring can manage a larger number of students

and gives round-the-clock service.

3. This way is more flexible as students can schedule their tests

according to their wish and they need not tally it with the schedules of their

live proctor.

 C. The cons of advanced automated proctoring

1.  It is more suitable for low stake test exams.

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