There’s plenty in a name-Word Play

Could someone identify the people who give nifty names to shops, hotels and roadside inns? While travelling by the Jaipur-Delhi highway on a freezing, foggy morning, when the car felt like a spaceship advancing through eggshell white clouds, we suddenly saw a white signboard with red letters, ‘Jungle Babbler’. It was the name of aContinue reading “There’s plenty in a name-Word Play”

Give with an open heart and without expectations!!

Life is beautiful once, twice, thrice, always, forever!!! Why should we be good and do good when others don’t respond the same way? What is the use of showing compassion? To help others is a humanitarian attribute, a compassionate nature is proof that you’re human. You know this. That’s why you’ve expressed doubts over theContinue reading “Give with an open heart and without expectations!!”

Pain management: How to combat excruciating pains on way to worthy gains!!!

How to manage pains 24/7 efficiently and effortlessly Many times in life we get surrounded by diseases, bad, traumatic experiences which give us the gift of unwanted pains. The pains can be from any disease or injury but one thing that they have in common is that they all hurt bad and give an uncomfortableContinue reading “Pain management: How to combat excruciating pains on way to worthy gains!!!”