Pain management: How to combat excruciating pains on way to worthy gains!!!

How to manage pains 24/7 efficiently and effortlessly

Many times in life we get surrounded by diseases, bad, traumatic experiences which give us the gift of unwanted pains. The pains can be from any disease or injury but one thing that they have in common is that they all hurt bad and give an uncomfortable feeling. So here are certain measures to pursue to get relief from these pains and feel better. All the methods are simple, routinely and can bring about a great difference in cutting out the pain factor from your life.

1.Stay active-Simple and manageable things like regular activity can make a big difference to ease out pain. You can try walking, water aerobics and yoga. They can ease out joint pain helping with balance, flexibility and strength. You should aim for 30-35 mins for 3 or 4 days a week even if it’s something light like stretching or gardening. You can take the help of a doctor or physical therapist to make out the best plan for you.

2.Sleep well-After a good night’s sleep one feels better and the rejuvenated body can fight through all the pain more easily. And if you don’t the pain can get worse. A proper bedtime routine can help to give you the rest that you need. You should though not read or watch TV in bed. You can skip the nap. You should sit in a quiet, comfy bedroom that makes you sleepy.

3.Ask for help at work-Some days the pain can make your job harder. Because of the Americans with Disabilities Act your employer should make changes to make the situation better for you. If possible you can work from home for some days or take even longer breaks. And not to forget, it can also help to sit on a more comfortable desk or chair.

4.Take the prescribed medication-Your doctor may give you drugs to ease out the pain and sleep too. So you must know what they do and the quantity that you are supposed to take. If you have side effects you can see your doctor to clarify your doubts.

5.Find out the things you like to do and which are fun to you-You can keep your mind distracted by getting involved in creative and fun filled activities like colouring, painting, easy to make crafts, sewing, stitching, knitting, cooking or anything in a daily routine that you find interesting and fun. You can juggle between your favourite indoor and outdoor games and pass your time in a better way by keeping engaged in these activities.

6.Prep up for flare ups-It happens that the pain gets intense sometimes. It means to change your present activity levels or adjust the medication dosages and use heat or cold packs. You can also keep a track of the trigger point of your pain flare-ups and take the help of a doctor to know more about your condition.

7.Eat healthy-All that you eat reflects out in how you feel. So a balanced diet can help the body be in the best form to fight pains. You should eat lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grains an lean proteins. You should also try to avoid processed foods and items rich in sugar, salt, fats. And you must drink plenty of water. You can consult a nutritionist to make a healthy diet plan to be followed.

8.The relax schedule-It’s normal to be stressed if you are dealing with chronic pain. So then you must find out ways to de-stress and manage the pain. Something which can help you is slow, deep breathing, guided imagery and maybe taking a nap. You can also consult a doctor for any guidance.

9.Try to balance and pace yourself-Many times it happens that you have lots of energy and you feel like you can keep going. And at times the energy levels are low and the pain is high. At such times you need to take breaks. You should prioritize your tasks and if some things don’t get done on time it’s not that big deal. You can break large jobs down into small parts. And then you can see how you can manage the easy and harder jobs in a way.

10. Try to find time to talk to friends and family-You should make sure your family and friends know how you feel. You may be sad, angry or frustrated about your present dilemma that has affected your life. You can share those feelings and let people know how they can help too.

11. Find a support group-It’s great to have a family and friends to confide in but it can help more to join a support group with people who also are in the same situation like you. You can look out for a group that helps it’s members find good coping methods where the success of it’s members in trying to get control is celebrated more than dwelling on the negatives of being in pain. There are groups that meet in person and ones that do so online.

12.Do not smoke-Smokers can have back, joint and stomach pain. Smoking can make a person more sensitive to pain than otherwise because it can affect the healing process of your body. You have to find out ways to quit smoking permanently.

13.Set realistic goals-You can do things that you like to do each day. You need to know things that you would like to do and which you can do well. You don’t need to worry about setbacks. You will get back on tracks when you have more energy.

One can surely find worthy ways to put an end to your pains of any kind. And the above list is just that way. So do not frustrate, lose hope and fight back to win from the pain saga. After all life is not always about the sadist raga. It is more about colourful hopes, desires and sweet wishes which are free for all to have. So buckle up when in pain. You should know up ahead the painful road lies a world of fancy gains.

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