Interview fears and how to overcome them

It is a known fact that most of us get anxious when we have a big interview coming up and we worry that our nerves will get in the way of us and our dream job. We are very worried about the types of interview questions that will be put before us. According to a recent survey,73% of job seekers have said that getting a new job and facing an interview is one of the most stressful things in life. And it is quite very normal to get nervous because people don’t know how to introduce themselves in an interview.

One needs to improve the skills for interviews by knowing basic interview questions and answers. It is also not many times that you are on a hot seat and you have to appear perfect. So it’s not surprising that nerves get involved before an interview if it’s a dream job that you want and you feel that the stakes are quite very high. And that anxiety can really sabotage your performance on the big day. This anxiety can take our performance grades down because of the blunderous interview mistakes that we do. In this way, the interviewer will be distracted and he will not remember your plus points and qualifications. Some points to be taken note of to reduce the level of anxiety and for a proper interview preparation are—

Back view of female job applicant make good first impression at work interview in office, millennial woman candidate talk, impress HR managers or recruiters at hiring. Employment concept

1.Preparation is inevitable-Doing your homework and being prepared is the best way to take care of those jittery nerves. One must know that a bit of nervousness is actually good for your performance. By preparing beforehand the candidate will be more confident which will put him in more command of the interview. The level of confidence can help to channel the nervousness into a positive spirit and energy and gear the body language into form also.

2.Believe in the power of positiveIt is always good to think positive at least during interviews. The job search can be tiring and maddening too and even the best candidates face repeated rejection and sometimes misbehaviour. Bitterness and a rude disposition can be very fatal for interviews as nobody wants a worker with an attitude problem. Negativity can be obstructive as it can prevent you from seeing your key strengths clearly. One should prepare by practicing so that he/she can ace the interview. One can also listen to soothing music to energize self and spirits. But headphones should not be taken to the interview. An uncertain interview can add to the levels of uncertainty so it is advised to get familiar with the place and the people of the organization.

3.Remove desperationThe candidate has to know that he/she may be wanting the job badly but it is just one opportunity. The entire life and future of the candidate do not depend on it. Enthusiasm is a good sign here but neediness is not. It makes one look wanting and weak. The candidate must know that whatever be the result of the interview it will be a learning experience that will make you a better professional in the long run. Confidence should be projected and the candidate can control how he presents himself at the interview.

4.Try relaxation and confidence-boosting ideasThere are some anti-nervousness techniques like breathing exercises which can be helpful to present yourself confidently at an interview. Power posing techniques also help a lot in the same as it has been found that it helps to drop down the stress hormone called ‘Cortisol’.

5.Visualization-It will calm your anxiety if you try and visualize a successful interview. One can picture himself in the interview room making a great impression and try to feel a strong sense of positivity and confidence from it. In this way, one gets a surge of enthusiasm and high spirits which will surely take him out of fears of any kind and motivate him to deliver his best.

6.Breathing techniques-Box-breathing is a simple and effective exercise that can be done in seconds anywhere you are and does a lot of good for calming anxiety and fears.

Box-breathing can be done in these simple steps—1. Inhale for four seconds.2.Hold your breath for four seconds.3.Exhale for four seconds.4.Hold your breath at the end of exhaling for four seconds and repeat. It automatically makes the person calmer and composed.

7.Pace to aceNervousness can make you exaggerate your mannerisms and make you talk too fast, show unwanted body language or stumble or stammer over your words. One may start speaking even before listening to the whole question and context and thus lose self-control. One must immediately slow down and be confident of that pause. One must not feel self-conscious about pausing. It is considered a good sign that you pause to think about the question and answer by the interviewers.

8.Redirect questions-Sometimes the interviewers frame stressful questions about which one may have no idea. It is an intentional move on behalf of the interviewer who wants to know how you react to stressful questions. The apt way to deal with these questions is to redirect the question calmly towards a similar topic with which you are familiar. One needs to stay calm and collected. One tough question asked should not make you frantic or desperate and he must focus on handling the next question well. The candidate should try to end the meeting on a positive note.

9.Know that interviewers are on your side-The candidate may have dark fears of the interview process and interviewers but he must know that they are on your side and want you to succeed.

 10.Know the details-One way to stand confident is by strengthening the knowledge base about the company, it’s entire history, its work, values, mission, culture, products, etc. It will help to overcome fears and gain confidence as knowledge is the ultimate power.

11.Prep up-For the interview be alert and confident both physically and mentally. Before coming to the interview exercise out, get a good night’s sleep, and eat properly. Don’t be late to arrive at the interview, arrive thirty minutes before time.

12.Building rapportTry to know about the interviewers and find out anything common between you and them like a hobby, hometown, favourites. These connections make the relationship sweeter.

13.Do not be a boost bear-Try not to boast about things you haven’t done instead shed light on facts or experiences of your life where you have tried to make things better despite the bad times and how your efforts have saved the company from going down and failing. One must not use empty adjectives. Let the facts say for themselves.

Answer in the affirmative-Sometimes you may be asked a question to which you don’t know the answer.Then don’t answer in ‘umm’ or ‘ugh’ or ‘let me think’.Try to answer with ‘yes’, ‘sure’ or ‘of course’.You may ask a clarifying question if there is a doubt about anything.

14.Shift focus on them not selfAn interview is a conversation and an engaging one can make you gain the win-win position. But if you are stuck on your accent, fears or incapacity the connection between the interviewer and you weakens. A candidate with a fear badge on him comes as a distant, uncompetitive and shy one who is confused and cannot handle the conversation.


By following these simple tricks and tips one can manage an interview, overcome his /her fears, give a worthy performance, build a good profile for self in the eyes of the interviewers and ace the dreaded nightmare, the interview in style.

Top 10 new age careers for the millennium

The students after completing their higher studies are very anxious about their first job and don’t know the answer to the question, ‘what can I do after graduation?’ They need proper career guidance to find out the perfect job for them. They want to find a job that suits the candidate’s requirements and meets his/her expectations perfectly. But the candidate should do a little prep work in advance for it too because choosing a career option is a big deal. To find the desired job they can take the help of career counseling online. Every student once in his life suffers from the dilemma of how to get a job. Because of the advent of computers, the internet, and a progressive revolution even in the thinking pattern of people a lot of job avenues have opened which require only the right degree and a hard-working spirit to become successful. Some of the new generation careers that can be useful for the youth are:-

1.Software Publishing–If we see software is the key component in the functioning of a computer and software publishers take care of the design, distribution, installation, and technical support for both the application and system software. Softwares in the field of operating systems, games, data, graphics, internet business, internet security, word processing are in popular demand. And so talented software professionals are in much demand. It is also a promising field if you have the required educational qualifications and a hard-working attitude.

2.Data Science—It is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract information and insights from a lot of unstructured data. A data scientist takes the data, analyses it, using it to make decisions. To pursue this career path one has to have basic knowhow of excel. And if the company is dealing with a large amount of data then one may need to have knowledge in coding and be aware of tools and software like SAS, R, Python, etc. Data science is considered the real game-changer for business because it solves many business problems and issues. And so the job of a data scientist is very promising, fulfilling, and well paying too.

 3.Artificial Intelligence-Artificial Intelligence also called machine intelligence is a concept where a machine is programmed to make decisions like humans.AI is truly appealing and new emerging trends in it have made it the most lucrative career opportunity in the market. According to the surveys by World Economic Forum(WEF) 133 million jobs are going to be created by AI by 2020. Today lot of gadgets and machines are enabled with AI technology giving them a boost of efficiency and time-bound convenience. Examples of the same are the new generation cameras which have AI where autofocus and quality aspects are improved. Then another machine where AI has been used is Alexa and here the machine does voice recognition and performs many surprising chores. The healthcare industry too relies on AI to help it’s patients and in research activities. To opt for AI one needs to have knowledge of coding and some softwares.

4.UI/UX professional-When we visit a website the first time we notice firstly the design and the experience. The primary goal of any business is also to increase the sale and growth of the business. UI/UX design helps in achieving this goal and giving the user a great experience. User Interface updates the appearance of an application when a  user is interacting with it. So there is a high demand for a UI/UX designer who makes the app look appealing and gives the customer a unique experience.

5.Ethical Hacking-We know that many big businesses have to deal with a lot of data. And the data has to be protected too. Many times the accounts of celebrities get hacked. And there happen many other kinds of cyber fraud crimes. So here steps in the ethical hacker. An ethical hacker keeps the data secure preventing it from being stolen and used maliciously. According to surveys done on cybersecurity firms in the country, Indian firms lost more than $4 billion in 2013 because of hacking. Consequently, the requirement of ethical hackers has increased manifolds across the world.

6.Digital Marketing–Today billions of active users are using the internet. Now no one is interested in going to shops to buy any product and the trend of online shopping is at an all-time high replacing the conventional marketing style. And then here the digital marketer enters the scene. His main job is to set up online campaigns based on geography, target audience, and customer buying habits. A digital marketer promotes the company’s products and brands via online channels. He also develops strategies for marketing with the help of social media, Google Ad words, etc which optimize the reach of a product cost-effectively. A digital marketer must have a good level of knowledge of e-commerce. Digital marketing is the buzzword in the Indian job market and this sector will provide more than 20 lakh jobs.

7.Career Counsellor–Most of the professionals and students are confused about their careers and choices. A trained counsellor can help the students and professionals to make an informed career choice. Today India is in the need of 1.4 million of them for a student base of more than 350+. According to a survey, the market size of career assessment is a huge 5000 crore. The primary source of information for the students today is firstly the internet, the second being the counsellor, and third the teacher. The career counsellor can change this order to rank at the first spot. A trained and professional career counsellor saves the aspiring students and professionals the pain of researching through the most suitable career option and gives them a ready solution suiting their needs and capacity.

8.Graphic Designers–This field deals with the communication of ideas by visual and textual mediums. It is a continuously changing field and the rise of digital media and the internet have brought in various career opportunities in this field. To make a piece of content totally interesting and read-worthy one should add eye-catching images too in it. And it has been proven that visuals increase engagement by 20%. The graphic designers create original sketches based on the client’s ideas and needs which are then used as a foundation for website pics. A graphic designer must be a pro in drawing. To be successful in this field one must have a good idea of fonts, line height, tracking, etc. One must have a clear knowledge about design platforms like Photoshop, Illustrator, In design. They must update themselves about new design applications, know better about web design, layout, print design, use of colours, and know about computer programs like Acrobat. People with a passion for sketching and painting can opt for this field.

9.App development–The coming of smartphones is like a storm that has created a new career avenue and established a viable employment opportunity in the market. Versatility is required here to be able to create an app for any sort of device. One should have knowledge of IOS, Android, Blackberry, coding skills, and a suitable skill-experience set. And yes, brainstorming is an added must. It is a lucrative, paying and good field to be creative and showcase self skills.

10.Blogging–Blogging is a very healthy, useful, fun, and learning-based activity. The internet space is filled with various kinds of content from creative content of poems, stories, advices, to self-opinion-based pieces and editorials. The people who have a flair for writing can start blogging on their subject area and expertise. There are many topics to write on like food, travel, gadgets, interior design, politics, social issues, or personal experiences. Videos can be added to make the post more exciting and interesting. It is a creative way to provide useful information to the viewers.


These career options are quite fulfilling ones. Some are the regular ones but some out of them are not the regular 9 to 5 jobs. Many of these options are based on creativity and so are more interesting in their approach. If one has the knack, passion, and spirited desire to do any of these jobs, they will not disappoint you to make out a good life and work happily.

Tips to create a killer resume

A recruiter is faced with hundreds of resumes in a day and finds himself in a tight spot regarding which ones to choose and pick out. Recruiters take only six to eight seconds to choose out a resume. And if it is computer-screened it may consume even less time. So it becomes a very important task for the candidate to make a classy, catchy, interesting, and information-rich profile that will strike out from all others like being an odd one out amongst all even, here in a positive sense. These are a few tips that will help you create an attractive resume guiding about the skills to put in a resume, perfect one preferably.

1.Understanding the recruiter’s needs and wants– If we take the example of a business to taste the goodness of success it’s important that it understands consumer behaviour really well. As companies make products to be acceptable and likable in the same way you need to make a resume tailored to the likings of your company and the hiring committee. A creative resume doesn’t show every achievement and appreciable effort put together in a numbered list. It’s because the hirers, the HR or recruitment people don’t pay attention to it and the fact are they don’t care because they are only concerned about your ability to do the required job well enough, not more. The resume will give a better impact if it is focussed on the skills and experiences you will employ to do the given target job. So it needs that your resume is focused on how employers prioritize and expect perfection from you and a properly constructed resume will assist a lot in your career assessment including decisions to take in the job.

2.A job-specific resume-The resumes that are generic are though easy and quick to make but are very ineffective. One should try to research the company, the cultural norms, dig through more details of the same to be aware of the legitimacy of the company. Researching gives a lot of clarity about the choices, needs, and work culture of the organization. You must apply for the jobs only if you meet the criteria of the job. The candidate must never try to lie or exaggerate about his/her accomplishments because then trusting again would seem impossible.

3.Some additions would be good(keywords)-When the candidate has written the resume he/she must check it for inclusion of keywords. The structuring of the resume must also be done carefully. The current and recent role must be front-paged. The educational qualifications don’t stand important here more than official experiences and they can be put a bit later.

4.The shorter, the better-The recruiters scan the resumes in seconds and they prefer to cut the crap of lengthy educational qualifications, the extra curricular activity part and more jargon. They are only interested in the current skill and educational degree setup which will show that you are fit and apt for the desired role. They do not need more than that. So a balanced resume must be brief, to the point, and should give the total required information too. But should not be a history exam paper. The candidate must also show that you have had a progressive role in previous places where you worked and about the various responsibilities that you shared delivering total success every time. You need to demonstrate that you are a piece of value in some way or the other. 

5.The preparation saga is supreme-The candidate should take up a single specific job for which he/she can be considered perfect having the experience too and then they must take a look at five job postings. Next, they should analyse how employers think about the job and what they expect from a smart and able professional. The candidate needs to prioritize their common needs and put all the words and phrases used to describe them in a word file. Then one must read out the file knowing the needs of the employers and more. This effort will help to make your resume be the standout one from the hundreds of resume databases put for recruiter review.

6.Roundabout with proofs, no goofsThe candidate should try to qualify the resume with real info about his/her work to date and other relevant documents which prove that you are not cheating, lying, or conning anyone. And proving that you are a genuine person and so are the claims. You can give links to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram too if you have any written content, photos, or creative projects that have been made by you.

7.Give good reasons for short-term stints– The company would be curious to know why you quit the previous job and for what time duration you served the company. And if you worked for short terms and quit you will need to give a reasonable explanation and the reason why the present hirer should hire you and what benefit will that give to the company. And if your resume shows a gap of some time in your work setup, then you must truthfully explain the reason for so without beating around the bush. You should not mention your age, gender, marital status, and other such information because these are irrelevant to the context.

8.Be contact readyThe contact information complete with your mail and a contact number must be included in the resume. The home address may not be needed. The formatting of the resume must be done to provide a proper structure to the resume so that the needed information is got readily by the recruiter. The write-up must be clear, easy to read, and transparent in the presentation. The candidate must stick to a regular presentation unless one is trying for a specific creative role and wants to showcase their talent. The recruiter does not want any distraction while going through the resume. Remove all things which are reducing clarity like pictures.

9.Submission of the resume and editingThe resume must be submitted as a pdf file. It will make sure the formatting stays as such. Then the complete editing and revising of the resume is a must before submission. The spelling and grammar must be checked upto three times. One must not depend totally on the online grammar checker apps as they may sometimes be incorrect.

10.A job title is a mustIt has been seen that 7 out of 10 resumes don’t have a proper job title and contact information because they don’t consider it as being important. But it is just the other way around. A proper job title gives the resume a very updated look and gives the hirers a feeling that the particular candidate is a balanced one who has a keen eye and takes care of minute details too. It gives an edge to your resume and hirers may shortlist it without much fuss. You may also have felt that a title is half the attraction factor for a book, a movie, a TV show, or anything you want to know about and explore. If there is no title one may be confused as to the content and value of a piece of work. And even if the content is moderate a catchy and interesting title can help it run along the success line fast and may compensate for the content part. But it cannot be the other way around. A titled resume is more visible while searching in databases and can catch the eye of the recruiter easily.

11.The job objective is not a necessity-The candidate may not waste his/her time by giving space for the objective part of the resume which states your knowledge and choices. The hirers don’t exactly care for your choices, they are more concerned with getting what they want. The real part, the one which will secure you the dream job is the topmost one. It alone should be well worded to come in the sight of the recruiters and be pulled out from databases. The hirers want to know how you can justify your work with them, how you can fetch them success and how well you can manage your work with them. The resumes are read for 5 to 46 seconds so the start of it should be composed in a very, interesting and beautiful way to grab those eyeballs and let the resume dance on their fingertips because here itself it is decided whether you fit or not for the job position.

12.The inclusion of a performance profileThe first section of a resume should include the ‘performance profile’ or your ability and calibre to do the particular job. It should highlight your skill and knowledge for the job and must not be written in long lines. The paragraph should be in a maximum of five lines and if there is a need for a second paragraph it must be bulleted.

13.Skills to kill-The candidate should identify his particular professional skills required for the job he/she is applying for and put them in a very interesting manner in the first half of the resume. It will bring a strong first impression on the recruiter for starters. After adding the job title and performance profile there should come a professional skills or a core competencies section. The listing of all skills to the topmost section of the resume improves your ranking with the search engine algorithms.

14.Scattering will matter(keywords)-. The candidate should repeat the skills listed in the professional skill section telling the hirers where it was developed and applied. It puts the skill baggage in context with the reader and then when you mention those skills by repeating them it doubles and triples the resume ranking in job searches that use those words.

Stock photograph of job resume inside orange folder.


A proper resume focusing on a specific job keeping the recruiter’s needs in mind and adhering to the norms of a killer resume will really fare better than many others.

Hotel Management: Overview, Importance, UG and PG courses, Eligibility criteria and more

What is hotel management?

Hotel management is an area of study that covers a wide range of topics related to the operational aspects of hoteliery. It is the system involving the management of all things related to the hotel business. As a field of study, it is all about learning the management techniques covering all aspects of managing a hotel business including hotel administration, marketing, housekeeping, accounts, maintenance, food management, catering, beverage management. The goal of learning about this field is to run a hotel properly alongside managing all aspects of the business. It is the job of the hotel manager to coordinate the operational tasks of a successfully running hotel. And managing a hotel needs knowledge and skills in a wide variety of fields. So education in this field can be very diverse and interesting. A degree in hotel management can be a very rewarding and challenging degree program that will give employment opportunities across the globe. An education in hotel management teaches students the skills to manage different responsibilities like reception and concierge services, restaurant and bar maintenance, administration, management, and marketing effectively. For students interested in studying abroad hotel management can be a lucrative area of study. It is a career that provides extensive opportunities for travel and working abroad.

Courses in hotel management at levels of:-


2.Bachelors degree

3.Masters degree

Importance of hotel management

Every individual who works in a hotel management field is required to be aware of their duties and responsibilities. Or it can be said that the industry needs specialists to carry out multiple types of functions and remove mistakes of all sorts. And this can be possible by someone who has completed a hotel management course along with possessing some minimum numbers of experience to be able to run a complex system in a professional and proper manner.

The hotel business offers a wide range of career opportunities. The hotel management field gives options of a large variety in terms of roles. This field has plenty of room for advancement in specializations.

This field gives a different work environment from traditional ones and keeps you on your toes. In this sector, you get to meet people from different walks of life including famous celebrities, business tycoons, and creative people. The work environment is exciting, challenging, and constantly changing as you always have something new to do.

The field offers many scopes of opportunities as the industry is in constant need of manpower. A hotel management graduate, skilled, trained and confident can never find any dearth of new job roles and creative engagements. There are so many departments like recreation, public relations, security, and computer applications which contribute to different aspects of running a hotel. Having a hotel management degree can help you get a lucrative entry position in food or beverage service, accounts, restaurant service, executive housekeeping, marketing, or other departments in a hotel. The tourism industry continues to grow at an unmatched pace and there is a continuous increase in demand for hotel management professionals. 

Hotel/Hospitality Management as a field requires aspirants to possess good communication skills and an impressive personality. Because of globalization, the hotel management industry is growing by leaps and bounds and each year a lot of hospitality-related jobs are being ushered in the economy. These jobs are from both Indian and international chains.

To start a career in this field candidates need to pursue a course in this field from a reputed college. The candidates have the option to pursue an undergraduate(UG)or postgraduate(PG)course in the field of hotel management. Some common hotel management subjects that candidates are taught at the UG level include introduction to food and beverage service, kitchen operations management, cookery, front office management, management of hospitality organizations. Hotel management subjects taught at the PG level are principles and practices of management, hospitality operations, and management, organizational behaviour, food and beverage management, travel management.

The top hotel management courses(UG):

1.Bachelor of Hotel Management(BHM)

2.Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology(BHMCT)

3.B.Sc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration

4.BA in Hotel Management

5.BBA in Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism

The top hotel management courses(PG)

1.Master of Hotel Management(MTHM)

2.Master in Tourism and Hotel Management(MTHM)

3.MBA in Hotel Management

4.MBA in Hospitality Management

5.MSc.Tourism and Hospitality Management

Apart from degree courses aspirants can also pursue certificate and diploma programs in Hotel/ Hospitality management. These include a Diploma in Hotel management and catering technology, diploma in Hospitality management, diploma in housekeeping, diploma in Aviation hospitality and travel management, certificate 

course in maritime catering, certificate course in hotel and hospitality management.

There are some required skill sets to be possessed for hotel/hospitality management aspirants. The aspirants wanting to be in this field need to multitask because in this field one is constantly tested to expand their boundaries on a regular basis.

1.Have an outgoing and pleasant personality

2.Have a polite attitude

3.Have a customer-oriented approach

4.Be disciplined

5.Have confidence

6.Have the ability to adjust in a crowd or different circumstances

7.Have the willingness to work long and odd hours

8.Have good communication skills

9.Have creativity

10.Be responsible

11.Have team spirit

12.Be a good listener

13.Have the ability to be committed and dedicated to a task

14.Have the ability to multitask

Hotel/Hospitality Management Eligibility Criteria

Candidates are eligible to pursue a hotel/hospitality course at the UG level if they have completed their 10+2 from a recognized board with passing marks. Many colleges demand additional eligibility criteria stating that it is mandatory for students to have cleared English as a core subject of study if they want to pursue a hotel/hospitality management course.

To pursue a PG course in hotel/hospitality management candidates need to be graduates. Here aspirants possessing a graduation degree in hotel/hospitality management are preferred.

The course curriculum for hotel management UG Courses

    Course                                               ——–      Hotel Management Subjects

1.BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration–Introduction to cookery, culinary history, culinary terms, aims and objects of cooking food, basic principles of food production-1, methods of cooking food. 

2.Bachelor of Hotel Management(BHM)–Food and beverage service, kitchen operations management, wine fundamentals, fundamentals of management, marketing, and human resource management.

3.Bachelor in Hotel Management and catering technology(BHMCT)—Food and beverages services, food production and patisserie, front office management, hospitality accounts, hospitality sales and marketing and public relations, management of ticketing and fare, housekeeping management and room maintenance, etc.

 4.BA in Hotel Management–General operations, sales and marketing, front office, food and beverage, service keeping, and catering.

5.BA(hons) in hotel management—Tourism and hospitality management foundation, food and beverage operations, food production operations, property management systems, accommodation management, personal development planning(PDP), hotel interface/hotel exposure, management of hospitality organisations, business finance, marketing management, human resource management, meetings-incentives-conferences-exhibition management(open),facilities management(open),strategic management, hotel operations management, corporate governance, managing innovation and change(open),digital and marketing communication(open). 

6.BBA in hospitality, travel, and tourism— Business organization, fundamentals of travel and tourism, business mathematics, business accounting, business communication-1, business computing, marketing management, business communication-2, research methodology, and report writing, business law, marketing communication, financial management, consumer behavior, and market research, business economics-2, travel agency, and tour operations, human resource management, essentials of strategy management, entrepreneurship, and venture management, food and beverage management.

7.BA(Hons) in Culinary Arts--Culinary management foundation, food and beverage operations, food production operations, property management systems, nutrition-health and safety management, personal development planning(PDP),hotel interface/hotel exposure, management of hospitality organisations, business finance, marketing management, human resource management, meetings-incentives-conferences and exhibition management(open),contemporary gastronomy(open),facilities management(open),strategic management, culinary operations management, global cuisine management, digital and marketing communication(open),culinary innovation management(open),global events and festivals(open),corporate governance(open). 

      The course curriculum for hotel management PG courses   

Course                                             ——           Hotel Management Subjects

1.Master of Hotel Management(MHM)— Principles and practices of management, organizational behaviour, accommodation management, food and beverage management, food science, French language, nutrition and dietetics management, communication and soft skills, human resource management, marketing management, applied operations research, financial management facilities, design and management, hospitality management, food and beverage management, accommodation management, marketing and sales, fundamentals of tourism and tourism products, strategic management, management institute system(MIS)

2. Master in Tourism and Hotel Management(MTHM)—Service Management for Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Hospitality Operations and Management, tourism management, quantitative methods for business, sales management, marketing in tourism and hospitality industry, financial management in tourism and hospitality, strategic and sustainable management in tourism and hospitality, gaming and casino management, revenue management and hotel analytics, strategic brand management  

3.Msc in tourism and hospitality management-– Quality service and operations management, food and beverage management, tourism management, tourism entrepreneurship, and innovation management, international hospitality business, research and quantitative methods, human resource management and industrial relations, financial and management accounting, tourism and hospitality marketing, sociology of tourism, property management, strategy planning, and management in tourism and hospitality business, infrastructure management, decision making under uncertainty, event planning and management, sustainable tourism development.

4. MBA Hospitality Management—Organisational theory and management, hospitality and tourism management, food and beverage management and control, principles of operation management, financial management, marketing management, customer relationship management, quantitative applications in management, marketing research and report preparation, economic analysis, business environment, and law, accounting for management, food science and dietetics management, computer applications, business communication, behavioural science, strategic management, management in action-social, economic and ethical issues, facility planning, design and management, total quality management, accommodation management, marketing of services, front office management, public relations and corporate images, event and conference management, recruitment, selection, training and development, hospitality law, advertising and sales promotions, brand management, service operation management, foreign language: French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

5.MBA Hotel Management-–Principles of tourism and hotel management, financial accounting for tourism and hotel business, managerial communication, tourism products of India, front office management theory, food production and beverage service, bakery, and confectionery theory, central reservation system procedure, travel management, human resource management, entrepreneurship development, tourism hospitality, and marketing management, tourism planning, food safety and nutrition, cargo management, IT for tourism and hotel, research methodology, customer relationship and service management, the legal framework for tourism and hotel, hotel facility management.

Hotel Management Job Profiles 

Hospitality management offers various job profiles to choose from. Some of them are:-

1.Hotel ManagerIndividuals working in such a job profile are in charge of the overall operations of a hotel. A hotel manager is responsible for maintaining the standard of service of the hotel. A hotel manager supervises the working of the housekeeping and banquet department. He is also responsible for increasing the revenue of the hotel.

2. Front Office Manager-In this job profile one is required to supervise the work of reservation clerks, receptionists, information clerks, doorman, and the bell boy. They are responsible for ensuring that the services offered to meet their requirements. A front office manager needs to coordinate between the housekeeping and food and beverage departments to ensure that requests made by guests are fulfilled on time.

3.Housekeeping ManagerThe housekeeping manager is responsible for ensuring that the whole hotel premises from guest rooms, banquet halls, meeting rooms, and the reception area are maintained. A housekeeping manager is responsible for making rosters, training staff, and supervising the work of housekeepers, cleaners, and seamstresses.

4.Food and Beverage Manager-In this department the professional has to plan, organize and supervise the work of the catering department. The professionals in this department have to interact with guests and ensure that the needs and demands of the guest are fulfilled.

5.Restaurant and Food Service Manager-The professionals in this department are entrusted with the work of taking stock of the cutlery, cleaning supplies, linens, paper, cooking utensils, and furniture/fixtures of the hotel’s restaurant areas They are responsible for arranging equipment maintenance and repairs.

6.ChefThey are responsible for preparing meals, training kitchen staff, ordering supplies, planning menus, managing kitchen budget, ordering supplies, planning menus, managing the kitchen budget, taking care of health and safety regulations, preserving food quality.

7.Banquet Manager-In this department one is responsible for every event that is held at the hotel’s banquet. The manager is responsible to rent out the banquet for corporate events or private parties. A banquet manager needs to work closely with the catering department and the food and beverage manager to ensure that timely snacks, food, and drinks are served to the guests.

8.StewardThe professionals in this field are responsible for ensuring that cutlery is laid out at the table as per the requirement. They also need to make sure that the banquet rooms have adequate and proper furnishings. Stewards also need to make sure that the food for room service is made fast and orders are served quickly.

9.Floor SupervisorsThey are in-charge of the maintenance of all the rooms on a hotel’s floor. They work closely with the bell boys. 

Hospitality Management top Recruiters

Some popular hotels that hire hospitality management graduates are:-

1.The Taj Group of Hotels

2.Marriott International,Inc.

3.Hyatt Hotels

4.ITC Group of Hotels

5.The Leela Palaces,Hotels and Resorts

6.Accor Hostels

7.Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts Group

8.Hilton Worldwide

9.Courtyard by marriott

10.Oberoi Group of Hotels 

Secure Exam Browser: Securing Online Proctored Exams With Navigation Control and a versatile proctoring software


The offline system of examinations conducted in offline mode proved quite hectic and time-taking for the invigilators which restricted any other engagements that they could be having. The invigilator had to keep focussing on individual students and must be fatigued at the end of the exam. So now times have changed and we have moved forward gradually transiting into the online exam ecosystem with the introduction of a proctoring software that takes care of all the nitty gritties that bothered the invigilator helping him and the educational system to offload their burdens and breathe a bit.

With a fantastic software program called Thinkexam Remote Proctoring, the educational system is in for a welcome revolution that will change the traditional views and opinions towards the entire institution of education. It is a helping hand extended towards the educational fraternity with it’s innovative concepts, creative models, a foolproof working process, and complete solution to take online exams without having to compromise on any important issue.

With the help of online test proctoring, test takers are now able to demonstrate a lot of unimaginable creativity in employing diverse means to ace the online proctored exams. The examinees have shown a lot of transition in how they try to manipulate from passing chits, whispering, eyeballing to leveraging technological advancements to cheat online.

Ways of cheating in online exams used by students

IMPERSONATION–A common form of cheating applied by students is using a proxy or an impersonator to take the web proctored exam. They try to leverage the remote invigilator’s inability to identify genuine test-takers.

EXTERNAL HELP—Sometimes students seek help from friends and family who are sitting casually beside or behind the monitor, holding placards with answers. This is also one way to cheat effortlessly used by students.

EMPLOYING DIGITAL DEVICES—It has been seen that smartphones, calculators, Bluetooth earphones are some of the most misused items used during online exams. They are used to store answers for surfing on the web or getting information.

The new belief now is that cheating in an online exam is easier than in a traditional exam. So students employ tactics to help them succeed academically without having to work hard. But technology is a significant enabler in making online exams cheating-free. Using advanced Proctoring Technologies with it’s robust features enables institutes to conduct an end-to-end secure online examination while maintaining it’s integrity.

The important question that can be asked is, ‘how can one remotely monitor what’s happening on the test taker’s screen? Because invigilators don’t have the know-how of what to check and expect when unfair means are used. The list of hacks adopted by students from using external devices like micro-USB, browsing through restricted web pages for answers to sharing your screen with other test-takers is truly expansive. But this issue sadly has not been prioritized and taken seriously and so cheating remains a bold, free and common phenomenon. 

Types of on-screen cheating


One of the most conventional forms of cheating in an online exam is copy-paste work. Whether it is keeping the answers ready in a word doc, notepad, or using study material from a separate document, these traditional, reliable forms of cheating have found quite some takers among students. As the eyes of the student are glued to the screen the invigilator may not notice the copy-paste work done underhand and thus he may not flag it off as a concern.

Screen sharing/Mirroring

When giving exams online candidates often misuse multiple and ubiquitous software like screen-sharing or mirroring apps being one of them. The app allows another person to remotely view the exam screen and feed the test-taker with answers.

Online Browsing

The power of the internet has made online cheating a pleasant breeze. Students trying to cheat very easily switch from their exam screens, navigate through various websites, search engines, social media pages to get answers. They paste the questions onto the URL and find the best solutions.

 Use of external devices

External devices like hard drives, USB, Micro SD are easy to conceal and difficult to detect and standard tools for online cheating. Whether before or during the test the students plug them for easy use.

Use of Bluetooth and other virtual machines

The tech-savvy students don’t find it difficult to configure machines with their computers before the start of the exam and then directly copy from them. It is the same for Bluetooth-integrated devices like smartwatches which are used to relay answers to students.

Task Switching

A very common form of cheating is switching between one screen to another.By using keyboard shortcut controls like Win,Alt+tab,Alt+F4,F1,Ctrl+P,print screen, online cheating becomes easily possible.When technology can help to cheat it can help to remove these malpractices away too. An air-tight,fool-proof solution must be developed which will limit student’s navigation control efficiency when they give any online test. It should be a robust, effective, credible anti-cheating mechanism to deter students from cheating using modern technology for wrong purposes.

Safe Exam Browser(SEB)is one such cutting-edge solution that prevents breaching of the rules, doing malpractice, violation in online exams. It totally eliminates a student’s ability to cheat by creating a highly secure and controlled, measured environment online. The SEB prevents users from opening any other window, restricts access to unauthorized resources, and controls system functions during the exam. It runs on any computer or device integrated with any web-based LMS which has high-speed internet.

What is Mettl Secure Browser

Mercer/Mettls’ new online proctoring solution is specifically designed to give secure navigation control during a candidate’s test-taking experience. Mettle Secure Browser(MSB) is a next-generation anti-cheating lockdown browser that provides steady security along with exceptional features as compared to regular safe browsers.

MSB is a web-based lockdown browser that changes any system into a safe, reliable workstation. It restricts the student’s ability to communicate with outside sources during the test, thereby making high-stakes, large-scale exams exceptionally secure, fair, and proper.

During the proctored exam a manual proctor assesses the candidate’s behavior. The proctor cannot evaluate and monitor activities on the test screen. So then universities and institutes can leverage MSB to look into such gaps in the invigilation process.MSB does not allow test-takers to move out of the application before the finish of the test. It also restricts students from opening any unauthorized website or accessing any blacklisted software/third-party applications.MSB also shuts down all active applications like browsers and cheating tools. It has control to not allow other activities like switching to other websites and sharing screens.

A unique safety policy of the Mettl secure web exam browser is the absence of navigation buttons. It is similar to a locked kiosk mode that can’t be interesting unless the student submits responses for grading. MSB currently works only on windows(7 and above). It supports a minimum of 4.5.1 net framework(it comes inbuilt in the MSB exe. file). It provides undoubtedly the best online proctoring services.

How MSB prevents navigation control and helps conduct remote online exams successfully

Restricted control keys/functions–MSB smartly restricts all right-click menu options, function keys, keyboard shortcuts to preserve the integrity of the process of exam and it’s content. The features such as copy, cut, and paste with a mouse and use of keys such as Win, Alt+F4, F1, Ctrl+P using the keyboard are disabled. Copying and pasting anything to or from the keyboard is not possible. Print screen or screenshot options are also barred to ensure no text content is copied and distributed to other candidates. This function also blocks students from copying problem statements from the question paper and sharing them on the web.

Disabled External Ports—The use of any cable, hard drive, or external devices like USB, internet dongle are barred in the MSB. If the student has already synced any such device before the announcement of the test it will immediately terminate by logging the student out. The disabled external ports also prevent bypassing or illegal booting.

Secure Workstation–There is no concept of URL with MSB integrated into the system. The browser window is a focussed, full-screen window that doesn’t allow for minimization or any interaction with other screens. It has no navigation elements, no search options all toolbars and UI controls are removed to secure the process of exam further. Options like back, next, refresh and stop are the only options available to students.

Limited Navigation--Many institutes have advocated for student’s ability to navigate through a few websites or access a specific software/third-party application needed for assessment or test-taking. For eg, during open-book exams, MSB allows customization options for students which enables using predefined whitelisted websites and software to function within the browser and block the rest.

No browsing-Surfing the internet during an online exam is not allowed. Access to search engines like Google, Bing, or social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp is strictly barred. Other browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, IE are terminated before launching MSB on the candidate’s system.

No access or switching-–MSB does not allow access to other applications like messaging, virtual machines, and remote desktops to disable any communication that may lead to sharing of data and information among students giving the exam. A student cannot even switch between screens nor enable options like screen-sharing.He/she cannot access Task Manager to avoid displaying the details of the exam running on the computer.

How does MSB work?

The candidate needs to install the Safe Exam Browser exe. file in his computer system which will also install all required packages. When done, the browser will work separately shutting down other windows and applications running in the background. Before launching MSB it shuts down all other applications running in the background on the system after taking formal permission from you to do so.MSB also mentions the pending application’s name in the alert message. The candidate is required to click on the OK option shown on the warning message for MSB to launch itself. If ever the MSB is not able to close all mentioned applications it will ask you to close those applications manually from the Task Manager.

Some of it’s significant criteria are:-

MSB has administrative rights on the system

Updated windows with no pending installation

MSB isn’t logged in as a Guest User

Anti-virus is disabled

No implied restrictions on the network and application


Some students prefer smart work over hard work and try to fulfill their motives with the help of digital tools and technical accessibility. But as these practices are wrong they need to be stopped and erased permanently. Educationists on the other hand must protect the dignity and integrity of their respective colleges, course, or certificate. Higher education is witnessing significant improvement across the globe and people are seeking ways to prepare for and take exams online more smartly and capably. To preserve the sanctity of the online exam system there is a growing need to keep a strict eye on the malpractice of cheating intensifying a stricter focus on monitoring, analysis, and scrutiny. With the help of the same technology which is used by students to gain an advantageous edge unethically the educationists and concerned personnel can prevent cheating by applying fool-proof processes and smarter measures to bring this corrupt practice to an end. The world of learning has become more real, challenging, and wonderful too and it’s about time the services of MSB are used and leveraged to measure the real-time, caliber of their students and to prepare them for a bright, efficient, and productive career and life.

Personal loan and how to use it

Most of the consumers today are taking personal loans for their purchases and are converting the purchases into equated monthly installments (EMIs). A personal loan helps to relieve any budgetary shortfall one may come across in the purchase of assets like a car, house, children’s education or medical emergencies, etc. These loans are paid back in monthly installments in a 2 to 6-year time frame.

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is an unsecured loan taken by a person from a bank or a non-banking financial company(NBFC)to meet some personal requirements. It is given on the basis of some standards like income level, credit and employment history, repayment capacity, etc. A personal loan unlike a home or a car loan is not secured against any asset. It is an unsecured loan and the borrower does not put up any collateral like gold or any property to get it. So the lender in default cannot auction any of the individual’s assets. The interest rate on personal loans is higher than those on home, car, or gold loans because there is a greater risk of sanctioning them. But like any other loan defaulting on a personal loan is not good as it reflects in the credit report and can lead to problems when one applies for credit cards or other loans in the future.

Purpose of personal loans

A personal loan can be used for any personal financial need and the bank does not take note of it’s use. It can be used for a house renovation, marriage expenses, a family vacation, child education, buying the latest electronic equipment or home appliances, meeting unexpected medical expenditure, or similar emergencies. These loans are also useful when one has to invest in the business, fixing the car, or clearing the payment of the new house.

Criteria of getting a personal loan

The criteria to avail of a loan may differ from one bank to another but the general criteria include age, occupation, income, capacity to pay back the loan, and residence proof. To get a personal loan one must have a regular income source whether one is a salaried individual, self-employed businessman, or a professional. The eligibility criteria are also affected by the company he is working in and his credit history.

Loan duration

The maximum loan duration can be for 1 to 5 years or 12 to 60 months.

Personal loan benefits

Financial gainThe personal loans offered by NBFCs and financial institutions can give financing upto Rs.25 lakhs. This fund can be used for various purposes like renovating a property, higher education, purchasing vehicles, and cover contingencies.

Short-term repayment tenorPersonal loan helps in repayment tenor ranging upto 6 months. One has to choose a period depending on one’s requirement.

The active and fast disbursal-The personal loan gets a quick disbursal within 24 hours of approval. This quick loan disbursal process makes these loans ideal for medical and related emergencies.

Collateral is not required-Personal loans are collateral-free and unsecured so one does not have to mortgage or hypothecate any asset to get the funds.

Attractive rate of interest-Personal loans come with a competitive interest rate. The low rate of interest on personal loans keeps the EMIs affordable.

The shortlist of documentsSome of the documents needed for a personal loan are KYC documents and bank account statements. The applicants who are working have to give their employee ID card and latest salary records. Self-employed ones have to submit their business proof documents, previous year’s turnover details, and income tax returns. The salaried applicants living in India have to be in the age range of 23 and 55 years to be eligible for this loan.

Uses of personal loan

 A personal loan helps to do the following things and more—

1.Helps if you want to take up a professional course–Personal loans can be used to study abroad or take up a professional course.

2.Helps to provide for a child’s education—Personal loans can be taken to take care of your child’s education and payments are done in flexible instalments. 

3.Helps for weddings and family get-togethers–A personal loan or wedding loan can be used for big-ticket items like the venue, bride’s dress, and smaller expenses like flowers, photography, cake, engagement ring, etc. Taking a personal loan helps in not depleting the savings account. 

4.Helps for financing a vacation--If one wants to take an expensive vacation like going on a luxury cruise or celebrating one’s anniversary personal loans can help to finance that dream vacation.

5.Helps to refinance credit card dues–The high-interest credit card dues debt can put a heavy burden on one’s finances making it difficult to reach the financial goals. When one is carrying a revolving credit card balance one is paying compounded interest on the purchases already made which is an expensive way to borrow money. So personal loans offer fixed monthly payments which make them easier to keep track of inconsistent credit card statements. 

6.Helps for the down payment of any vehicle like car or bike–Personal loans can be used when making a big purchase like a car or bike.

7.Helps for purchase of house, renovations, and refurbishments—A personal loan can be used to buy a house or for home remodelling. If you want to change your roof, set up a solar panel, remodel part of your kitchen, or any such thing and you don’t have ready cash in hand a personal loan can be a big help to let us do it. A personal loan is a good option for people who don’t have equity in their homes or who don’t want to get a home equity loan.

8.Helps to consolidate ongoing current debts—Personal loans can be used to consolidate multiple types of debts into one fixed monthly payment. It can make it easier to keep track of the bills and pay off the debt on a set schedule.

9.Helps to cover the time period between moving from one job to another-Personal loans can be taken to do something worthwhile in between a job transition period.

10.Helps in any kind of an emergency, medical, or any other–Some common medical treatments that need personal loan are dental work, cosmetic surgery, fertility treatment, etc. Ancillary expenses like medical travel, parking, medications, and aftercare can also be financed by personal loans. 

11.Helps in debt consolidation—It is one of the commonest things for taking a personal loan. If one has to carry multiple loans or outstanding credit cards having different interest rates and due balances it will lead to financial catastrophe and here personal loans can help. When one applies for a loan and uses it for debt consolidation then he is combining all the outstanding balances into one monthly payment. This debt grouping makes it easy to pay in a set timeframe. By using a personal loan you can pay off your credit cards at a lower interest rate. With a lower rate, the amount of interest to be paid can be made less along with the time taken to pay the debt off. 

12.Helps in being an alternative to payday loans-–If a person is facing financial hardship he may try to take a payday loan to get through the time. Payday loans can be easy to get but they carry an extreme risk if the person cannot pay back the agreed amount in the stipulated time.

13.Helps in clearing moving costs and large purchases of any sort–If an individual is facing a long-distance relocation because of a new job opportunity then one may have to incur an expensive deal. In this case, personal loan funds can help you to move your personal belongings from one place to another, purchase new furniture, transport new vehicles, and the like.


A personal loan can be practically used for anything. The list is endless. And though there are many reasons to take a personal loan, in any circumstance it needs to be paid back with interest. 

Zip loan vs Credy personal loan

Zip loan was set up in 2015 with the mission of ensuring easy availability of unsecured working capital to small business owners in India. The platform is enabled technologically which allows it to offer credit in a fast and hassle-free manner. Everyone needs funds to launch a new business or modify an existing one or raise working capital or buy new machinery. And there are times when a business owner doesn’t have enough funds to meet these needs and then a business loan from Zip loan comes into position. A small business loan from Zip loan is a credit facility that helps business owners by giving them hassle-free funds.

Business loan features and benefits

Small business owners can fund their business in only 3 days with loans upto Rs.7.5 lakh. The funds can be used to improve infrastructure, upgrade machinery, maintain inventory, increase working capital or expand operations. On availing of a business loan from Zip loan, some features get unlocked. They are—

1.Easy funding-Zip loan gives quick business loans ranging from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs.7.5 lakh at a very competitive interest rate. If the business owners need new business loans for 1 or 2 years, this loan is a perfect choice.

2.Flexible repaymentZip loan has a flexible repayment tenure option wherein the business owner can repay short-term business loans as per the business revenue.He can choose between 12,18 and 24 months.

3.Unsecured Business LoansZip loan gives collateral-free loans, which means there is no need to hypothecate assets to avail the funds. It gives business owners access to SME lending who earlier could not get access because of unavailability of an asset for hypothecation.

4.Online Loan ApplicationThe business owners have the option to apply for a business loan online. There is no need to visit any office but one can apply for a loan for a business without security online on our website or mobile app.

These features make zip loan business loans the best offering as compared to other small business bank loans.

Advantages of a business loan from Zip loan

Zip loan is an RBI registered NBFC that gives unsecured business loans up to the amount of Rs.7.5 lakhs to MSMEs in India. These are the advantages of getting a business loan from Zip loan:-

1.Collateral is not required-Zip loan does not need any collateral to grant a business loan.

2.Online ApplicationThe applicant can apply for a business loan without collateral and visits the website.

3.Minimum documents neededZip loan needs minimum documents to process the loan application which can be uploaded easily on the website or app.

4.Easy eligibilityThe business loan eligibility is easy to meet. A business to be eligible for a loan needs to have a turnover of Rs.7.5 lakh and a vintage of at least 2 years.

The following are the company’s business or commercial loan products:-

1.Working Capital Loans-A company requires the proper amount of working capital to run successfully. A sufficient amount of funds is needed to fund daily operations. If a business owner is out of working capital he can get a working capital loan from Zip loan to meet his working capital requirements.

2.Machinery Loans-A machinery or equipment is needed for production or any business. The production of products or services depends on the quality of machinery. And if the machinery is very expensive it will require heavy investment. So an MSME loan without collateral can be an ideal option to meet this type of investment.

3.MSME Loans-MSMEs in India often has to face difficulties in getting a business loan. Their requirements are not very big. Zip loan gives business loans starting from Rs.1 lakh to meet their needs.

4.Business Loans for womenWomen contribute around 14%of the total businessmen in India. And so to promote women entrepreneurs in India, Zip loan gives business loans for women.

loan application form or document in bank office showing finance concept

Credy Personal Loan

Credy is a customer-focused financing partner for Indians. It has innovative technology-powered financing solutions which help many needs of customers ranging from debt consolidation, educational needs, and emergencies. Credy makes sure that all credit-worthy customers get fast, reliable, and affordable loan options for their multiple needs along with great customer service. Credy has 21 plus years of finance and technological experience. It holds extensive experience in financial services, investments, and technology. It tries to meet the most pressing need of India presently which is access to fast, reliable, and affordable credit. It boasts of a rich partner base of number one companies like Fullerton India, Razorpay, Digio, Experian, etc. It is backed by many prominent investors in Silicon Valley.

It gives loan options for a personal loan, education loan, emergency loan, credit card refinancing, instant loan, online loan, etc.

Instant Personal Loan–Credy gives instant personal loans online for many needs. One can submit a quick and hassle-free application from it’s website or app, get instant loan approval, and get money in 24 hours.

Education Loan-–Education is the best investment one can make but a good education is costly. But Credy helps to realize the dreams without letting anything come in between. So be it online certifications, exam preparation, children’s school fees, coaching expenses Credy is there to finance all these educational needs. It partners with educational institutions to convert the upfront fees into a monthly instalment plan which is free and convenient.

Emergency Loan—Emergencies can be of any type, medical emergency or an urgent need for extra funds for marriage or any unplanned expense that may arise unexpectedly. A quick personal loan from Credy can be got in 24 hours helping people in need of immediate quick funds. It also gives flexible tenure and affordable interest rates to help the borrower. It gives a very easy-to-follow process for loan applications which gives the fastest approval of applications. The terms of eligibility are simple and easily accessible for all. There are very few documents needed to get the loans too. These unsecured loans are transferred directly to the bank and the whole process is online and the customer support is very prompt and helpful to facilitate the whole process.

Credit Card RefinancingIt’s very convenient to shop with credit cards. We can shop online and pay in periodic subscriptions. Credit cards are cool when we have a steady source of income that supports the monthly bills. But it becomes problematic when we lag on the bill payments. Then the credit cards turn from a free cash advance into a costly loan with big fees and delayed delivery. The credit card interest is charged even when a part of the bill is outstanding. Even if the minimum due amount is paid the interest is still charged on the remaining unpaid amount. If you have an outstanding amount past the due date, any new expenditure is charged an interest rate of 36-42% from the day of expenditure to the date of repayment of dues. The credit card becomes a high-interest-running loan at this point. Credit card delays affect the credit score making credit card or future loans very costly and infeasible.

With the help of Credy one gets instant approval for Credy refinancing. One just needs to verify the Aadhaar card, sign the agreement electronically. Then one needs to give credit card A/C details and submit auto-debit instruction. Credy repays the bill directly in cheaper EMIs and helps to save money and save the credit score. Credy charges around 18-25%, unlike credit cards which charge upto 42%. The fresh expenditures are not charged. It improves the credit score.

Government loans for business start ups

The government business loans were ushered in to give funding support to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and other important entities. There are a number of such schemes and the entrepreneurs have to choose which one suits them through the various online portals.

Types of government loan schemes

The government schemes are there to help the entrepreneurs to finance their businesses. These schemes are made to fulfill the needs of the enterprises and they can be categorized into the following types of business loans:-

1.Working Capital Loan-It is the type of capital that businesses need to conduct and manage the daily activities and is further grouped into two classes, namely secured and unsecured. These activities are ‘business expenses like utility bills, debt management, inventory management, operating costs, worker’s salaries, etc. A working capital takes care of the operating costs and many other loan schemes take care of this need. 

2.Corporate Term LoanCorporate term loans are taken for the purpose of business expansion. So it is considered to be one of the main categories that start-ups should think about. A large amount of money is generally involved in these types of termed loans and the payment of it is expected to be done over a longer period of time. This type of term loan has negotiable rates of interest.

3.Term LoanThe term loan is required to be repaid in a definite tenure by the lender. The term loans help the businessmen to purchase plant and machinery, raw material, property, or fixed assets and for paying salary and hiring new staff. It is a type of funding given by banks and NBFCs to individual entrepreneurs, business owners, MSMEs or large enterprises to help them meet their business or working capital needs. 

There are more than 10 popular business startup loan schemes that the government gives to upcoming entrepreneurs. Some of them are:-

1.Mudra Loan

The government has set up this scheme to give finance to non-corporate, non-farm small/micro-enterprises. Mudra loans can be got from private and public sector banks, commercial banks, regional rural banks(RRBs), small finance, and corporate banks. The applicants can approach any of the lending institutions or apply online via the official website of MUDRA.


It is categorized under 3 loan schemes namely, Shishu, Kishor, and Tarun.
No collateral or security is required.

The processing charges are nil.

No minimum loan amount criteria are there.

The maximum loan amount is upto Rs. 10 lakhs.

The repayment tenure is upto 5 years.

These can be availed by enterprises engaged in manufacturing, trading, and service sectors only.

All the small or micro firms, all non-farm enterprises engaged in the income-generating activities can get MUDRA loans.

The availed loan amount can be used for term loans and overdraft facilities.

2.PSB Loans in 59 minutes

This loan segment was started on Nov 5, 2018, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to help give loans of upto Rs. 5 crores in just 59 minutes. The government launched this scheme to give financial help to micro, small and medium enterprises(MSMEs) all over India. Some of it’s features are—

1.Fast access to financial help-These loan processes take upto 7-10 working days to complete. But the loan approval process takes just 59 minutes.

2.Loan amount-The loan amount given under this loan is between Rs.1 lakh and a maximum of upto Rs.5 crore.

3.Rate of the interest-The rate of interest given under this scheme is 8.5% onwards.

4.Quick disbursal-When the loan gets approved in an hour, one can expect the money to reach the bank in 7-8 working days.

3.National Small Industries Corporation(NSIC)Subsidy

The government helps small businesses under this scheme focusing on two financial benefits, marketing assistance, and raw material assistance. The benefits of this scheme are-

Cost-free tenders-Under the marketing assistance program the Small Scale Industries(SSIs) will have access to the tenders without any costs.

No requirement of security depositThe SSIs is relieved from paying a security deposit for getting finances.

Land and building financing-For the small-scale industries with a project cost not going beyond Rs.25 lakhs the scheme gives a financial facility for the land and building department.

4.CGTMSE Scheme

The Credit Guarantee Funds Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises(CGTMSE)is another government initiative that gives funding to MSMEs via financial institutions like banks and NBFCs. In this scheme entrepreneurs and startup, enterprises gain a good amount of benefits. The loan given under the CGTMSE scheme is collateral-free.

5.Equipment Financing

Under this type of funding the equipment that is bought when starting a business is kept as collateral with the bank thus helping the lender to charge a low rate of interest with higher risk. The borrower has to repay the loan amount used to buy the equipment as revenue generated from the business. The main advantage of equipment financing loans is that the depreciation of the equipment can be used by the customer as a tax benefit.

6.Business Instalment Loan

It is given by many of the leading banks like Standard Chartered and ICICI Bank. This lets the borrower get immediate cash and expand his needs. It broadly falls in the category of personal loans and it is an unsecured loan. But banks give secured versions of this loan at lower interest rates.

7.Growth Capital and Equity Assistance Scheme by SIDBI

Entrepreneurs can now get this type of loan for their start ups from the banks. Many banks and financial institutions give loan schemes that are designed specifically to fund start ups and their special needs. Different banks give different names for these Start up Business Loans. For eg, SIDBI gives ‘Growth Capital and Equity Assistance’ schemes that can be used for purposes like business expansion, buying machinery, buying raw materials, marketing, brand building, creation of distribution network, R&D, software purchases. In the same way, there are many other banks that give funding for start ups.

EPFO and it’s services

Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is a statutory body made by the Government of India to manage the EPF under the Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act,1952. EPFO Portal is the official government site that gives all the information related to Employees Provident Fund.

EPF or PF- Eligibility and Benefits

Employees’ Provident Fund or EPF is a popular savings scheme that has been introduced by the EPFO under the guidance of the Government of India.

The savings scheme is aimed towards the salaried individuals to help in their habit of saving money to build a proper retirement corpus.

The EPF scheme has served over 5 crore individuals and is directed by three different acts, The Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme Act,1952, The Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme Act 1976, and the Employees’ Pension Scheme Act,1995.

The fund is built with monetary contributions given by employees and their employers each month. Both parties extend 12% of each of the employees’ monthly salary as their shares of contribution in EPF.

The built fund demands a pre-fixed rate of interest set up by the Employees Provident Fund Organisation. The accrued interest on the EPF is tax-free and can be taken without paying the same. The employees avail themselves a lump-sum amount on their retirement which includes the accrued interest.

Individuals can apply to avail of many online services of EPF India by accessing the official portal. The EPF online portal is a user-friendly platform that makes sure to keep the flow of services transparent, efficient, and hassle-free.

Benefits of EPF India Scheme

The Employees’ Provident Fund scheme gives forth many benefits for the EPF employee members. It gives them a sense of financial stability and security.

These are the benefits that an EPF employee member can get through the schemes—

1.Capital appreciation– The PF online scheme gives a pre-fixed interest on the deposit held with the EPF India. Then the rewards extended at maturity ensure growth in the funds of employees and accelerates capital appreciation.

2.Corpus for retirement– About 8.33% of an employer’s contribution is directed towards the Employee Pension Scheme. The sums deposited in the long run for the employee provident fund helps to build a healthy retirement corpus. This corpus extends a sense of financial security and independence to them after retirement.

3.Emergency Corpus– As the future is unseen there are bound to be uncertainties and emergencies. So it becomes a requirement to be financially independent and secure beforehand. An EPF fund acts as an emergency corpus when an individual needs emergency funds.  

4.Tax-saving– Under Section 80C of the Indian Income Tax Act, an employees’ contribution towards their PF account is considered to be eligible for tax exemption. Also, the earnings generated by the EPF scheme are exempted from taxes. Such exemption can be got upto a limit of Rs.1.5 lakhs.

The tax benefits applicable to the Employees Provident Fund scheme provide improved earnings to it’s members. It also gives savings and an individual’s purchasing power increases in the long-term.

5.Easy premature withdrawal Members of EPF India are given benefits to avail benefits of partial withdrawal. The individuals can withdraw funds from their PF account to meet their specific needs like pursuing higher education, construct a house, bear wedding expenses or avail medical treatment.

How to login into the EPFO portal

To avail of online services of EPFO one needs to create an account on the EPFO portal given your UAN is active. If one’s UAN is being activated for the first time an SMS will be sent on your mobile number having the password to login to the EPFO account. 

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation’s member e-service website gives EPF members

  many services online. Some of the services that an EPF member can get on the website are:-

1.Viewing and downloading Employees’ Provident Fund(EPF)passbook

2.Filing claim for withdrawal of money

3.Transfer of EPF account

4.Filing nomination

To avail of these services, one has to register on the EPFO portal after which one can log in to the member e-sewa website.

Registering on EPFO portal

One needs to follow the steps mentioned below to register oneself on the EPFO member sewa portal:-

Step 1-Go to member e-sewa portal:

Step 2-Click on ‘Activate UAN.’ UAN stands for Universal Account Number.

Step 3-A new webpage will appear on the screen. You will be asked to enter any of the following details: PAN, member ID, Aadhaar, or UAN. Other details that are mandatorily needed are Name, Date of birth, Mobile number(registered in EPFO records), and captcha code. All the details must be as per EPFO’s records.

Log in to one’s account on the EPFO portal

When you have registered yourself on the EPFO portal by activating your UAN, follow these steps given to log in to your account:-

Step 1-Go to

Step 2-Enter the UAN, password, and captcha code

Step 3-Click on ‘Sign in’.

Once the details are entered correctly on the portal, you will be logged into your account. 

How to check one’s EPF balance 

You can check your EPF balance by following these steps:-

1.Employees need to log in to the member portal by visiting the EPFO website. You need to enter your 12 digit Activated UAN number and the password to view your details.

2.When you have entered the portal, you can find all kinds of online services that are available on the EPFO website. From there you can track your queries related to the status of your claim, transferring requests which are required if your current employer has created another UAN number to track your PF account.

3.You can see many tabs present on the dark green ribbon. Clicking on the ‘view’ tab will take you to your profile, service history, UAN card, and your passbook address. This password address is a separate website link where you can view your PF account.

4.To see your PF passbook, you need to visit the website. It is a different website where you can view many other details related to EPFO. You need to go to the ‘our service’ tab and under our service tab, you need to click on the ‘for employees’ link. To view the EPF contributions done by your employer every month you need to then click on the ‘member passbook’ link.

5.After clicking on the member passbook link, you will be redirected to a separate tab where you need to re-enter your activated UAN and the same EPFO passwords which you used for the EPFO member login portal.

6.When you have entered your credentials you can visit your EPF passbook and view your PF contribution made by the company.

My family member refuses to go to the hospital

It’s really bad to see people struggle with mental health issues and not accept any kind of extended help. It sometimes becomes a big problem if one sees that a person can be dangerous to himself and others but refuses to go to the hospital and then has a psychotic breakdown. It can be the result of drug use or a symptom of a mental illness like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

It is best if you can get them to go voluntarily. People have better experiences in the hospital if they decide to go on their own. The hospital staff may treat them differently and this process is more difficult for an involuntary approach by the patient.

It’s better to make treatment decisions together. If the family member refuses to go once doesn’t mean they won’t go ever. One should keep trying, asking questions, listening and reflecting. One should tell the patient that they are really worried for their welfare. One should reassure them that they will get proper help to pass this phase of time.

What if things get worse and they still won’t go?

A person may be involuntarily admitted in a hospital if they are a danger to themselves or others or are gravely disabled. They are a danger to themselves if they say they want to harm themselves or others and are gravely diasbled when they are sick and can’t make decisions for themselves.

Getting them to the hospital

A mobile crisis team is a group of health professionals that respond to mental health crisis situations in homes. This team includes nurses, social workers, psychiatrists or peer specialists. Mobile crisis teams sometimes work in association with police departments. These teams come to the house when called and do an assessment by asking some questions and then help you get your family member to the hospital. If you need to go to an inpatient mental health hospital it is best to visit there first for admission rather than going to the emergency room which is not well equipped to handle psychiatric emergencies.

At the hospital

When you admit the patient to the hospital tell the staff about the health condition of the same what is the patient going through. Then you need to tell them whether it’s the first time or is a continuing problem. You need to provide details of the patient’s condition completely. You must stay with them if it is their first time in a mental institution as they come to terms with their mental illness. One should be patient and supportive towards the patient in his recovery and rehabilitation.


Mental health issues are a common problem for hundreds of households. A mental patient is considered dangerous and bad for the society.vHe/she may at times not go to the hospital voluntarily which too has a solution.vBy following the above given steps one can facilitate the process of admission to a hospital easily.vMental health is a serious and important issue and must not be ignored to provide timely help to the person having it. It is an issue which can be commanded to a large extent.