Love is forever

Hi there, beings of the World. We are all children of God, his creations. We are the Big Brothers when it comes to be capable of above-world wonders. But is it true really? Are we truly justifying this fact or do we still need to walk the remaining distance for this? Can we as beings of good blood and bones put a hand on our hearts and say we have never committed a mistake, a blunder or something else? We cannot say it. And we know why. No mortal in any condition, shape or colour is perfect and can say he or she is free from sins and has never done anything wrong. What does bind us in bonds of life like friendship, love, brotherhood and humanity? What is it? What is there which stops us from doing another mistake, a big one and which stops our life from going haywire? It’s a small word, maybe came with Adam and Eve, the firsts on earth or maybe arrived with a slight wind when Pandora’s Box was sadly opened, to counterbalance the effect. It sure has the power to make amends for us because we don’t, to stop wreck biz, to end the world from dissipating, to come in between destruction and humanity and be a saviour, a true one. It is love. This word has power, real one and it sure yields it rightly. You can see differences of big size if you use it even slightly. A pure innocent feeling, a true one bright and right. Don’t know sprang from what. But sure was mighty special and will continue to be so forever and ever, for all eternity to go or stay. Love is the best feeling as innocent as the dewdrops on the petals of a rose flower or the smile of a newborn, the prayer of a sister for his warring brother or the wishes of a mother for her ailing son. However bad the situations may become, love is awesome for true ones and will always stay at position number one. Love was alive, is and always will be an active force in this world which will help to nurture and nourish it, give it a great meaning, make it special in every sense and will be a gorgeousness to sinfully indulge in. We as humans, boys or girls, men or women have done their duties well of loving and living together but sometimes this rhythm has also been broken. Can we know how bad a girl feels when she is deceived in a relation? Only she can know it best. How does a boy feel when he is cheated by a friend he believed was his best one? What is the feeling in the hearts of old parents who are put into old age homes knowing they have got healthy and able children? We don’t even spare innocent animals for fulfilling our mad motives. We kill stray animals without any reason as holy as even cows saying they have no use anymore. We sometimes showcase a very harsh side of us which does not make anyone proud, none to be sure. We cheat,we kill, we torture, we rampage, we rape, we do seriously silly things for which we aren’t even ashamed of. So we break the good rhythm. It degrades whole of humanity and makes angels shed pitiful tears which falls on our destinies making it darker, complicated and damper. Why do we do these messy things which by no way measure up to our standards? It’s a shoddy malpractice in humanity done by if not all then some stupid ones surely. We sadly don’t see the difference between good and bad lives which we get based on our own actions. Then why don’t we change? I, on my part am ready to change for all the good things that God wants from me. We must change and feel strangely  benefited. Love wants to settle forever in our lives and hearts making a permanent settlement. It wants to become a constant so that we can experience memorable and beautiful changes throughout with us. Love is a beautiful thing. It can make us see majestic views which are not visible without it’s help. It has magical powers to change and revolutionise this world for better and best. Love brings hearts together, binds them beautifully so they feel connected to one another with a solid reason. If one cries the other feels the pain, if one laughs, the other feels the pleasure. It unites, it celebrates lovely moments making life just a wonderful celebration which is undefinable and worthy of all value. Love is unique, timeless, it’s forever. The elements of love mix keep balancing life as a paradise for lovers, brothers, sisters every mortal,every speck and everything and even after the end it stays like an essence to make moments, times, the entire universe scented and blessed forever. Love is forever. It is to stay. And it is truly the most magical feeling. Feel it, live in it,with it, around it and o ignorant mortal become eternally beautiful.To live and last forever.

Paradise City

Oh, it’s such a beautiful morning, birds singing in their melodious tunes, the light rays of the sun giving a golden touch to the little sand dunes, the dew drops adding beauty to the flowers. It’s great to see nature’s such wonderful show of power. I just stand and stare at the variety of flora and fauna and feel that natural beauty around has totally enhanced my persona. Sometimes the wind blows mild, sometimes strong. Captivated by the surroundings my heart beats go ding dong. Of a sudden, I am prepared to sing a beautiful song. The show of power and beauty is vividly seen through the eyes of mother nature. God generously provided for the human race and to grace it with happiness and perfection gave us nature as his final gift, a completing signature. Flowers bloom in variety, the green grass looks so fresh, the air has the sweet scent of sand. I just pluck a rose and admire the charisma of nature, feeling awestruck as the rose brims bright, in my hand. Well, this was the morning, now sun smiles brighter and hey, it’s a full day starting to show up it’s face. I again feel that we must thank God for giving us so much joys with utmost grace. The people of this world work hard here with great zeal and enthusiasm and a spontaneous self they keep. They are here to make up for losses and make a smile decorate every face that weeps. They are here to help all, even if the way to being good is steep. They are always with the best qualities and never can be creepy cheaps. The beauty of humanity is seen when the little face of a baby smiles with innocence, the qualities of people glow and provide the needed essence to make everything be the best. The cooperation and congeniality amongst all is the reason they have never faced a downfall. Everyone is perfecting with beauty and eager to perform, the people of this universe have the power to take it up by storm and make right every wrong. The confetti of colours spread by the inhabitants of the world is admirable because they are so versatile having many vivid qualities spread hither and thither. Eyes sparkle with the hope of success and these people are always with strength and surety. They are the best together in any season which can be seen with utmost clarity. Mother earth provides to shelter us in her comforting embrace and we also promise that we will live with power, goodness, and grace. I look at the world, the ways and processes, inspiring customs, culture, which leaves me enraptured. The inner and outer beauty of every being reflects bright. Everything is beautiful, it is totally great and all is right. There are problems though but there are voices to take care of them for sure. After seeing the marvel of nature and feeling the magical moments, I knew that I was lucky to have made with God the treaty to be living in this one and only beautiful paradise city. The world, our home is the one paradise city I am talking about. It gives us great gifts and has many more about which we can talk lots. It’s the perfection point and the best shot by God at creating something superb. And we can give it a beauty cut by doing our little efforts to make it a paradise city like none so that God can finally say, ‘Well, my creation was great but the work of these little masters is even more awesome. Thanks, my children. I am so proud of you.’

Hard Times In Life

Life is our very own possession. Every mortal being born to live is said to have a destiny good or bad. In life, we come to see, feel and experience many shades of survival, some gloomy greys and golden times of glory also. Life is one thing about which we keep on guessing forever and which keeps us surprised always.  One has to experience surely two aspects, good or bad, in life. We have the power to stand and enjoy in the happy times but then how can we ignore or forget the hard ones which go hand in hand for everyone. We must have some mental strength to take care of glooms when they arrive and we must fight for our joys in life not accepting to die a cowardly death. Hard times should make us harder, make us good fighters and to face this aspect of life heads-up would be an achievement, a mega one. How can we not feel desperate when we have lost control of our patience and can we breathe when there’s no air for us to do so? In the same likelihood, how can we live being emotionally paralysed and forgotten in our gloomy cells? Hard times are bound to come, there’s plenty of it for everyone but it has to be faced, accepted, challenged and overcome. We can have options which would simplify our doubts of existence, one of them being how to live happily or sadly. Both options are there, we have to choose from them. So don’t ever be afraid of hard times if you are a fighter, fight out from the core of your heart with arms of tough spirits and your ultimate power weapon, your pen assisted by your fighter-in-writer thoughts.

God Knows All

World, world, world. It’s beautiful and deceiving, isn’t it? It’s a tale of winners and losers. It’s a story of good, bad and worse. It’s something which all cannot equally afford. Sometimes it’s a matter of celebrations and sometimes a point of total discord. In this world big and wide, people are thrown to the extreme sides often deliberately and sometimes unknowingly. The sides of life’s heavy traffic lanes are dark, gloomy and unimportant. But some people are forced to be on them, to work out their ways through them. The mid road is good, attractive and inviting. But sadly all are not equally welcome and invited to it. In life some people are sad because they have been given a gift as bad as life itself which needs to be continuously managed and balanced. Some on the other hand are happy with this gift being able managers to understand and run this havoc called life. In the universal existence setup one man is sad, other is happy, God knows. But God keeps mum and hums an aloof rhythm. Life is a problematic issue, life is unwelcome for some, for some it is too much of fun, God knows again. Life is a wonderful game, a great going story, God knows this too. The pains and pleasure, the useless and treasure, the magnificence and the disturbance together, God knows. One is hungry, one is not. One is sick, one is not. One is desiring and wanting, but the trouble music in his ears keeps on haunting. The wins, losses, tragedies and comedies, the fights and surrenders, the worst and the wonders, God knows it all. The destiny of all lies in his hands. But how much more patience of Almighty on burning issues can this in so many ways crippled man, a traumatized one, withstand? If God knows the A to Z’s of this so-called gift of his to us, why doesn’t he make us understand it’s value, importance, greatness or it’s burden to enlighten us with the needed wisdom? Why can’t he say that for everyone in this life he doesn’t have a share of surplus? This life analysed by many sometimes is a crazy bean one should not eat and is a mistake, some wish never to repeat. God is one supreme power and he meticulously made so many but why were his designs not equal for all and why did he partialize on this point giving undue shares to some and fulfilling other’s dreams with all their wantings and all the pennies? Some of the less fortunate got not what they had desired to as their gifts contained unlimited shades of tragedy, comedy, irony which finally appeared cruel and then so very funny. God knows all, he knows the pain behind the pleasures, he knows the tragedies coming after the fun. He knows the cunningness of man and better still is aware of his limitless foolishness. But after making the world up can God again afford a backup plan to apply and save the so many he made from life, for life, the biggest mess? I think God knows all and out of due respect for his intelligence and wisdom, I leave the matter of man and life solely to him. I know he has his reasons for everything he does and I don’t stick my long nose in his actionable arena at all. I believe he got a plan for every of his creation and he surely will look after us all. And I am more than assured that he will not let us down so soon. Because all agree to his wishes and abide by his rules. I think no one can be wiser than God and I put all my faith in him. Whatever a man does, right or wrong, he does not match with God, his powers and his working. So what goes around surely comes around which means it’s man mortal again who needs to be taken care of by God whether he is a small, clever one or a big unsuspecting, fool.


The word is small. But means a world. It is undoubtedly the best word for every boy and girl. The one person who treats you like diamonds and pearls, despite your let downers, surely deserves a mention, a golden one, a queenly treatment. This one word gives us so many good reasons to exist, to believe in self, to love what we do and do what we love. Yes, you rightly guessed, the word is mom around whom revolves our entire universe and we hear so many times that moms are super special when the flowers smile and the trees in hush hushes whisper. They carry us, they devote their selves and love in us throughout their lives. They make us wise, help us endlessly to scale the topmost rise. And they make us perfect boys and girls without any petty makeover or useless  compromise. They are our lucky stars, our support, our caretakers, teachers, our first institutions and undoubtedly contribute in making the best parts of our life even more magical. Moms are golden, multifaceted, talented to the core, vividly beautiful than any imagination could advance out and better than raspberries in chardonnay sauce. They are amazing. They make us proper. They are our power boosters, our roller coaster rides, energy machines, our twenty-four seven available and cooperative friend-philosopher-guides. Moms give the world a beauty shot, next level dimension and her baby girls starting from the day they arrived on the blue planet are in her eyes beauty queens, boys being superheroes. Moms do all their duties and for their young ones carry goodies, lots n lots in their booties.  Isn’t she the incarnation of Mother Goddess Durga on earth who can sacrifice anything and who has promised to be the guardian angel of her darling lovelings right from their births. Moms are magical, they are so supportive and without their heavenly presence our lives and existences would go to real waste. Without her blessings, her fuss, her unconditional concern, not to forget her hugs, life would be super barren, so gross, blatantly bogus and best suited to be trashed and done with. A mom is a beauty statement, a universal whole in herself. She needs nothing else to make her the best, no extra add-ons, no unwanted help. For me, my mom is my universe, playground, my fairy, and my cutie mama gummy bear. With her I am in an automatic fun planet, a merry world and if every day unfailingly I don’t kiss and hug her twenty times I am a sad, very sad girl.

Love Needs No Special Moment

Earth, our only abode. A humble one, our dear home which is always a matter of the heart. We are so lucky to be the creations of our Almighty and we have vowed to serve him till the last from the start. Earth is a paradise city to get lost in, to value the precious gems that it gives to one and all without any wish for a profitable barter. But then why do some of us turn things around the haphazard way, wrong to be precise, letting down the angel and inviting the devil himself to sit on our hearts. We do crazy stuff, hurt ourselves and our world, the ultimate miracle for us. We don’t try to constructively change the fate lines of our destiny, we don’t pave a way for darkness to vanish ushering in the weather of love, all bright and sunny. This world has a balance pedal to be controlled by man himself and no power other than him can do so by all manoeuvres, as everything lies in only his control. Sadly man does not do the do, he lets hatred, jealousy, vice and all ill forces rush in. It’s a pity that man unknowingly commits this blunderous sin. Whether black or blue, man must struggle to keep himself and his humble abode from being harmed, mauled and disturbed. And he is the mighty one who can all problems from earth finally curb. Man mortal must have enjoyed the diversity of presents got from angels and demons alike but one thing which is a real, spectacular gift from God and which has never seriously crossed the heart of man is something called Love. Love for many must be what they can make of it but in the simplest of terms, it is a simple feeling, innocent enough to bind hearts and make things right without bloodshed, gore and messy fights. It is a positive aspect which reflects goodness and joys for free around, makes things safe and sound. It is totally precious, yet so cheap, it nourishes harvests of prosperity to reap. It needs no pomp and propaganda, it just can change things for the best on your agenda. Love is a ray of bright rainbow lights, it can always put a smile on your face, it will always please. It is the much-needed, wisdom giving sunshine so genuine to man and so kind. It teaches us valuable life lessons, it brings togetherness in all seasons. It always is so true to man for no specific reason. Love happens when a boy finds something uniquely special about a girl, the good forces bless and pass by when in their love there seem to be scattered around diamonds and pearls. It is a shade of love when the innocent eyes of a new born and his giggle cause that magical feeling, a special flutter in the heart of the mother and she comes to respect her motherhood with pride. Love dances around when in a bride’s ear rings the oath of togetherness, loyalty, and trust which her groom takes on their special day and they wish for a world of love and bliss together, never to be separated from one another, ever and ever. Love does not need a time, any day or any moment to make it’s specialty felt. It is just a simple thing, but it makes every human being influenced by it so very special. It is a garden of flowers, has got unconditional powers, always does some good, if it comes your way, decorates silvery starry nights, ushers in wonderful bright days. It gives you the ultimate meaning for which to live, it finds new paths for you to walk on. It presents you with many wonderful memories to in your hearts and minds along with the flow of life forever lock. Love is surprisingly special but never does demand any praise for being so. It just wants to keep things and the cycle of life rotating for universal balanced well being. It wants to see and grant good days and life to everyone on earth. It does not need any mention, any special moment for recognition. It is a matter of joys and paradise feels in every minute, every second and surely a gala one calling for merry celebrations. So having said all that, man and many more do try not to forget love, it is very close to you. Now you may wish to keep it in your heart understanding it’s universal value or leave it behind, it’s your choose.

When The Going Gets Tough…

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. When the winds blow in the wrong direction, you know a storm is approaching. When the rains don’t stop and you are wet to the core, some destiny is showing. When pride takes over you and your composure, the times of merry-making are fading fast. And it becomes difficult to tell till when will the golden hours last. When you feel you can’t walk the distance anymore, the destination is nearing. When you are punished by God for you don’t know what, you are finally reaping what you were sowing. When the times appear too dark and the spirits are shaken, you know, not the right breeze to guide you is blowing. When you have put all of yourself into your world to make it beautiful and right again, but the waiting queue seems to be too long, you know that a world-changing revolution bringing life back on tracks has just begun, making you a part of it. You have to know that your efforts didn’t go in vain and will bring your reward in the form of your wish which will be fulfilled sooner or later. Sometimes it may take a while to feel good but when God was made the founder of our universe, he had a solid plan for every of his creation. So the wait may have been long, that too only to make you strong but then good times will roll by bringing joys and fun and granting your most desired wish because the world is your only shelter which has a responsibility towards it’s people and it needs to fulfill it anyhow. If you make it beautiful with your efforts and decorate it so meticulously with gems and stones, don’t feel that your efforts went in vain. God has seen all your tears, acknowledged all your pain. So he gives you what was finally yours though to do so it may have taken him a little while. Because he loves you more than anyone else and cares the most to see you always smile.

Give This World

O Lord, give this world a direction which could measure it’ s completeness by the worth of its people, their efforts and love. Give this world a sense and logical free will of mind so that it can work right, feel right and give hopes to all for the newbie, next moment coming up. Give this world a better destiny where people can manage their lives and everything in it on their own even if faced by mammoth challenges. Give this life a beautiful sunrise where people love, live, understand and give themselves a fair good chance, a chance to become immortal by wisdom, experience, faith, sanctity and perseverance. Give life a shelter, a shelter of love, brotherhood, and companionship where people work, love and share together joys and sorrows hoping for a better future and wishing for a brighter tomorrow. Give even the ‘shady-two-faces’ kind of people a chance to undo their sins and to realize that goodness is wonderful. Give them the conscience to know that by only being true souls they can create personal heavens finally getting rid of the darkness residing inside, outside, any and everywhere. Give the world a second chance to be accommodative, wiser, and more patient and by popular demand sometimes maybe crazy too. Give life a valuable turn by letting it’s inhabitants know all being humble and grounded, by believing in good things and sharing, caring, enjoying, celebrating everything together in the festival called life. The colors of love. The magic of wisdom. The beauty of goodness. The worth of logic. And cherishing the best of all these inside each one of us. Make the people of this world understand that they are the ultimate power icons who can change all, change this world for the good, better and best of humanity. O Lord, make man the one and only gift, so aptly given to this world to usher in never ending good days. And let a mortal see himself shining and sparkling like diamonds and pearls. Forever, ever and ever. 


I wish I were a color like green, blue or red. I wish I could lend a helping hand to this dying world, so colorless and bland. I wish I were a savior. I wish I could add that sophisticated touch of life to this world in the form of colors. Now, what are colors? Why do they seem so beautiful? Colors are the hope birds of your life which make you feel a variety of emotions like fantasy, love, happiness and sometimes even gloom. Colors are the change elements of your life which unbelievably grace it with a lot of good. Colors are fun, lovely, beautiful. They are like the creative designs and plans which you make to create bliss in your and other’s lives. Colors can be given no solid definition according to me. I think the vivid colors reflect the different shades of your moods blessing you with a unique and distinct kind of personality. Colors are the angelic birds with no feathers which do wonders for your hopeless spirit and selflessly give you gallons of energy. Colors can be your wagons to deliver you to merry land without the coded direction plan as reference material. Colors can be the crutches of a handicapped soul, the best buddies in all good-bad times and the truthful, never giving-up-on-you well wishers who continuously drive and motivate you to finish all the good work you left behind. Colors can be all you need to spice up your life, they can become your sturdy playgrounds and still to exaggerate, can do the role of being best secret-keeping pals. Colors are truly very beautiful, they try to fill the blank space in your lives with all exciting and wonderful elements, that you thought never existed and which you could never possess. Colors have no size, shape, weight or dimension but they seem to have a brain and heart. Otherwise, how could they plan so much of the good stuff for all of us? How could they make mayhem magical so easily and how could they make pretty smiles fit our frowning faces so well? Colors are wonderful, magical and super cool. Without them, life would be so senseless, magicless, happiness less and full with only a dark, depressive blacky mess. Colors do us an enormous favor and we can payback by being joyous, helpful to self, kind and by being compassionate to others. Colors are helping always, they make everything around us beautiful. They are God’s gifts to us which we must wholeheartedly accept and thank Him for it over and over again. They always bring back smiles, joys, lost courage, hopes and a season of celebrations never to end. Colors are many, red, yellow, blue, green, orange. But they all mean one thing for sure, change, a positive one and we can with our own efforts too make a great difference in the quality of our lives by embracing it. It’s in our hands. Colors make life, they are magical, they are mystical. They can lift things phenomenally. Without colors, life would be a blank canvass, so boring, so sad, so routinely. So let’s welcome happiness in our lives in the form of COLORS. Let’s give ourselves and colors a second befitting chance.