My Student Role

A self-created piece on my role in life and the fact that I would always be a student for which I am glad.

I am an average-minded student but I try to improve. I am into an all-depth study and I am just trying to lick the special soup. I am obedient, sincere, hardworking and proper. I want to be every time smashing, super. I am a go-getter. I want to fare better. I am a foodie, I want to eat and enjoy being life’s biggest foodie. I respect all, I love all so why should I not rock and roll. I learn from my failures, I try to succeed. I want to see everything as right and then I proceed. I am mature and I want a place in schools, safe and secure. I want to teach all others to exert, attempt, experience and endure. I am just too good to be wrong. I find this my ultimate point, cool and strong. I wish to keep learning and evolving and dance to life’s dangerous music solving all its impossible puzzles. I know I will be a student of this life always but I will never degrade and will keep learning. To teach others someday and keep the fire of curiosity, something which brings life and progressiveness burning.

Rhyme Time

Some self-made rhymes to have a fun playtime.

1.When you get a big bump on your headAnd you think that you are dead

Then sing a song and clap your hands

Join the merry do-gooder’s band

When you get a stitch on your leg

You better for mercy from God beg, then you must sit in a shady cave and fight the monsters being brave.

2. I am going to hooplaland, to build strong castles of sand. And to meet the fairy with the super-cool magic wand. And enjoy my time grand, I want to make the Hoker Poker House and ate the jellybeans, I want to meet the beautiful Mangi Bangi Queen. Then I want to dance with Curie Bear. I want to make all feel good because are my dears. I want to call and stop the whistling train. And I want to stop the wicked Mirandela’s, Brain Drain. I want to call my friends, the Sweet Sugar Candy, Dolly Flanny and Millis, the zebra and have a good time with P.C Sarkar’s Abracadabra. Then I want to meet Cipher Ciphaloo, the zero degrees scientist. I want to see the paintings of the wonderful unknown artist. After having such a mastiful wonderful time I want to say a song to God and make my words properly rhyme. I want to kill the bad little Angry Ant and I want to do a little jig in my velvety pants. Then I want to come back home in my supercool duper hot, anytime take-a-ride bus. Because after anything I need my little pussy Shiphie and my mom’s care and fuss.

3. Shitty, shitty, bang, bang, monster Mangu of the badmash gang, has made a super plan. But what is it? You must understand. If you come to know it, wow and ha. But if you don’t get a chokslam and enjoy your time in the mad truck cum scooter tram and say hey ram! hey, ram! hey, ram!

The Eyjafjallajokull Effect

A piece on why and how volcanic ash can affect airspace.

The Eyjafjallajokull means an island mountain glacier. It is one of the smaller ice caps of Iceland, north of Skogar and west of Myrdalsjokull. The ice cap covers the caldera of a volcano with a summit elevation of 1,651 mts. This volcano has erupted relatively frequently since its last glacial period, most recently in 2010. When it erupted it affected the airspace above it making the movement of some flights difficult which had to leave the path on which they were moving. So the question that many ask is how one eruption in Iceland affect airspace? And what is volcanic ash? And how it can affect our airspace? Let’s take a look at the volcanics behind the problem. When a volcano, charged with gases such as sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide erupts it can result in large amounts of ash being generated. Add to this, an eruption under ice and you have the added explosivity to pump the ash high into the atmosphere. Ash is made up of very fine particles of volcanic glass formed by the breaking up of bubbles during the eruption. As the magma gets close to the surface, the gases expand forming a volcanic froth, which then fragments into thousands of particles of ash. In the case of the eruption in Iceland, we have added water coming into the system from the ice which flashes to steam under the heat and causes more explosions. If the volcano is powerful enough, as with Eyjafjallajokull, it can eject this ash high into the sky into high atmospheric winds, which can then blow the ash around the globe. These high winds are where our planes fly, so when volcanic eruption results in ash clouds we have to be careful not to fly through them. In the past, when planes have accidentally flown through an ash cloud, the engines have been clogged up with ash causing engine failure. The jet engine can have temperatures up to 2000degree C, which will melt the ash back to lava and stick to the engine parts. In extreme egs, planes have had to literally glide their way out of the ash cloud before engines can be restarted. So when you think of volcanoes as wonderful eg of earth, heat, and power with lava flows, fountains, and explosions, don’t forget they can influence our lives, even if we live a long way away. This whole episode puts volcanoes in a new perspective. Our modern-day lives are more reliant on air travel than ever before, and this is likely to increase. At any stage, there can be many volcanoes erupting around the world. We are likely to see further egs of volcanic ash clouds entering the airspace and new measures will need to be put into place to provide solutions from the lessons learned from Europe’s volcanic ash crisis. Further engine tests may be required, new routing and even an engineering solution to make jet engines less susceptible to volcanic ash. Whatever direction the new plane will take, this volcano has left a lasting legacy in our memories. The skies have never been quieter over London and for some, it provided a chance to look back at lifestyle and wonder what the future holds. As the volcano continues to erupt, new fears are mounting about one of the larger volcanoes nearby, Katla. This volcano is around ten times larger than Eyjafjallajokull and can spew more material. It has erupted with a periodicity of a hundred or so years, the last time it did so very powerfully was in 1918. The volcanic system is a complicated one. Like the plumbing in a bathroom, it can be interconnected underground by a series of pipes and fractures. In some cases when one volcano erupts, it ‘stirs’ others nearby. Will this eruption,’ stir’ Katla into action. That is the big question. For now, we watch and monitor with series of seismic stations to record underground tremors, tiltmeters, and GPS to see if the ground around the volcano deforms and look for the precursors to a new volcanic eruption. One thing is for sure, Katla will erupt again—-Dougal Jerram, volcanologist.

Zindagi Pyar Ka Geet Hai

A small poem in Hinglish about life, Zindagi and what it is for us.

Zindagi pyar ka geet hai,zindagi jiyo zindadili se,zindagi hi asli meet hai,iski raksha karo kabili se.Zindagi to paigaam hai jashn ka,zindagi to hai avsar khaas jo hamein hai badi jaddojehed se mila.Jite jao zindagi ko banate hue ise khaas.Aur manzil tak tum pahunch jaoge ye rakho pakka vishwas.Zindagi ki kahani kehti hai har saans tumhari.Zindagi mein afsane hain bante bigarte.Ek ek panna kahaniyon se hai zindagi ke bhara.Dastane zindagi toh hai apne mein ek chakachaundh karnewala majra.Magar zindagi hamein sunati hai geet kai khushi aur gehre matlab ke,iski jhalak hamme kabhi dikhti banke muskan,kabhi ansoon banke ye aati hai palak pe.Magar zindagi toh milegi na dubara,ye bhi hum jaan lein.Chand dinon ke dekhne ye aishwarye ki duniya hum hain ek mehmaan se.Zindagi ek tohfa hai keemti,iski keemat toh andaze mein aati nahin.Magar ye leta hai hamari pariksha,paheli bankar aata hai hamare karib dikhata kabhi raahein galat kabhi sahi.Zindagi hi meet  hai sachcha iski saans hai,anubhavon aur sabkon mein doobi.Zindagi mein sab hai agar hamein hai zindagi ki kadar.Yahi hai akeli sooni raah par kabhi haar mein,kabhi jeet mein,hamara humsafar.Zindagi toh sirf ek jasba hai,gungunana is ke pyar ka geet sada.Yahi toh woh shehar hai jahan mil jata hai hamein khuda.

Anandi Hai Pyari Hamari

A piece on Anandi, God’s child.

Saat rangon ka adbhut samanvay,saat swargon sa vaibhav aur aishwarye.Saat swarnon se bana haar.Saat devtayon ka prashad hai Anandi.Hai toh sirf ek choti baalika.Magar usme hai anokhi baatein,jo man ko madhurta se deti hai bhigo.Aur dikh padte hain kitne hi swapn uski aankhon mein jo woh rahi hai sanjo.Rakhti hai woh khayal apnon ka.Swabhav aur sanskar hain door deshon ke logon ki katha.Dekh nahin sakti dukh,kisi ki wyatha.Sab ka jivan apne bholepan se bana deti hai swarg,woh to hai ek na bujhne wali diye ki jyoti.Uska dil hai pyar ka kuan.Uski toh har baat hai anupam.Anandi apne ghar mein hai sab se choti.Magar hai gangajal se bhari kathauti.Padhti hai,khelti hai,hansti hai aur hansati hai.Jahan jahan se woh gujarti hai wahan bajne lagte hain ghante.Wahan ki mitti se saundhi khushbu aati hai.Anandi to naam ke anuroop hi hai anand ka sagar.Sab use aashirvaad dete hain ki bhari rahe yuhin  tere khushi ki gagar.Pyar ka sahi arth samjhati hai Anandi hamari.Lagti hai ye hamein sab se pyari.Anandi lati hai roti shakal per hansi.Woh hamare man mein hai bhali bhanti basi.Anandi ko karte hain bhagwan bhi pyaar.Woh to hai bhagwan ki taraf se hamare liye ek anokha uphar.

Choti Si Aasha

A poem on my desires for this world and life.

Meri hai ek choti si aasha,ki bolun manushyata ki bhaasha.Samjhoon har prani ki peeda,baantoon kuch prem roopi ratna aur karti rahoon har pal khushiyan baatne ka prayatna.Sochu kuch uchh vichaar,karun sabse uttam vyavhaar aur apne karmon se prajwalit hoti oorja se bana doon jivan ko ek adbhut kabhi naa ant hone wala tyohaar.Meri aasha yah bhi hai ki bachchon ko doon jivan darshan,unhe doon achcha margdarshan aur karoon bharat ki mitti ke kankan ko shat shat naman.Main laaon duniya mein ek revolution,banaun ise aur bhi sundar aur sarthak.Meri aasha hai ki khol doon sukh,shanti,samridhi roopi pitara aur sab ko bata doon ki dukh ke kathin samay mein ishwar hi hai sabse bada sahara.Choti si aasha hai meri ki rang doon gagan ko dus rangon mein,chand par jakar bana doon ek pyara ghar,har dukhiyare ko doon jivan jine ki chahat nayi aur kabhi na tootne doon aasha ki kirnon ki ladi.

Saara Aakash

A poem on Bhuvan’s thought of seeing human welfare by gifting humanity whole of everything in life and letting them understand what is Saara Aakash.

Neel gagan,dharti ek upvan.Khushhali chaman chaman yahi chahta hai bhuvan.Har or ho samriddhi aur shanti ki  lehar.Aur mar jaye bhrashtachar roopi kala nag.Peekar duniya bhar ka zahar.Har ek kan ho sugandhit.Har ek chan ho aalokik.Har koi achchi bhavna ko lekar aaye is dharti pe.Har prani sukhant jivan ki bhavna ko lekar jiye.Chaaron or naache mayur thirak thirak.Aur bure praniyon ko mile ek achcha sabak.Bhuvan chahta hai kuch romanch hamesha rahe jivan vyatit karne mein.Bhuvan chahta hai logon mein vishwas paeda ho kuch haasil karne ka.Har koi apne mein chun le ek apratim vijeta.Bahe kal kal nadiyan dhoti hui paap saare.Chamke yuhin sundarta se ye chand taare.Koi apne andar ke gunon ko kabhi na mare.Vaibhav ka vastawik roop bane ye dharti,ye jivan.Aur aishwarye ka tika lage har ek ke maathe pe mila ke chandan.Saara aasman to hai hamara.Ise hi safalta ka samjha hai ek chamakta sitara.Matlab,bhuvan chahta hai ki har ek manushya karm kare aur chuye is aakash ke taaron ko.Mil jaye khushi ki kiran jivan mein in manushya roopi banjaaron ko.Damke yuhin safal hokar har ek prani ki jyoti aur bane dharti swarg ke saman.Inhi baaton ko sochte hue betha hai bhuvan.Khoj raha hai kuch dekhkar upar ka aasman.Har ek jan mein jivan ho aur har ek kan kan mein wo manthan ho,jiske phalswaroop khushi,safalta,aur sachchai,kabhi na thame,na le avkash.Aur ha prani ko mile adbhut roop se uski kalpana anusar jivan se bhara,swarg ki shudhta mein dooba,mushkilon ko aasaan karta aur ek halki si aashwast muskan sabke hothon pe laata,SAARA AAKASH.

Choti Si Duniya

My small world and me, very very happy in it.

Namaste,main hoon Dipu aur hai meri ek choti si guriya.Kabhi aankhen gol gol matkati hai,kabhi karti hai disco dance.Woh meri pyaari vastu hai bahut jiske bina jahan nahin mera khoobsurat zara bhi.Meri duniya mein pyaar ka sagar hai behta jisme main doobti utarti hoon.Yeh saagar behta hai maa ki aankhon se.Meri duniya hai mithaas se bhari jisme shaam hai matwali,badi anandmay hai bhari dopehri.Meri duniya main hai masti ka disneyland.Ye duniya papa ne apne haathon se banayi hai jo chalata hai uska manager mera bhai Priyam.Meri duniya mein inke karan bahut khushi aur aankhon mein santosh hai.Is duniya ko mein ek ek saans jiti hoon aur chahti hoon rahoon isme doob ke hamesha.Meri duniya hai choti magar pyar aur aashayon ki kami nahin isme zara bhi.Meri ye choti duniya mere sapnon ki bhi duniya hai jisse main judi hoon har  saans se.Main janti hoon duniya ki best family aur beshkimti ratn mere paas hain.Choti si duniya hai meri jisme sunhari roshni bhare din aur chandni raatein hain kai.Ye duniya mujh mein aashayein aur ischayein jagati hai nayee.Itni masti aur hogi kahan,to bas yahan,yahan,yahan,main bahut pyar karti hoon ise,ye hai mera pyare se bhi pyara jahan.Choti si duniya mein mummy meri sabse pyari.Pehnti satrangi saari.Papa mere bade kamal.Karte rehte kartab bemisaal.Unke aashirvaad se jahan mera chamakta kitna,isme mili mujhe har khushi,har cheez jo maine chaahi kabhi.Mera bhai khelta mere saath bikherta khushiyon ke har rang har jagah.Woh mere jine ki thos hai vajah.Kitna pyaar,laar diya hai inhone mujhe.Iski keemat chukte nahin chukegi.Ye duniya rangeen hai meri inhi ke karan.Ye is choti si duniya ko dete bada jivan.Main is duniya ko chodkar kabhi nahin jaungi.Hamesha apni saari khushi isi jahan main paungi.To meri taraf se mere pariwar ko happy family day aaj.Ye hain mere maathe ka anokha taaj.

Zindagi Ki Zarurat

A small piece in Hinglish, on the ultimate challenge and importance of man which is life, Zindagi.

Zindagi hai,zindagi thi.Zindagi hasin hai kabhi,kabhi hai gam ki daastan.Zindagi hamare hisab ki cheez nahin,isme kabhi koi galti sahi hai,kabhi nahin.Zindagi hamare liye bani hai,kya ye sach hai ya nahin.Zindagi kaabhi hansayegi kabhi rulayegi,magar zindagi hamein hamesha yaad aayegi,hum rahein na rahein.Zindagi hai magar dhoondhne parte hain isme apni kismat ke nishaan.Kuch logon ko ye lagti musibat kisi ko khuda ka kiya hua ehsaan.Zindagi hai laal,pili,hari kabhi neeli aur sunehri bhi,magar kabhi kabhar iski subah berang aur thandi hoti hai iski bhari dopehri.Zindagi ko janna yuhin khel nahin bachchon ka,isko jeene ka khayal jaan nikal deta hai bade badon aur achche achchon ka.Kabhi deta ye aashayein kabhi chunauti bhari vaardatein.Kabhi masti bhari dhun gungunane ke liye kabhi gam ki baaratein.Magar kuch bhi achcha bura dekhne,seekhne,samajhne ke liye zarurat hai hamein sirf ek zindagi ki ,armanon ki,sabr aur muskaan ki.Banana hai ise khubsurat.Yahi hai hamari kahani,hamari jannat,hamara jahan.Ye zindagi hi hamein batata hai laakhon mein ek,ye achcha ya bura,sahi ya sirfira.Yahi hai khas aur yahi hamein deta bada aur mahan banne ki takat.Ye hi hai insaan ka aakhiri parav.Iski zaroorat to hamesha hai hamein.Chahe hum rahein na rahein.Zindagi ki zaroorat zindagi ke liye hai.Yahi hamari manzil hai.Ise banana hai behtareen karke ispar aur khud par yakin.

It’s Party Time Guys…

Some game gyan for making the party fun and mood terrific.

Well, are you bored to death or having a downtime? Well, it’s time to play some fun party games which may jog a few memories. Check out this list of games too good and too fun for you all to enjoy.1. FAMOUS PERSON CHARADES—Everybody writes the name of a famous person or fairytale character on a scrap of paper and puts in a hat. Somebody draws a slip of paper and has 60 seconds to get everyone to guess the character using silent gestures.

2. MARSHMELLOW TOOTHPICK CASTLE—Split into teams of two or three. Give each team 15 marshmallows and 15 toothpicks. The team that builds the highest marshmallow structure in 10 mins wins.

3.SARDINES—A classic! Give one person 5 minutes to hide somewhere(specify if the outside is okay) and then everyone looks for him. People hide with the person when they find him until the last person finds the group.

4. ALPHABET CATEGORY GAME—Sit in a circle and pick a category like ‘animals’ or ‘food’.One person starts by naming something in the category that starts with A(like avocado). The next person has to name a B item(bananas) and so on. If someone can’t think of one in 10 seconds, she’s out.

5. GUESS THE ANIMAL—Grab a marker and write an animal on as many pieces of masking tape as there are people. Put the tape on each person’s forehead without them reading it. They have to walk around and ask each other yes or no questions to figure out which animal they are(like, do I have 4 legs?)

6. PASS THE PARCEL—Wrap a gift with multiple layers of gift wrap. Then have everyone sit in a circle and pass the gift around until the music stops. Whoever has the gift then unwrap a layer. Repeat until someone unwraps the gift, the lucky person gets to keep it.

7.MEMORY—Sit everyone around a table with a bunch of little objects on it. One person closes her eyes and somebody removes one object and hides it. The eye-closer then has the 3 guesses as to which object was removed. Return the item and repeat it with someone else.

8.DETECTIVE—One person leaves the room. Everyone else agrees to have something in common. All pretend to be characters on a TV show, be afraid of heights, etc. When the detective comes back, she has to guess what everyone has in common using yes or no questions. People can give the detective clues(like I hate going up on ladders).

9.WHO’S THE CAT—Blindfold one person(the guesser) and make him sit at the center of the circle. Have the guesser point in a random direction. Whoever is pointed at meows like a cat and the guesser has to figure out what it was. If he is correct, the meower becomes the new guesser. If not the guesser points in another direction.

10. DON’T LAUGH—Put everyone in pairs. Each pair takes a turn trying to make the other person laugh by saying, Ha, ha, ha in an outrageous fake voice. They go back and forth until someone actually laughs.

These are some of the games that I used to play and I hope you like them—–11. I CHOOSE THE COUNTRY OF—In this game, there can be as many players but they should be more than two. One person will be denner. All others should pick one country’s name for themselves and form a round centering the denner and each one has to forward one foot encircling the denner. Now we need to give each player’s country name choice to the denner. As the denner says, start, all need to run and then denner will say,’I choose the country of—say, America’ and the player with the particular naming will just stop along with all others and then the denner needs to touch the named runner of country America by jumping 3 times and touching the player’s feet. He has the option to step back and if he does then the denner again becomes denner and the game continues so forth. But if the denner manages to touch the runner’s feet then the latter will become denner and so forth.

12. CUT THE CAKE—In this game, the denner will catch the runners and they will need to hold the denner’s hands like in the game of chain-chain but if one free running mate crosses in between them saying ‘Cut the cake’ then all players become free once again.

13.CHAIN-CHAIN—In this game say there are 6 players in total and 1 out of them is the denner. The denner and all others will run and denner has to catch the other running mates. When he catches them they have to join hands with the denner and continue the same process till all players are caught and no running mate remains.

14. LOCK AND KEY—In this game, suppose there are 7 players, and 1 out of them is the denner. He will run and catch players and will lock those who happen to get caught and they will need to sit down without moving. Now one running mate can come and place a hand on the ‘caught’ mate and open her lock by saying key and then she can run again. Basically, the denner has to protect her locks from keys.

15.CROCODILE-CROCODILE—Out of maybe 6 or 7 players,1 will be a denner. He will be the crocodile. The 6 players will stand on 2 opposite sides and will play regular basketball and the person in the middle has to catch the ball and run to a point chosen beforehand without being caught. If he is able to do it, he becomes king, otherwise, he becomes a donkey and has to go through some punishment.