Exceptionally Great

Life is one-two-ka-four. Life is cha-cha-boom. Life is all you wanted. But sure there are also gloomy dooms. Life is the calling of earthlings, specific some. Life has no special meaning for others. It surely sometimes puts you on the king’s throne and sometimes is a pain brother. Life is a tough teacher and life is only one for us. We must, after all, thank God, Allah, Rama, and Jesus. For everything we enjoy, we love, we like to do. It’s exceptionally great. In this world of tensions, the hug of your bro, it’s exceptionally great. The kiss from your boyfriend, it’s exceptionally great. The cares of your mom, it’s exceptionally great and those concerns and worries of dad you can be for them always glad. The suggestions and playful pranks of your friends, they are so priceless can’t be changed by any trend. Life may not be simple, but it is not absolutely stupid. It presents your gifts, you can cherish. Why let those memories in dark corners of the mind, ignorant and unused perish. The love affection of close ones tries to put you in position best under the sun. All you do is of worth to life, to someone. Life is surely exceptional, there’s nothing like it, none. So what should we give life which will make it smile. It’s just some love, some perfection dipped in dedication for our causes, our loved ones, our country, our values, our passions, and that also just for a while. Love life, live life, logic with it, understand it better each day, decorate it with new meanings, new developments and new spirits, beat out colorful your creative shit. Life is good, better, sometimes you may see the hidden picture, it’s exceptionally great. But to understand don’t get late leaving everything on luck, fate, lucky lots. They won’t work better and finer than you do. And by having this realization, you will see life loves you too.


Two Ways

That life is a blessing, doesn’t suit my moments. It leaves emptiness behind. What it meant for me is something which will leave questions in other’s minds. I have come, will do my deeds, will try not to repeat mistakes and try to cut the scene of life as merry as I can possibly manage to. I know I have to feel all the shades of this life, no one is a specialty in it and that I would have to feel the harsh jitters of my share. I want to know though, more than would matter and I want to clear all clutter spread around. I want to know how I can save myself from the wrath and fury of bad bondings and love and I want to evade heartbreaks. I could not understand this pink and pleasure emotion well enough though I tried hard too. It was all grey in fifty shades for me. I don’t know what is the truth actually and how it makes world, emotions, and man stabilized. I could only taste bitter lies in all eyes that met mine to give a sick feeling back to back every time, all the time. I though am on the lookout of another way. A way which will calm my senses, bring back my lost feathers of fun, fancy and spirits, to help me come back to life, meet it not halfways but in a totality of real- no- fantasy bliss. I have made myself a fool many times but this last chance to bounce back brave and gorgeous is something I don’t want to miss. I now want to find ways to live again, free and fine. I want to help all who want it. I want to make the heavens unite with the earth and give humanity a second very true, very perfect, acceptable birth. I would want to let out all the demons from the hearts, make compassion a wanted necessity to be inbred in all, give love and life wider strides to carry on their unfinished chores and to create a super fab story of life, love, and desires from the starts. I wanted to let go, of myself in the turbulent tide of life, mess it up, never to come back to myself and feel a miserable, permanent nobody. But that was just yesterday’s part, today, I am rehearsing my new start. To stand out pretty,posie and perfect. To know that you don’t always need to make someone happy who doesn’t understand your heart ever to feel the same. You live for yourself, your name. Give your poor heart some solace, don’t go down disgraced. Life is given to you to make you feel that you are special in the gaze of God. So don’t ever lose heart, fight with even one eye and a leg, but for your joys and your existence don’t depend on anyone. For the shares of your part in life, you don’t have to borrow, steal or beg. Life wants you to find the other way, to make you feel like a princess. It does not want to make you a mess. Always love yourself before any other soul. You complete your life with your endeavors, don’t have to feel sorry or small. Someday or the other in life, you will feel the best in everything that you have and do. You will feel you have heard rightly your call.

All That Is,All That Was

It’s moving, yes, life is. It may bring blisters or bliss. But it keeps on inching ahead. You would better jump in the movement or be counted dead. Now, what with the choices given, you better do what you should. Life brings many puzzles and questions thrown at us randomly, some of which seem to be more complicated than we can handle with our active senses. And some are surely just very much welcome with their true worths. But you still wonder about all the golden sunshine, that used to pour on your face when he looked down to smile at you. You recall how the daisies used to wink at you telling you that your love was a wonder. Times were perfect with rainbow-colored mornings giving you the bright, beautiful blessings of this world and God. You had thought you were such a damn lucky girl. Days passed fine and colorful and you and he were lost in a golden paradise. Your love story was a rosy affair with glories and glitter. But sadly the seeming-to-be-real-time fantasy and everything in it proved to be a decent deceit story. In a minute, all the colors faded. Darkness loomed large and dangerous. He left you torn and devastated. You could though never sense his hatred. All that was, struck in stark contrast to all that is now. You suddenly were a nobody now in life’s pompous show. You said,’ why did you go, Max, when you were meant for me? I loved you so madly. Didn’t the breeze stop you or the tulips whisper in your ears, oh love, don’t go? Didn’t the singing cockateel on that banyan tree warn you that you were doing a mistake? Why did you do what you did? Wasn’t I your only lifeline, your only treasure? You could have just pointed at my mistakes and I could have had them rectified by any means. Why did you have to choose the dreary path and leave the greens? It’s so torturous to believe we were not meant for each other. All that was, turned into a dream which never came true. But still, you could not stop loving him. All that is now with you is a dead soul trying to accept it hard. You don’t know if you will have the power to smile again. Your life has never been a dream come true, has always been a crazy, rough terrain. You have tasted the poison of life many times. And this time too, you wonder, why have you braved existence despite being gone for good a long time ago. Maybe you have been an intriguing subject of a soul-threatening experiment by the dark forces. They see lots of damned potential in you. But o lord, now you want to stretch free. You don’t see, feel, sense and think anymore. You may wonder who or what you are? You have lost definitions to describe yourself and place them in any category. You are just so sorry. You say thus,”let me take the plunge today and say goodbye. I still though have doubts uncleared and questions unanswered. I have my what, wheres and whys. I want a favor though from life. Wipe me clean, once and for all. So that I don’t see worst and feel broken a million times. I want to end my curse on me, it’s my existence. I want to donate all of myself, so sad and luckless and give all its if-remaining worth to someone good and blessed. Once all that there was of me was beautiful. All that is now is more so. That because, I am now free, happy, without having to be alive and have dreams and I know when I will be en route to my destination, I will feel fine. My destination is arriving. Thank you, God because it’s a place so peaceful, without you, Max, without pain and without true lies. It’s somewhere between the earth and the sky and I wish I feel better there without life, you and that tingling feeling, sometimes sweet, sometimes mysterious, called love. Wish me luck”.

My Quotes


We are silent spectators watching war games in the amphitheater of life, little realizing that we too shall be bound to play one day and then all we would afford would be a prayer to God to save our souls.


I am a devotee of mom. Yes, I found everything in her. A friend, a philosopher, a guide and my true well-wisher forever. I love her more than this world and beyond. Because she deserves it all throughout.A shout out to all moms. They rock. Mom love you hameshaaaa…


I found a new difficulty with myself. Now I can think, feel, love and this is driving me nuts…


If brightness was so much needed around, why did God make the human being? I say so because the darkness of ignorance gets the better of him so many times, he is a confused fool, so obsessed by lies of being the supreme being and the belief that he can manage this haywire universe which is total blasphemy.


Each day can be special, unique and different. Each day comes with the possibility of two miracles, you and your dead spirit coming back to life. So wake up to a better world, better day and a better you.


I would want to logic in life and love in heaven. Love is a pretty cozy and sweet affair, so the decisions thus. After all, you don’t want disturbing moments of worry and pain interfering with you and her and the exotic air around. It would be playing spoilsport.


The power of love is magic. It makes you blind sighted, getting you ready to fight all the odds and evens born out of love, true of course. Now wouldn’t you care much for some badass adventure where you get to play the shots super chick and have the princess, her love and those pretty moments too? It might be fun for sure.


Life appears sometimes very small. And I fear soon in a dark dungeon I gonna fall. Now I want success and happiness to come in. And not make my pillars of sorrow taller. I wish to love and be loved. I wish to enjoy the success spirit and make things better. Now whether I am in love or not, I gonna tell you later.


Love in life, be loved after death. After doing all, get your place secured above. Live to see a smile, care if possible, even for a while. And God would be willing to reward this child who utters all the sermons, wishes and commandments of Him in a single breathe. The child understands God and vice versa. There remain now no conflicts.


I do what I want. I think beyond and ahead. I look as I feel like and I work my way out believing in my convictions. I don’t know where I stand with my persona but I don’t want to let go of my beauty, my uniqueness, a bit incomplete and a bit imperfect. Anyhow, I love it. You may not. It’s fine enough…


A jester of life tries to bring joys but embodies great sorrows.No one really is appreciative of him and would want to in his footsteps follow. On the inside of this happiness, there lie dark gloomy hollows. You can, if want to help, fill it with a smile even if for a while. Would mean lots for the jester, always in a tight spot in life.


True love doesn’t appreciate repeated mistakes and doesn’t coexist with clever fakes. It’s pure, precious and perfect and expects you to be the same.


My gift is love to you. You can see it in my eyes. I may be destroyed but my confessions are pure. You are my support, strength and my lucky star. I want to dry your tears, make you smile. I may be here for a while but my love will be with you forever, running for miles and you won’t be alone ever.


I am a winner-loser pair altogether. If I have made anyone laugh, am pleased but if it went the other way around, am sorry too. I would try to be perfect, to focus on weaknesses more and try to be a better banger for all circumstances coming and going by. I just want to echo a perfect set of change in me, over the moon, on the skies.


I don’t say I am special. I rather prove it along with adding those sexy grooves to the music of life and partying all night long.


My lifelines got shortened because I afforded longer lovelines. Now I know why I am a real loser and a flattered fool. Never to attend the love school and to abide by cupid’s philosophy, only to lose all powers and end up with a junk tag. Instead be single, safer and with that desi swag!!!


The day will come when you will smile. And the night when you will cry. Though the days when you loved someone will never be in their physical presence again but will make you feel better when thought of, even for a while. Maybe make your heart sing and your soul laugh loud.


Togetherness is the positivity we afford in our minds when we are through the rough jungles of loneliness where our shadow wants to eat us up and our soul scares us to death with its sharp whispers.


It was a magical fiesta with her essence around in my breath. I felt so pure and free from the dark worry world that I wanted to love her. But well how could I when she was only thin air now…or maybe a forbidden dream???


I am a fighter bird soaring high and searching for light not daunted by approaching hurdles, being totally strong. I have a steel spirit and I love to take hardcore challenges because life is a game. If you don’t play you better end up either being slain. o I feel the need to be strong every moment.


The song of your dream is just beneath your tongue. Give yourself courage and power, the right moment and melody to sing that song which will change life forever, for good and better.


Life is a mixture of a bit of love and that of hatred, some flowers more ferns, and good bad destiny. It is a mixture of more of experiences and adventures and a bit of the touch of magic to recreate your story and create history. It is a mixture of you and me and more complexities. But to be lived, experienced and understood really well.


We all are naked every minute. We feel alone because it’s the way of our existence in life, the designs of God for us. We are born alone. Though we exist together, we work, live, laugh and die but each of this time we are orphans, alone, naked and never satisfied. Love and togetherness are the only garments we adorn when we are together in the company of our choiced ones, otherwise, it’s a naked and lonely saga of life.


There can never be an end to anything especially cravings and curiosity.


Pain is the outer reflection of a happy soul becoming wiser in the long run. How could you otherwise measure the value of incoming joys and have all the fun?


Life is worth living when you have a spirit worth believing in.


I need some things in my life for sure, a flowing river of magic with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds filled in, a kind heart to love and beautiful green eyes to take a dive in and bring up a magical story, of my love with Niana, my dream lady. I wish to find these soon. Wish me luck.


Let life teach you lessons its way. But you can still manage to do your thing under the open sky. Your story of life is under construction and it’s going to enhance life. But you don’t know which element of the story will be stronger. You hope it’s courage and creativity.


It’s all multicolor gloss in front of my eyes. I am happy to find colors again as I had gone far away from their reach. This miraculous change could be seen in my twisted life chapters because I found a four-letter magic called love, otherwise, my plate could only afford shades of greys. Blindness is not going to keep you away from luck every time. Sometimes you can use the eyes of your heart too.


Don’t call me a conspirator alone. We all have got our hands red sometime or the other in life in that sweet crime of love, lust, sidetracking logic of the moment. A sweet trap.


I am not afraid of the wars of the world more than those of the heart which I doubt I won’t be able to win every time. Heart rules King for some and sometimes it’s your only opponent, the toughest one of all.


The absolute, permanent, good or bad, end of all your flying, soaring, diving fantasies with or without the overload of ecstasy is the reality, want it or not. Reality is what keeps life grounded and luxuries near you and no fantasy can bring out the best in you better than stark reality can do.


I may have thought that I loved you and vice versa, but it was a hazy dream and I was sleepwalking through deep jungles, passing good and bad, hallucinated and bewitched by your black, beautiful magic very much in search of the first ray of love, sunshine, only to be lost in dark hell.


Improvement is not a constant or a burden for anyone. It is a process of seeing and positioning oneself where one has always wanted themselves to be, wrapped in the robe of perfection, whatever it means to us and surrounded by the golden sand of bliss.


Change is the permanent constant. If we change we bring with us a revolution to usher good things in life and to create a beautiful space for everyone to breathe in and to make it a much-needed affair and adventure of a unique kind.


I want to rise, shine, awake but only in your world with true love, your beautiful brown eyes and my pug, Doilo.My three essentials of life.


Everyone loves a superstar except the ones who know that it’s too fake a position and the fact that one day it’s gonna give away and leave behind a trail of dead ecstasy with silver dust. It is not of much relevance to this busybody life where everything is taken for obvious and granted, nothing is really too special, except your wiser self.


Love me or hate me, kill me or let me live. I don’t want to be preserved. I want to live being true, having my ways, don’t bother for shades of grey. You may feel a tinge of madness in me but that’s the way I like it because the world was never meant to reward a superstar as such who despite his seemingly beautiful balance could not afford much. It’s the other way round.


A woman is a wonder being. She knows when to destroy and when to create. She poses the challenge to the universe, busy anyhow to argue with this fact and give a different theory. One must tread safe, better be safe than sorry.


Inspiration is from the better to make things the best. Life after all the jolts and jerks is a merry fest. Just have the right feels for it.


Special things and beings tend to merge in the unseen, unspoken simplicities, yet they are different, filled with a uniqueness.These specialties are quite enviable, deserving beauties for them and they end up getting it here itself in this life by the grace of God.Life is after all not so bad.


I always wanted to be like her.With all the gentleness, purity and beauty she possessed.She was the living example of my dreams, my chocolate ice cream, and my heart’s eternal queen.She was my rainbow of colors from red and yellow to blue and green.I could never though understand her but was thankful to find her.She was my everything, not like any other.Any guesses, yes, she is my cutie mother.


Love happens in that magic moment which can be a life-changing phenomenon.Two souls become one, whether one may come from Austria, the other from Argentina.Love is the bridge which removes distances, of the mind, the era and the century.It is the event creating history.


Whenever I look at you, you remind me of a girl who used only eyes to speak and that smile tells me that you just bought the sun out because it’s radiating so much glory, I feel I am shrinking. You seem to be all happy in all the shines. Sure enough your charm is powerful and addictive.


Heart pains, with mind you gain.Life really does not need more of both so be ready to do the barter and the right bargain.


Do not let your spirits down ever.You will surely find the sunny side up somewhere when you pack your bags and travel all over.It may be in London, Paris, India or in your garden, under that favorite cotton tree of yours or whenever you feel satisfied with what you do and can see that life with you can afford more colors and fun.Life is one, sure can be awesome.


We make, we break, we toil, sometimes we spoil. But we need to keep up the fight. For life to flow, love to spread, self to rise and shine and be an armed deck everytime man needs a man in this superhuman clan. We need to continue the brave work of giving life some good things to depend on and we need to go strong whenever life has only one alternative left, us.


Happiness has many varied dimensions. Some find it in a golden empire, some in success sutras, some in being the one and only while I can see it in the smile of my permanent valentine, my mom when I do even simple chores with perfection.


Happiness for me is finding the strength, confidence and inner peace in myself to be able to justify my existence in life and being able to make a cup of latte better than a cappuccino.


Whenever the light dims, carry your own sunshine. Well, you were meant to be the savior of the world, when you thought yourself to be a no-good dumb ass jerkie.


Love, trust, and deceit got connected when I met you, loved you, trusted you only to be deceived. Well to come out of that cruel fantasy was after all relieving which had got me wrong. About you. But now it’s a new day and a new me. And I am so happy to be free.


Give me one, auction two and take away three. But make my soul and spirit free. From those shadows, which haunt me whispering that I am a loser.From that English doll which echoes out loud that I was born to die. Make me numb, deaf and dumb to the prying eyes of this world, which make me walk the untrodden path. Where is my comfort zone, humble abode? Let me sleep forever and if my soul knocks on life’s door please give me a second chance. And yes, I promise I will deliver in gold!!!


Sumana, Anna, Ambika, a terrific trio.With different tastes, senses, and choices. But always together in dreams, third world and back to reality. Each with beautiful and fun individualities. Liked, loved and adored by each other because of super qualities. They may be together or not. But they are true buds aiming for super shots. Towards finding love, warmth, feelings and those crazy selves again which gave them lots of music, love and surviving bonds of friendship to last forever. To end, to erase, to stop and succumb never.


Survival is such a hard zone. When you are stuck on the moon, without your craft, your sandwich, Lisa’s pic, your passport, five hundred dollars, and phone. Well anybody, if listening, other than that witch lady here, come fast, we will try to work things out, bring forth severe strategies and I’ll manage for you even some room.


Don’t make me grow insane again. Well, it’s been a while since I have accepted your dark side up. Full of deceit, arrogance, and shamelessness. I think you are perfectly capable of odd wonders like making this life pathetic and losing my trust again…But still, you too need to give it a break, please, will you?


Give some and gain some. Try to solve your problems and blame none. Enjoy life, run the champion run, don’t forget to enjoy tea with hot cross buns, have fun and remember whenever logic strikes you solid, life got started anew, has just begun. It’s time to learn, love, laugh and then leave the planet under the moon and with the sun. The time is ripe to tackle the trouble, do the tango, pretty posie and before anything, after everything, feel awesome. Yes, you are number one, a true human.


Past-was carefree, crazy run towards a goal with paths hazy and mysterious.Present-Is more challenging, more focused and wiser. It really has worked as an appetizer to taste the real challenges of life and pose flawless and perfect. Future-A super shot which will strike everyone with surprise, take me on a high rise and will really change my definition in life. Will really steal the show, give dark shadows bright blows and bring me quite close, towards my diamond self and destiny. Will showcase me as ‘The One’ unlike so many.


You were once so capable. You are still great. You can definitely be the crunch and the cream, the best anytime later too. The only feeling that was stopping you was your lack of confidence and that element stuck in your heart which you need to snatch and throw away blindly. It’s your fear that you carry and which is doing great harm anyways. So be the good daddy, throw the baddy elements out. From you and your sweet cozy life.


A friend in the sun, a foe in the rain.A follower from the front, a backstabber in the dark.An appreciator for selfish gains.A supporter in spring, a conspirator in stark reality. We must beware such predators who with their double standards and their acts leave us mistaken and amazed. These scoundrels should rightly be punished and our third eye to sense the storm before it could crash, be praised.


Not affording humanity and goodness being a human is really shameful as these two treasures are the cheapest to procure and the ones which make you the greatest, without a doubt, isn’t it quite a profitable bargain? It surely is. Now ecstasy is so easy to get.


Life sure and certainly is a toughies’ business. Unless you are one, you were not meant to survive with a smile. And probably appreciate the aftermath of your success over your drowning, sorry life.


Live life and do love. If you include laughter too, you seem to swell in the rightest proportion in life and don’t you wonder about your size. God may sometime surely give you, for your absolute wisdom, a wonderful like-minded prize. So start loving life and yourself first. Because you deserve self-love being better than the rest. And applauses, appreciations will soon be following.


Let knowledge splurge its colors and affect all equally. We have long been suppressed and tortured by ignorance living under the shield of the dark forces brutally. It’s time to wake, brush up and feel. The need to change. And let the light of life shine now. It’s what we need and want. It’s beautiful and flawless.


None of us can afford perfectness, but it keeps us on track and trying. And the unnoticed and sweet imperfections displayed unknowingly all the time is what really makes us special. We though never can really find out how. Imperfection is not imperfect, it’s bliss.


Man should multiply, his evil shouldn’t. And if it does angels should start acting prudent. Because till the time man thinks right angels can relax. But otherwise, they have to do their do. And engage.


Trying to understand where it lay, now thinking which was the direction, all torn and wretched and dazed, he does not know whether he is wrong or God is right. About his life, he lost somewhere. Now he is all twitching to get it back. Looking at his self he thinks whether he was a misfit from the start. Now stuck midway between life and nothingness he has to be quick to act and be wiser. He has to make again halves whole, play roles. Knowing less, thinking more, he is not the man of the moment, but a confused winged soul.


Life is beautiful. Humanity is vivid, wonderful. And hope is the silent decorator of both of them being the best. It’s strong, it’s spirited and it’s the best friend of a dying soul. It is what you need if you have exhausted other options. And it is an excellent idea to stretch towards infinity, towards a second chance, towards living and probably God too.


Live the war, wage the war. Laugh it loud. Love it large. Logic it better. Understand it best. Don’t drop your guns in it come what may. The war will sure declare you winner someday and your guns will be proud. This war is stressingly unending. It is also absolutely mindblowing. It’s called Life, you may have come across it and your guns are patience, strength and your confidence. All are rocking.


The best gift she had got from God was always with her adorning her like a queen. A queen with two precious treasures with her, one hope and two a smile to go with. Well, these were what she could really afford. Very suited to her self.


Sometimes it’s about this, sometimes about that. Sometimes all around and all about. Then it revolves and points to the life of mine. Why it’s out of rhythm and rhyme.About me, why I don’t feel fine. But when it comes to you, I don’t know what to say. I feel lost, unhappy and wanting. Maybe for your love and attention which I will get never. But I on my account have loved you hamesha, remember this forever.


If you can laugh do so loud. If you can cry do so too. If you think you can change the world for the better, look more into the idea. If you feel to create do so with confidence. Never question the twinkle of your eyes and the worth of your existence. You are unlike anyone. You are happy as you are even if not judged by the world as numero uno, number one.


She taught us all, everything. The reason for our transformation from nothing to human beings. All the drama happens for life to move on. My life though is stuck in a paradise, mom’s heart. My blessed zone for comforting retirements and a lucky one for successful starts.


Times may be fun, rosy or rough. But nothing can be enough to stop you from reaching the zenith. You have in you the dedication, strength, power, talent to rule the roost. And it’s not just a void boost. You have what it takes to be there and anywhere and most importantly you have humanity in you, the only wanted permit to be who you are, do what you want and make living worth it.


If it’s about me it has to be magic.Nothing else.


Life is moving.So move on and work up.It has to be brighter some day.God has your back.


Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow. Life is rightful, beautifully yours. For its happiness, colors and a worthy existence you need not to steal, beg or borrow.


Those eyes, dark, blue were beautiful. But behind them was a darkness which never saw the realm of light. They were in the search of bright reality but were surrounded by lonely dreams. Wide awake meaninglessly they shed screaming tears. You could hear them only if you felt the pain of the soul’s heart. Life for some is more about dead ends than the singing starts. She was long dead but still, her eyes were searching for…


Make way for life to exist. Live, love, learn and logic it. Try to draw out of it a beautiful, memorable and useful gist. You can really live it well if you understand that each one here has a different story to tell but one thing common to all is that in each heart there sure is love, compassion for brothers and here hopes for a better self, life, and world along with the presence of God piously dwell.


Life is what you make out of it. You need to be your own revolution to make it fit for you and your ideas. It can be a living hell with your ignorance and with wisdom yours only heaven titled ‘Paradisia’.The choice again is all yours.


Mother is the universal caring phenomena. The luck, life and lesson of her kids, his, her support and stamina. She is all deserving and pervading whether knows or not, the most beautiful angelic identity to be found, the super wondrous persona. You were lucky to meet her and will be luckier to be by her blessed. She is what every child firstly wants from God, yes, you rightly guessed.


Let life breathe through your eyes. Let love do the talking. Let the soul hear your murmuring prayers. O soul, life is in a  transformation process, it is getting made. You have been sleepwalking all eternity, it’s time for your second chance, to live, love and argue. It’s time to feel the stir and awake.


A mother cares, a sister shares. A daughter is always aware, about the wellbeing of her loved ones. On a mystical run to protect her kingdom. The best one with whom to have all the fun. Can a man ever understand her? She is beyond his imagination. When she can love, share, care, bear and hide with laughter, her unending trail of tears, she’s undoubtedly a living wonder on earth and God’s A classed creation.


Happiness is in your reach when you allow good changes to happen to you along with learning about life, your weaknesses and the potential inside your heart remaining only to be unleashed. You may see how many wicked castles go down when that smile shines so bright, so beautiful. Just try to find out.


The dark dreads of light and they can never merge. Similarly, Ross is rain and Rachael’s fire in the arena of love and this equation is so difficult to explain. Love is out of it though for sure. What remains is maybe golden sand and fireflies.


I really want to know what is power, want to see it, feel it and have it. Is it that dark shadow which tries to destroy the aura of truth or is it that path which wants me to do things which will usher in life. I want to though be only of positive help but am unsure how. But I will know it someday…


Dance is a way to bring back the lost treasure which needs a rhythm and reason to celebrate its existence in life. And it really is a powerful tool to make each corner of you beautiful enough to be called a gem. Let the feet talk and tamper in magic to create something worthy and pure. If dance is the deadly disease which got you in its trap, throw the cure away.


Truth defies all odds and stands triumphant always. But it’s never a sin to use a cute, crazy and innocent lie as your lifesaving jacket. And in goodness’ name. It really is so harmless you bet.


Be ready to dazzle being a diamond star until you have the shine. Because you may never know when the light went out and you were lost in an unreachable zone only to see your pride and position in someone else’s command. And you may hate that powerlessness so deep.


















I would like to be…

I would like to be a barbie doll. A waterfall. A fairy queen who dresses the world in green. Then would like to be tweety, the cute birdie. And next, a beautiful, vivacious lady.  I would like to be a seahorse who makes a world of wonders and magic. Then would like to be the preacher of wisdom and logic which will help in making the world a better place. I would like to be a very cute girl who does good things and who is named Grace. I would like to be a winner running bravely in life’s treacherous race. I want to be a big movie star named Fancy Mandy who lives in a world of candies and bigger candies. I would like to be a self-help teapot which makes tea on its own and glows golden when sun rays on it are shone. I would want to adorn the personalities of Goddess Kali and Lord Jesus who make the world worth living and who make the world avoid unwanted mess and fuss. I would like to be an all-rounder. And like Joe Thunder who is the best boy of my class in everything. I would like to be like honey which is so sweet and then a smarty like Michael Jackson who is unmatchable in pop culture and who dances marvelously on the streets. I would like to be the sun which is powerful enough and like the moon which is never rough n tough. I would like to be an Indian bride and a champion who is on getting an award full of glory and pride. I would like to be an ice cream machine which churns out beauties for me and I would want to thank the Almighty for what all he does for us with respect and glee. Thank you, God, wherever, you are for helping us become better always and making the world a more beautiful and better place fit for all. Lastly, I would say that I would like to be just myself who I think is the best even if I am small but surely I am ready to fulfill the promise I have given to my life of being the best one by deeds and destiny and I mean to do all in fulfilling it. I am the sweet little girl called Dipu and I want to rule the world by being a noble princess. I want to be the ultimate savior of mankind and want to pass well in life’s tests. And keep taking the challenges on way to newer discoveries in life’s eternal quest.

Come Up Now!!!

You are somewhere yes. Maybe in deep clutters and mess. You seem distressed. With the way, things have worked with you, by beautifully going astray. You were by the demon forces destined to go crazy in the frenzy and the fray. You have suffered and then you sadly wonder, was this the last gift that life could have offered. Enough of this negative hoopla-hoo though now. It’s time to shake up and come back in form. To authorize your power and shun the ill speaking norms. To take a winning shape and pattern. Change from blacks to browns and from reds to auburns. Change your thinking, your ways, to usher in power days. Change your style, strut your stuff, now different. You will click supers hot hundred percent. Leave behind memories, good or bad. They are not the only possessions that you have had. Try to mess with your boring and set self and try to shine out with the new one being your best help. To denounce old facts and fiction, get a new meaning for your life. Do a thing and more that will sprinkle and shower happiness shunning pride. Make out a more concrete set up for self which is new, is tougher, is more correct. What you have been thinking and doing till now was not at all perfect. Try bringing the old bold self back. Improve where you lack. When can’t get better ideas into your deep inner self, make a hack. With a new vigor, new aura, new spirits, and qualities get packed. Think from a new perspective now. Take on a brand new avatar. It’s you and it’s your life, no one’s in between to stop the story of a superstar. It’s time to come up new and natural. It’s time to bang the drums again. And dance in thunderstruck, clouded rains. It’s time to complete the line of logic, to restore the gone magic. Come up and shine. Tune things fine.Eat,sleep,love,live,laugh.You and your charms are never enough. You can be the next world-changing phenomenon, better know it. You have got your chance to prove it, don’t blow it. Life needs winds of change, a passion maker and a boost up. Come up, it’s not time to look down deep in hell. It’s now sweet spring, it’s celebration time and forces want you to make things work again and good motives and ideas in action get propelled. Come up now, make it the moment right. Stop the conflicts, the nasty fights. Forgive and forget, what was bad has now gone. To leave you hopeful, steady and strong. It was a dark hour when you could not cope and click. But now you are a changed charismatic chick. You are your own motivation to create wonders. Be your own rainfall, lightning, and thunder. So come up and try a new taste of life. Come up and recognize your potentials vast. Keep on setting things right and keep on being the silver star till happenings last. Come up and know where you stand. Add the magic spice to the cup of your tea which stood till now purely bland. What and who could oppose your revolution to bring changes to life and living. There could be no one like you as your feelings are so genuine reflecting the best sides of a great human being. You are where you are but you will go the whole world round to make negatives change their shades. You are a sharp cutting edge, to bring forth standard and value in life, needing not the help of world’s blades. You should know that you have to traverse long distances and visualize brighter scenarios. For the best of life and world, you have all the power to create the best and say cheerios. Come up now, do not hesitate. Make haste in actions and thoughts, let not the spirits go to waste. Come up now to ignite the fire and give it some fuel, to show to others that you can change all and really rule. All have got what it takes to do the best. So don’t look over other’s shoulders. Look inside your heart and self. Sometimes you are what you thought you could not be. Come up and inaugurate the start of your endeavors with a confetti of colors and joy. You are in a sense your own God and you hold the key to your wellbeing. Open your eyes again. Come up now. You are the show of life. Start, perform and gather the applause. World is waiting for the fireworks to glorify and unleash the power inside you who rises again to make things right. Steer the course of life straight. Come up again to do what was left undone, to sing the song of success which was till now unsung. Come up now and soar highest. You are the beauty spot in the night sky. Let your light beautify life. Let all the mighty forces to support and celebrate your comeback come alive. You are what is rightest. You are the mightiest. With you in command life will justify your existence in glory and glitters. You are the power which will showcase it’s magic, now and later. Come up, mighty man. Yes, you can and you will. The power will be unleashed. THE POWER IS YOURS.

LIFE….as you don’t know it

The hard path is undefined and lingers longer. But holds its secrets intact. Spring passes by bringing others lined up in a queue. Similar to joys and celebrations which usher trouble times. Only to be handled with grit, courage, and determination on our parts. Life is a puzzle, good, bad and ugly and cannot be categorized logically pertaining to any set criteria for a set class of people. It is awesome and awful, it is a blessing and a curse depends on your ability and intelligence to justify it. We are part of each element and aspect of this life. Sometimes we feel sick, terrified and hopeless. Thinking how did we ever get caught up in this merry-n-mess.The challenge is near and its real. We just need to get ready and keep going steady wherever we go. Sometimes looking at it from a different perspective, we may feel life is our one golden chance to prove our points and worth in this ever beautiful show. Life may be one thing or another but it is really a game of adventure where you smell the roses, catch butterflies and even get devoured by crocs and ugly vultures. What we know about life and world may be less than complete and to perfect it, we need to become a superhuman with magical powers. It opens, step by step, unravels its mixed bag of constituents and the mystery gets unfolded in the ever magnificent show of life with all the drama, thrills, horrors, comedy and all else. And boy, it really is something majestic. Life gives us a chance, only one. And in that, we have to prove that we are awesome. We work, we eat, we fight, we sleep. A cycle keeps going on from a weary dusk to a dreamy dawn and we toil hard to keep things going in balance. Yes, the ultimate challenge. I sometimes wonder if the afterlife is better and more inviting. But can I be sure? I wish I could in life find my perfect fit, a way to understand in layman’s sense, the purpose of my existence, the hidden gems inside me and the meaning of life being a bit taxing at times. I wish I could. I wonder whether what we see is the end and solution of all our queries and whether for our births on this planet we should be sorry. We come here in pomps, become connected to everything happening around us. We strive to survive with pleasure and pride but we are taken even on unwanted cry rides. I wonder what is my story out of so many others, some highlighted, some not. Where do I stand, have I played my role well, is there something more to be done and what more lies ahead? There remain many unsolved doubts, voices which scream for solutions and many canvasses unfinished without the magical stroke still remaining to be splashed. We wonder when will the journey of life breath its last? We love life at one point and at another we hate it too. We sometimes cry being clever heroes and smile blind shot being smart fools. Life gives us lots and I wonder what does it need in the barter. And then I realize life is a design, a plan made by God to make us wiser, brighter and smarter, accomplished in our positions but it is executed keeping us confused all throughout. It has everything, it needs only our patience, power and our versatile abilities to do their best in keeping up with life, understanding and forgiving it at times when it shows more of its harshness. God and life want to test our patience, they want to put us to work and judge our performances altogether, in this show of color, in this beautiful than anything life. Life sees how well we laugh,how we cry,dance,sing,love,hate and how we sign off with our signature touch creating our individual masterstrokes in this arena of love, work, fancy, beauties, beasts, sacrifices, promises, luck, efforts and above all the fighter spirit in all of us which never says die. The beauty of this life comes from us in our ability to put up a brave fight and don’t quit without doing our bit and having that last laugh. Each of us are special, perfect to be showcased and imperfect in a sweet way. We do our do’s well. And it is the beauty spot of life, the never-ending celebration which is a wondrous thing. Life gives us all certificates which prove that at one or even more points in time we have proved to be superhuman beings worthy of accolades and appreciation, only to make life sweeter, better, more beautiful and a never-ending, ever superb celebration.

The Woman

She looked like a lily in a jar, cool in white and could have been growing in a field, but for the look of pain, of bondage in the eyes, chained forever, to drawing room sophistication the daily nothings of life. Cups of tea, cucumber, sandwiches to men she didn’t know, didn’t want to know from inside, she wanted to keep the crystal white of her sarees intact. But these ingratiating smiles, looks of blatant desires, she had learned to counter. Impassively like Christ, dying on the crucifix. Lilies of the field, neither toil nor do they spin, but she, the white lily growing in a jar. Caught in the crevice of time, impaled on the walls of desires could it be, the lily neither withers nor dries, driven on to live, by the sheer willpower of countless people.

I have a life

World wakes up, breezes blow, birds chirp and sing and the sun shines bright, a deep yellow one waking us to our empires as kings and queens. We as mortals though know deep in our hearts whether we are perfect to be called so. We have our share of sorrows and joys together and some of us may wonder whether or not we are the deserving ones to rule our empires. We don’t know the truths of our lives though we are more than aware of our present sorrows and future coming ones. I am a mixed bag of emotions and experiences, a collection of stories and can be a subject of a critical assessment. I am young and spirited, I know that I am alive and have a life. But does this life really need me? Who’s there on the topmost ladder of existence and what does life want from us? Does it need my help, my assistance, does it need my contributions and experiences, will it help mankind? I want true answers. If yes, then I will work for each soul, each spring with spirit. I want life to live, to smile. I want life to breathe, I want it to give joys to its children, I want to with all the colors, charisma, celebration and joys make this life a mega affair. I know that if I have a targeted goal to achieve, my life is important. If I can make others feel special, I am one too. I now with all the realizations and reasonings know that I have a life. I want to give most to it. I want to reap the most out of it. If I have something which I consider special I want to share with all. Life does good to people who deserve it and do good in return. If its one shade bad, its multi shades beautiful. Man is guided and he delivers. I too want to do the same. Life has all that is needed to matter. You only should feel a deep urge to change things starting with you. You can be the beautiful change, the wonder you wished to see. And I want to live to work, spread joys, create pleasure moments and make everyone pleased. I have a life, and I will do all I can to make it better still because I have a wit, a kit and a feel for it. Life is what you make out of it, it really pays more than you put in to create something wonderful given the help of beautiful human beings.

The Magic Word

What is this life without a meaning? What is this life without any feeling? What is life without that element? We are born here to take control of situations. We are here to maintain confusions and balance equations. We live to be satisfied, we live also to be at times electrified. But is there everything that we have very happily tried? Why do we feel hatred, jealousy, contempt? How then do we say that we are the most evolved of species, we are mighty human beings? Isn’t there a negative feel got to every heart when you find someone better than yourself? Life is a challenger’s idea, it’s very tough, nothing is here rosy and right. A man for another is quite a gonner now. Today dogs are better placed in terms of showing dignity as against filthy humans with long talks about God and humanity. So the time comes when magic has to be created, recreated. And the doer has to be a wise man to remove the ugly marks on the face of life.Life is logic, it is large, it is also slow, tragic and occasionally and luckily for someone something called magic. Wonderworld is made and ruled by man so he can do all if he just wants to. But he should make his skills refined for having strong approaches to be able to stick to the fronts of life. Now, what is the wonder and the fab word being talked about? It is none other than LOVE. It can unite and ignite true feelings, bondings. It can solve and simplify problems. It is the biggest charisma which when applied can create beautiful histories and a progressive wonderful future. It has lots of power and no being can be left bereft from its impact. But just give it a chance to find its place in every heart. Let it inaugurate the race for true worth on this earth and let it pave the way by its magic for a booming start of life, in life, for life. Of course, be thankful to be graced by this magic word which is creating all the necessary urges to keep that smile and happy heart intact.