The Mini Man.

One day I met a man mini in size.It was for me an amusing surprise.He smiled with his lips thin.Though it appeared he was sad from within.He said he was from the planet Smalley. His name was Nokyo and he had a chain from Tokyo.He was hungry,I fed him and he said thanks.Because of his kind nature I put him in high ranks.The mini man produced a time machine and a speaking magazine which was thick and both thin.We played,danced,sung and had a great time.And his friendship with me now seemed very fine.Now we moved to my house as it was getting late.I gave him shelter in my closet.He expressed his gratitude by baring his teeth bright and broadest.He told that on his planet Smalley all used to sing and dance,love and romance and give fun a real good chance.They used to live inside the ground.And were very afraid of forest hounds.When my mom saw the mini man she cried in wonder and suddenly there was a thunder.The man did a dance step and jumped to the front gate.A little craft was standing and came out another mini man and woman who looked to be in the mood to celebrate.They gave me plenty of chocolates and candies which I knew would come quite handy.The mini man was sad but gave me his house address and a parting kiss.I knew his antiques and charm I would greatly miss.The mini man had a grin on his face.He told me I would come again and tell adventure stories of my planet more and more.So be hopeful and happy for sure.The craft took the mini man,hovered over the ground and was soon gone.I saw a tear come out of my eyes.But nonetheless I managed to bid the mini man a happy goodbye.He had won a place in my heart.And only I could know how difficult it had been from him to depart.But I knew so deep that he would again come.And his sweet entry in my heart and world would be always welcome.

The Devil’s Telescope.

Life sprang from the unknown to bring joys to the living.Sometimes it was a perfect provider of satisfaction,sometimes unforgiving.Man sprang up from the earth’s crust and materialised slowly into a mixture of good bad elements and gathered in himself the unholy dust.Though we survive here with the well wishing of God,we have to make careful moves and very alertly with our feet trod.Man is unable to constantly guard his happiness-sometimes he falls down into a quicksand of his own created confusing and destructive mess.Man is at times stopped from being the best ,but then he fights back and tries to stand undaunted,he tries to support all sorts of cause but somebody or some force against him does not from creating a mess takes a pause.Man is the most specific of God’s creation and so becomes his foes evil recreation.He tries to run away far and fast,but he does not know till where the road gonna last.Life tries him cleverly and takes his test,sadly he can only keep on toiling,can never protest.But in taxing moments he thinks,who is there being the stalker,who is watching him,framing him,creating petty,trivial yet tragic situations,cursing him,taking out revenge,and he wonders,’boy all this is so very strange’.Well this stalker is the wicked devil himself who has a force of his own,he loves to give a gift of darkness and fears of the place where light is shown.So the best way to keep heads and hands up is to become brave and have an ignited heart where no wrongness dwells  and can make the devil get bitten by his own poison and swell.Because he watches you every second and from anywhere with his cunning telescope,he can make life dead and gone if he sees that he has scope.Man knows, you bet, that the devil’s designs are devastating but nobody can harm man if the wheels of his wit and wisdom are strongly rotating.


Sometimes things turn finer from fine.Sometimes my mood gets a happier shine.Sometimes I feel better and want to really excel.Sometimes I get the strength to propel.Farther,soar higher,rise and raise myself to the zenith to touch the sky.I stop being loathsome,depressed and downhearted.I stop judging things being  a Hitler and ask unwanted whats,wheres and whys.Sometimes my feet try to juggle and my hands start to dance and my heart wants to smile in real and feel beautiful.My body wants to make a move and craves for a groove.Sometimes colours splash in front of my eyes.Sometimes I start to grasp the mystery meaning of life.Sometimes I try to not relate life with logic and hey,I stumble on a piece of fun for me.Sometimes crazy becomes the new normal and black becomes the new pink.Sometimes I try to feel more than better and stop being a traditional success-crazy materialistic go-getter who is only mad to be all time special.Now sometimes I try to be what I haven’t been before.And I score more for sure.Sometimes I roughly snatch and throw my worries out of my head and feel that I am again alive to witness a new and better beginning after I was yesterday dead and thus end this period of continuing worthlessness.Sometimes I can track life’s essence better than before.And I promise self to be a bit different in every way for sure.Sometimes I want to know less and be more.Sometimes I want to care and love others better and feel pious and pure.Sometimes I want to question self on many aspects and pay this life’s learning phase my humble respects.Sometimes all makes no sense when it should.And I feel I could have been whackier than needed to come in the ‘smarty pants girls category’ of my friends’ books.Sometimes the idea of love means much to me.Sometimes the idea of being a repeated nerd goes down the drain and I want to question my attitudes,my roles,my self-setups and my total disabilities in enjoying life fullest being a real shot of a super girl. Sometimes life tries me to take me in the mode of attention and know unknown lessons that I have not known till now. Sometimes life wants me to become ‘Miss Cool,Ooh and Wow.’Sometimes life tries to dance for me making sexy moves.It tries to take me out of outdated regimens and beliefs and give me golden wings so that I fly high,see the beauty of life,self and world a shade better and all shades best.Sometimes meanings start to become crap when sense of freedom and real spirits on your shoulders tap.Sometimes established ideologies and superstitions start to crumble and fall.And you rectify then with your better, nascent,valid and thoughtful ideas and theories and stand tall.Sometimes the obvious loses its position to the mysteriously magical and life looks cuter with the touch of a bit whimsical.When we are moving forward without singing spirits and true knowledge of life then such moments enter our realms just sometimes to change us for best and bring the same out of us making us worthy boys and girls. Why is it that world needs someone to give it right direction and message.And this is done by a special someone who comes past us as a breeze with his special stuff but this happens occasionally,just sometimes.Once in a while……

We Humans.

We are the game changers.We are the challengers.We are the best breeds.We are the ageless evergreen seeds.We are what it takes to bring down all hell.We are there to see that happiness in every heart deeply dwells.We rock the city,the town.We make  you cry and laugh being baddies and clowns.We are sensational and sensible.We are invincible.We are what no other species dare be.We work wonders and laugh being so carefree.Our case is power packed and prioritised.We take the worlds over by surprise.We know how to do what.We can not be called less than supernatural hotshots.There is possibly nothing present i heavens or earth and beyond which we can’t handle.Our foes die in misery bubbles.We have a life,our pride,our causes and our passions.We are the only ones that never go out of fashion.World could not afford so much finacy without our skills.We have what it takes to turn you on and enjoy some crazy chills and thrills.We strut in style,we are worthwhile.Sometimes we may lose directions,get a bit deviated ,but then we manage to bounce back and inch forward being perfectos. We turn to turn tables.We move to move the generations.We fight for our rights.We construct to bring perfection in.We dance in glittering balls.We sing with all panache and trueness. We love and care with with sweetness.We are sometimes an overload of greatness.We humans are everything that need be in this world for balance.We humans are in all ways par excellence.We humans sometimes do trip and err but then we come around again for only good.We humans are super speciality beings.We can be masters of our destiny and our life’s self-proclaimed but justified kings and queens.Human beings are the beauty and gift from God to universe whole.They bring life back to dying hearts and souls.They are good being diamonds and sometimes better being even coal.We humans have learnt to stand,to fight,to sustain,to refrain,to balance,to love,to learn,to change and to exist being full of spirits and pride.We humans know the importance of all else.We humans want that angels should be around them and God should bless them.We humans don’t exist without purpose.We know our roles.We will do anything to complete our goals.We humans can willingly live and die both.But we take an oath that we will exist to make world wonderfully best by our thoughts and actions.We will never go astray being in our senses and will always make room for merry celebrations.We are workers and we are proud to be assigned the role of superheroes.And we will always try not to disappoint in continuing our work.We humans will always be humbly present to remove curses and sorrows.We will be there to help in times of distress.So one should not have wrong notions about them.We are always there to shower goodies and to love and caress.We humans will see times rosy n rough and would prove themselves a hundred times.And they will not rest a second till they have made everything best in world ,all fancy and fine.Times will roll and rumble.Ages will come,go and tumble.Everything will change.But one thing you will find very strange will be that if humans will be destined a life in this world they will only change things for better,correct their mistakes and will never be less than anyone or anything.They will be the crown of humanity which has a sparkle which never dims.They will be the best creation of God and they will be the proud race of superb  human beings.



Happy Times.

It’s to my amazement how fast time flies.In one life lots of twisted turns,stories,events and phenomena pass by.Times are good and bad and happy and sad.But they are really teachers in disguise which on the whole make us wise giving us a hope and spirit to see the next sunrise.Life is an art which can take different forms.Once it can make  you the empress of your comfort zone and on the other side can make you problem-prone.People need a balance to continue and to pursue their goals.To fulfill them they play many varied roles.Man is not a loner and he never can be.He lives to love and loves to live.He or she exists for a reason,cause and for a person special at least  in one sense.The feeling of togetherness is the biggest booster for a mortal and he can go to depths of insanity and discomfort without it.Man lives to fulfill his wishes,to enjoy in joys he has,to learn from events and to bask in glories of adventure.Everyone wants for himself a happy moment a happy time and the whole of world affairs revolves around finding the best treats of life by any means.What would this world be without some fun,without the adventure and without comforting and interesting moments.It would be just so very ordinary and bland.All are in search of good,merry and happy moments and for life’s other presents.For me happy times are those when days are golden,nights are moonlit.Happy times are those when you make me promise things and I swear to follow them my whole lifetime.Happy times are those when you look in my eye and say,I wanna keep looking at them because they take me to a different world and nothing can afford to distract me.Happy times are those when I want to be in your arms and that would be my heaven for now and ever.Happy times are those when I could see you and only you the whole time and that would give me the sweetest feeling ever I could get.Happy times are those when I cook for you and you eat for me.Happy times are those when I kiss you goodbye to work.Happy times are those when I send you fiftys of messages one same day and when you apologize for not having time to reply to them all.Happy times are those when I dress up just the way you want me to and put on your favourite jewellery.Happy times are those when I find ten minutes each day to have for myself in which I pray for your welfare,our togetherness and a great life for both of us.Happy times are those when I feel the pricks of pain in your hand before you do,when I can’t stop uttering -Steve,I love you,I love you.Happy times are those when I cherish your last touch,when I praise you for all your efforts and when I console you to be your support for life.Happy times don’t just sit there for me without your presence and happy times are not those when I cannot smell your essence which you have spread in my life.I have to admit that I never felt better before than on being your wife,Julia.And I am here to make everything right.Happiness is a state of mind which is true with me when you are around.Our love is deepest,purest and flows in our hearts being profound.I have erased the world and other boundaries that try to distract me from you.Happy times have been and will be always with you where ever you are and whatever you do.I can never explain or prove how much I love you.I can go around telling and yelling that I have been in a fantasy world with you Steve and would never breathe with out you somewhere near me.From the moment I saw you happy times started to follow me.And I wish our life and love remains always blessed by the Almighty. Happy times could never be without you ever.I hope they be there for you and me forever.

All are entitled to happy times.But before that try to be a girl and boy very noble  and very fine.Never loose that positive urge and shine and be more than you should be for world and life.It’s never too late for anything but don’t be late to listen to your heart.Be the best till the end from the start.

Pride pays in shame.


Once there was a God named Cronos in  heaven who used to have the notion that he was a very likeable and great sought after God whom people liked a lot on earth and other planets. So he used to brag a lot amongst his other friends about his fame,his power and his overall accomplishments in life.So one day an idea came to his mind that he must visit earth and see for himself what the mortal thought about him and surely they must be very influenced by him keeping him in highest esteems.So one fine day,he took a mortal avatar and came to the country called India.There walking down a pathway on a monday evening he came to a park and saw a sculptor selling the statues of various Gods and Goddesses and it was a monday exclusive sale.He overheard the conversation between two buyers and the sculptor once when selling the statue of Sun god and he said that,oh,it was a very beautiful and auspicious statue and it cost a lot and was selling very fast.Then one buyer was selling the statue of Goddess Durga and said that it too was very costly what with the hand made effort done on it to colour it and decorate it.Similarly came the list of other much sought-after gods like Lord Shiva,Lord Vishnu,Greek Gods Zeus,Poseidon,Hera,Lord Krishna,Lord Ganesh,Goddess Saraswati,Goddess Laxmi,The Goddess Annapurna and the list continued till late dusk.In one of the corners he found his statue too.Now the God Cronos was full to the brim with confidence and pride that his statue must be the one with the highest ranking in price and also in the heart of the sculptor or the buyers.His statue must be so complete,so graceful and beautiful and must be the attraction point of the sale and everyone must be going crazy to buy it making it the jackpot piece in the whole shop.So he approached the sculptor and asked the prices of some of the nearby statues.Then coming to his own he asked,and how much would it be for this superb,auspicious,extraordinary,so holy and explicitly carved statue, the likes of which I have never seen before?And the sculptor replied with no concern,even not looking at the buyer -Well sir,I may give it to you for free because it did not attract any buying and I am thinking of demolishing it as it’s using my space and customers did not even look at it even for once.This was enough answer and wisdom which was needed for the God Cronos at that moment and well I wish it gave him an eyeopening to become a better God leaving pride and vanity because pride always pays in shame.

The Enlightened One.

I have lived my life on my way to salvation.I have tried to work with all my talent and dedication.When I saw that I was not meant to be the blessed one,I have tried to lure and butter the Gods,moons and the suns.I have done merciful acts along with sacred sins.But I am not wanting any extra favours from God for any wins.I just am not very cool,calm.I am somehow disturbed thinking that something is there for me to be a cause of harm.I am in search of something,I don’t know what.But I know I will not leave the world without the thing which I should have got.All men are men and will never be Gods.Gods favour their children only when they can find all the wanted qualities in them pure and perfect.He is around the corner for you when you are halfway through the good work and when you have the life-changing revolution ready in your minds and hearts just needing a hint to let it implement and happen.I wish I could be one on that list.Then maybe,I would feel satisfied and sure of my fate, my path to my place where I will be secure and then maybe I could understand the whole game of life.Man wants all, gets some,but the one who can live by his own courage,cross hurdles and acquire the fire to burn the bad forces is welcomed by the super beings,the merciful messiahs.Man just needs to have the third eye,trinetra open,he needs to change the modes of existence by his good self,he needs to be a spirited being who can overlook materialistic comforts by regarding them as evil and useless. He needs to reduce the mess spread around.He needs to have his heart let talk and see and let his head and his calculative self get free.I am in search of salvation because I now have got a taste of life.I now need to steer clear of all that is surely there and find stuff which only lucky ones get.I want to be on the run,happy and successful,bright and beautiful,from being an ordinary to an enlightened one.

Don’t always bother for moksha and ends,bother for peace and happiness,satisfaction in your existence and a pride as well and wish and welcome life its new beginnings,its magic,learn it as a lesson everyday because the book of life is endless and try to make it special.The power is all yours-Ambika.

2016/2017 Tag.

Hi to my wordpress friends and all others around in the world.I am Ambika Jha,the authoress of blog-A little me,A little life.I was yesterday invited and tagged by Abha Jha of Abha’s Recipes to participate in this tag.Friends do check out her blog.It’s unique in originality,content,with easy to make and a great collection of authentic recipes.

The tag was created by David from The Guy Who Said Always No.



1.Describe your 2016 in 3 words.


2.Write the name of two people who have characterised your 2016.

The two people who have characterised my 2016 are:-1.My Brother,from whom I learnt to be brave and to handle trying circumstances.2.My Mom,from whom I learnt a lot about womanhood and life.

3.Write about the most beautiful place you’ve visited in 2016 and why you liked it so much.

I visited Vadodara which is in Gujarat,a state of India and liked one of its places,Ajwa Nimeta where there was an amusement park with great statues,multicolor fountains and splendid flowers,it appeared a different world,was an awesome experience on the whole.

4.Write the most delicious food you’ve tasted in 2016.

I tasted a special biryani made from chicken mince made from a special masala which was great and the whole biryani was oil-free.It was one of its kind,the likes of which I had never tasted before.I ate this in a Muslim restaurant called Millenium.

5.Write the event which has marked you more of this in 2016(even global event).

The illness of my father has taught me to be more careful towards the health factor,keep a fit regime and live a proper life with healthy habits and be more positive in my approach towards world and life.

6.Write the finest purchase you’ve made in this 2016 and if you want link a photo.

I recently purchased a set of earrings,where purchase may not be the right word to use because I got it as a free gift along with some other stuff.Its great in design,trendy and casual,goes off well on any attire.image

7.Write 3 good intentions for this 2017.

  1. Work harder.
  2. Loose weight.
  3. Get a command over my life by following important rules in life.

8.Write 1 place you want to visit in 2017.

I would want to visit New York if I could.

9.Write 1 plate/food you want to eat in 2017.

I would like to eat Thai food.

The wonderful people I would like to tag are:

  • Mayank Sen of Mayank sen’blog.
  • Nisthur Anadi of Poemhobby.
  • Shreya kedia of lifeisafterallbeautiful blog.
  • Divy Dey of The Broken Bridge blog.
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  • Vaibhav Thombre of the empire of carane blog.
  • Beejai of The River Walk blog.
  • Beauty Beyond Bones of Beauty Beyond Bones blog.
  • Scarlet Pen 28 of 28 and counting blog.


  • Mention the creator of the tag:The Guy Who Said Always No.
  • Use the image in black that you find in this article.
  • Mention the blogger who has chosen you:Abha Jha of Abha’s Recipes.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Mention 9 bloggers/friends and let them know through a comment on their blog.

Calling Gia.

It was pleasant,a pleasant wintry afternoon.I went about the house sometimes picking a thing up and tripping on another in the next moment.Starting from my room which was on just the limit of sanity to Gia’s,my five year old’s it was a sweet disaster and into the zone called ‘The happy, cute super messy comfort area’.Here I was smothered with workload because the extra helps also were gone for the day,it being a holiday.I wondered when in God’s name did doting mothers and caring wives get a break?Could not worry more for Suchi,my elder apple as she was more proper and I knew that she could take care of herself.And maid Nina,was all set according to memsaab!Doing her ‘directed to’work in her best ways and that too with all smiles.Sid was off early because of an extra important meeting,as usual and expecting an extra tolerable attitude from me. Wasn’t that asking for too much?The winds blew now with a harder tempo.And still lots of work remained to be completed.Then I remembered about Gia,my little angel as I had not seen her for more than an hour now.I searched here and there,all around,inside the house,in the kitchen but she was nowhere.I kept running here and there,checked on her neighbourhood friends,the ‘Fun and food mania’,a small community garden in front of my house but nope,she was nowhere to be found.Now anxiety was getting the better of me and I thought of calling 911.But then I caught hold of small footprints in the sandy lane and Gia’s teddy on the crossing over my garden to the small park,near the river,prohibited from trespassing by people because of wild animal’s intervention at times.Now I was getting pretty sure that she had been kidnapped.I went to the boundary and climbed it to get on to the other side.All around was darkness,the area covered with long,dense trees,wild shrubs growing in plenty giving the place a dangerous look.I called Gia,Gia and then saw tiny footprints again going towards the waterfall.I was scared to death at this time.After lots of hopeless loitering to my lefts,rights and all about I heard the faint sound of a girl’s voice singing slowly.Then I saw Gia sitting in a small clearing with an injured baby elephant.It lay on the ground with its eyes closed and saw that it was hurt.Nearby were rabbits,squirrels,birds,monkey youngs,and Gia was taking out a thorn from the leg of the elephant.Interestingly a big bunch of multicoloured butterflies kept hovering above Gia’s head and went nowhere.Very daringly I went towards Gia but the elephant opened its eyes and made a move and I was terrified.But Gia smiled and said,’Ma don’t be afraid.He’s my friend.And all other animals in this jungle can be my friends too,if you only pat them on their back.The whole jungle seemed to be nodding in acceptance to me.The trees shook happily,the flowers danced,the river water flowed with love flowing for us too from it,and the same bunch kept surrounding us till we reached the boundary wall to return. Gia kept crying and telling that her hurt buddy must be feeling cold and looking out for her.The jungle appeared sad,flowers were shedding tears,mood was down clearly,and the butterflies kept moving in circles and calling-Gia, Gia, Gia,come back,don’t leave us,don’t you go.I somehow managed to crossover.I was all thanks for God for giving me Gia back.At night I felt the whole jungle was very sad because of Gia’s absence.There seemed to be a deep connection between Gia and the animals.An idea came to my mind.I,Sharbani and Sid decided to purchase the land behind our present house and turn it into a zoo.We bought all the animals and the baby elephant who was named Yino,became Gia’s best buddy.The animals were marvellous and this turned into a full-fledged home business and we named it Gia’s happy family. Gia made many true friends in the zoo and she spent great times with Yino,who continued to be her humble and understanding buddy for ten years and counting.He played with her cricket,basketball,gave her joyrides,ate goodies from her hand,smiled and even inked at her to express his love.Now times have flown lots and certain things have changed,Gia has got married,her dad is no more,and I have grown older. Gia’s two beautiful angels,Riya and Raima have now taken their mother’s place.The zoo business works well and it brings in lots of money half of which is given to local charities and state treasury.The things which still remain as such are Gia’s sweet memories with us and her animal kingdom,the emotions of the zoo inhabitants for us,Yino,who is very old now but cannot forget ever about us and specially Gia and God’s blessings on us for keeping us together and giving us satisfaction in our lives with whatever we do and whatever we get.I feel that day was very special when I felt a real thing for the betterment of us and our lives which changed it for good.I can’t believe that this big transformation in our lives was only because of Gia,her curiosity and the wonderful calling butterflies,calling butterflies.

A True Friend.

Life would have been such a blank canvas without the colourful intervention of friendship.We all are born to one life and live it out for once only.We move through many phases,do lots of things and feel many feelings.Sometimes we are happy,at others sad,sometimes we come across a moment good,at others a moment bad.Life’s design was surely made by God but all other things from leading it, to balancing it, to learning from it and lastly improving it lies in the purview of man,most able-bodied power zone in world and life affairs.As time passes by and we start to develop our mature senses, we feel the need of many elements in life,one of them is having a friend.And this feeling is sometimes the cause of our future successes also.Friendship is a great relationship which makes us learn and look at life from a closer,rosier and realistic view.A true friend and his or her motivations can work wonders for our down under life and spirits and can even make it special beyond boundaries.Man,it has been said is a social animal before being anything else.Men of similar dispositions are naturally attracted towards each other and with growing intimacy a special sweet bond called friendship develops.Friendship is a feeling of mutual trust,support and affection between two people.How can we find true friendship in this often phoney temporary world?Friendship involves recognition or familiarity with another’s personality.Friends share likes and dislikes,interests,pursuits and passion.Friends bind us in a bond of love,mutual trust,understanding and loyalty.Good friends enjoy each other’s company,share the same interests and are loyal to each other.A true friend stands by your side through difficult times.This relationship requires honesty,mutual understanding and has to be nurtured with devotion and patience.Friendship is a man’s emotional and psychological necessity.You have the right to share your feelings,frustrations and happiness with your friend at any moment,on any occasion.Friends encourage when you are sad,they entertain when you are lonesome and they listen when you have problems.Friends widen our perspective by letting us know more about each other ,the world ,their opinions,views and life seems to get a better and bigger meaning when we have friends.A true friend has to be your best secret keeper. Blabber mouthing is a strict no-no for a genuine friend who is concerned about your welfare and well being. A good friend will love you for who you are,understand you,encourage you,correct you and even criticise you.Friends are the family we get to choose.But we should not expect too much from them.If we recall the worst times of our lives then we can never forget the one person who stood by us in this hour of crisis,it was that one true friend.He or she was there for you when no one was comforting,reassuring and supportive.And that’s what friends are about-providing constant support,our comforting confidante and also our worst critic which all rolls down to the family we choose.Friends are people we love to spend time with .They give us company when we are lonely,support us unconditionally and accept us despite our shortcomings.They make celebrations fun and they help us be ourselves.Friends also help us grow at a spiritual level.Each soul is on a journey.Friends are the guides who come into our lives ,play their roles and move on.What friends do for us cannot be described in words. There are many benefits of making friends:-1.A man cannot pass his days all alone.In the company of friends,people pass their days cheerfully.In happy days they share the joys of one another.Our pleasure grows greater when we share it with our friends.2.They do not feel the rigors of life.In distress help is extended to other friends.They help us to overcome any depressive situation and build our self-esteem.3.Apart from sharing happiness and love they also act as our honest guides or mentors.At times when we are confused and not in a state of making decisions we can always approach our friend to discuss our confidential matter and seek his opinion.4.We confide our secrets to a friend and can trust him in everything we hold dear.

Qualities of a good friend:-1.Good friends are trustworthy,loyal and honest.

2.They are good listeners.

3.They easily forgive us for our mistakes.

4.They do not judge us on the basis of our material possessions,success,power or money.

5.They do not hesitate to give us valuable  suggestions for our benefits.

6.They share their moments of joys with us.

7.They are ready to help us anytime.

8.They support us in our personal and professional life.

9.They encourage us to do what we really love to do.

10.Good friends value our presence in their lives.They give us immense love,space,support and accept us the way we are.

Friendship is based on love,sacrifice,trust and consideration of mutual welfare.True friendship is both a solace and boon.Those people are really fortunate who have got true and sincere friends.Friendship is a very special bond.Cherish this relation with the special someones for lifelong.Give it your best and enjoy life with it,making it a memorable fest.