Love, I Dreamt Of….

I was happy to find life again. Just two blocks away from my place. It really made me feel better again. After the dark, dangerous meanders and twisted course of life, now I had got a chance to straighten them all. I thought I had got rid of the excruciating pains. And that now I qualified for better, brighter, beautiful bargains. I don’t know why did I but I did meet you and was mesmerized to see the flicker of light which would guide me towards happiness shore. You came as an angel to my rescue, the everything I could hope for, not more, not less. Those blue eyes and those bright eyes, they were hope already. The power in your words was so positive, so divine, I could not help fall in love, pretty and fine. You gave me directions, meanings, a friend, philosopher, guide and love too, I thought. Before you and your magic, I was nothing, nowhere, invisible, incapable and pitifully much more. But I was thankful finally that the disease had met its cure. You helped me as a well-wisher in every aspect of my life, you made things better, brighter and nice. Well, you were meant to be mine, forever. I knew somewhere you loved me too, and I dreamt of your love, your touch, your support and strength always to be with me. I dreamt of love in the sun, love in the sands, in the skies, on the ground, I dreamt of love to be all around, you and me, being true. I dreamt of a love with no hassles, boundaries, with colours, with compassion, with truth, with vibes and with God’s blessing. But I don’t know where unknowingly I was messing, thinking, hoping, believing and trusting, investing in a lie, in a game, in conspiracy theories no, not by you but my dark destiny, of course. I never could know that you were not close to what I thought and you were nowhere near my love for you. You had a taste, a standard, an idea and a feel for your dream girl which was different and oh which was not at all like me and this brought the whirlwind in my life. One sad day you made me realise that you were just a buddy and all those dreamy daisies and dreams I had cultivated silently went to rot. Being with you for a while now, I had quite forgotten that the wrongs done to my life could never be rectified. So I surrendered knowing there could be no fight, anymore for me with my luck, my love, my life or anything else because I did not command any bit of it and destiny. It could do whatever it pleased to with me. I was its loser bait for free. I was now a confirmed unlucky mascot to the core and now I wanted no more, of life, of nothing. But surprisingly I still did not want to quit. I wanted to let go off the feelings of desperation wanted to be a strong human being. I know I am a universal loser, a fool, a shit head and many more synonyms could go into strengthening my loser resume. But I want to now be free from pain, sadness, gloom, my unwanted responsibilities. I want to do my do without any hassles. I want to just breathe free, feel better, out of this materialistic world of mess. I wish now to let life take its time, to help me find a way, a proper one, for me to survive in. I don’t at any cost want to believe I am a weak or sad being. I want to smile and make the world laugh. But on my part, I’ve had enough. I want to live for others now. I want to help. I want to in this way come closer to finding my inner qualities, my specialities, my power, my beauty in my sidelined, ignored dying self.


Those Eyes

Sujit’s meeting with his first crush, a girl with those beautiful green eyes.

I saw black veils covering the greenery of the heart. And the joys had left their abode ushering in the gloom of seven centuries. Autumn leaves were spilt all over and everything was in need of happiness-renovation. I could see that the dried ground of love was not just finding its comfort and was in dire straits wanting to either live or die but not be stuck in between. The haze covered the scenes of life with grey shielding and colours were slowly fading from dark to lighter shades. And life was going down standard grades. The ocean of tears had now stagnated into a pool of unheard and unseen zones, still with a heavy heart. The eyes were telling tales of wonder, bringing in lightning and thunder. They seemed to be searching for answers, consolation, a loving support, life. And seemed like were open for ages. At one moment they wanted to cry, at another, they could not seem to stop their own wonder at being through so much and still being alive. The green eyes were lost and seemed not less than a black magician’s getaway trick to Neverland. My whole world swooned in rounds around me when I looked into them. They were like a magic book taking you to meet unseen surprises and feel the pain behind them. I for the moment could not help fall in love with them, with their uniqueness, power and the passion they had to survive with and be heard by someone for sure. Oh, those eyes, green, dark and beautiful. They were better than all the fantasies I could manage to grab in my mind and I wanted to kiss them, stop their pain and wipe their falling tears, because they were becoming too heavy a burden for me to carry now. I went towards her and then boom came a passing train and I in the next minute was unable to track her as she was gone from the other side of the railway track. But when I went to were she was standing, found a book left by her titled, Blindsight in Braille language for the blind and her name written on it, Naina.


I could never forget her and those lovely eyes, they were painful. And more than beautiful. Was my first crush.

My Lovely Ladies

A piece celebrating the power of a woman with pride.

This is a new gen revolutionary magic. That everything is changing for the better and it has more logic. I am happy and contented. Now that we are evolving too. In beauty, talent, wisdom and yes, this feeling gives me dejavu. We have for long been illtreated and mishandled. We have been held responsible for every calamity, crime, and scandal. We have given our one hundred and fifty per cent to make things work. But never been given our value certificates, this world comprises of such petty jerks. From bearing to caring to loving and sharing. Where is the point where we have faulted? We have always been docile and never have shown our force, revolted. But times change everything and so it’s lucky that the opinion for this thought- to- be fairer- but- weaker sex has also changed. And we are able to look up and smile. Now the world is more female-oriented. And is functioning great. So to join the powerful all-women bandwagon don’t be late. Rise, shine and conquer. You are definitely unbeatable. You are a power icon for all generations and your force if united together is undefeatable.WOMAN—is in a brand new avatar today. She invites no-nonsense and spreads her ethereal essence. Wherever she goes, she is snow riding on divine horses being very high and won’t settle for lowly lows. She is an ideal for this world to learn from her power of patience and perseverance and her beauty and mind which leaves us all in a trance. So it’s time to rejoice, celebrate and have fun, my lovely ladies. You are our pride quotient. You alone are the reason for our glam and glory. If you don’t do what you do the world will feel so sorry. You make things work however tough they may seem to mould. You are the awesome power, very brave, smart and bold. It’s a new life, new paths, new destinations now. And women all over, do take the vow to keep being the angels of this world and its godsend saviour. Keep being the best part of life. The best friend, the best girl, the best person and the prettiest one to make the world fall in love with you again and again.

A WOMAN is a power never to eclipse, she means celebrations in life as she skillfully and successfully plays the role of a daughter, friend, love, sister, mother, and wife.

All About Friendship

The importance of a true friend is phenomenal, says this piece.

When troubles approach your soul to try

You love the friend who just stands by

Perhaps there’s nothing he can do

The thing is strictly up to you

For then are troubles all your own

And paths the soul treads alone

Times when love cannot smooth the road

No friendship lifts the heavy load

But just to know you have a friend who will standby until the end

It helps someway to pull you through

Although there’s nothing he can do 

And so with a fervent heart, you cry

GOD bless the friend who just stands by!!!!!

A Second Chance

When you thought you were doomed but for the presence thankfully of that second chance.

It all seems too awkward. That time is silently passing by. But my soul is making a lot of noise. Lightning is striking from my eyes and thunderstorms are pouring0 from my heart. I just want to search for myself again, for my life, which has slipped past me and fallen apart. I am in a trauma, the drama of life posed for me seems a white lie very secretly shading its true identity from me. I want to open my eyes, to see colours, breathing, being and feeling free. In life until now, everyone has cheated me and easily walked the distance leaving my sadness entirely to myself. I wonder how could I be such an unsuspecting fool throughout, opening the doors to my joys and secrets and giving them the treasure keys. I really have to pity myself. And wondrously the whole evening is making up faces to tease me up. The winds are whispering things in the ears of trees and there seems that more is to be felt than is being done presently. The air seems poisoned with so many bitter feelings of universe conjuring a darker night there. Why do we fall victim to our own self and feel embarrassed pretty soon because we were too good, too innocent? This life does not follow a defined set of laws. It does not give you many chances to make things right. You have to survive being in the flow, and keep on presenting a successful show of your existence, of your spirits. Well, though no one for any of your efforts will give you ever any merit. I am lost because I am alone in the sea of life. All seems just to be a shadow of truth. I wonder what is more enjoyable, rough existence or easy death? When you love life, you come into the realm of expectations. But you must know that no one can be the perfect creation to give you even a moment of rest and satisfaction. You may naturally feel that the world is in utmost need of massive humanization. Now I am beyond doubts that life is just a come-n-go affair. And meeting worthy people and experiences can be very rare. Life gives you some, takes away more. And I sometimes feel I want to quit for sure. But then comes down bright sun rays through my window pane and the sun is all smiles at me as if saying not all chances hit jackpots, only some do. I look around, birds are flying, chirping the song of sustenance, flowers are dancing and the breeze is so full of a ‘living the life’ essence. My little angel Anaisha, my one-month-old bundle of love is gazing with hopeful eyes, saying, Mom, good morning, how are you? I am so eager to grow up soon and play with you, do good things for you, make you smile and ensure your well being always. This look and feeling crosses my mind and heart simultaneously and I say to myself, Well I have lost the first chance given to me by life but this seems to be the second one and I must not ignore this. Let this be a lucky start for us to love, live and be together to cherish special moments as such. Life is after all giving me something secretly special. So for this second chance thank you life very much.

A Little Angel’s Paradise

As far as the eyes can soar, as farthest as they can see and capture beauties in their golden cups, there seem to be flowers strewn in multicolours here and there and a little angels innocence mixed and upon everything. There is always a place for goodness and an innocent heart to survive with pleasure and pride, there are always humble spirits who take little angels on gorgeous rides to better paradises. And so the world is, after all, a not so bad place to live in. And in there Angela is a little lucky shot. In the world of Angela, there are many reasons to celebrate. Though she is not the biological kid of Reagan’s but she could never have felt it a bit that way even while dreaming. Jeremy Reagan, in his fatherhood avatar, could never get better graded in loving Angela, a homeless infant whom he had found in the nearby Joseph Gardens on the cold wintry morning of 12th December 1984, a perfect time to welcome an angel in their worlds. Since then Jeremy has laughed with her,  sang sweet melodies, danced all days and caressed Angela in his arms on rainy thunderous and frightening nights. He has always been a mantle of protection and support at every moment to Angela. He sees sparkling jewels of joy, love, satisfaction and so much more in the eyes of baby darling Angela. Angela’s mom Susan has been so much more than the world to her. With love pouring from every corner of her heart and with all good spirits to make Angela a good girl, Susan is always doing rounds of chore to keep Angie happy. A brother Jack who has hugged, loved and cared for Angela in all good-bad times and who could have even given up his life for saving his baby sis. Angie’s life has been made a blissful paradise with the presence of dad,  mom, Jack and a fairy Godmother who looks after her all the time, sings her Christmas rhymes and knows how to make her happy and smacky and super fine.  This little world with mom, dad, Jack, Jhonny, Suzy, Samantha, Derek, her English teacher Mrs.Becker, the peon of her school Mr.Magolith and above all Jesus himself has given so many goodies to Angela and has always been made to feel to be the apple of everyone’s eyes, has made days golden, nights crimson and not less than the feel best ‘yabadabadu’ heaven as she calls it. So many toys with her favourite cute Princi barbie, Dino dinosaur and Moy the crazy monkey have always made her feel, over the moon and around stars. Nowhere can Angela find true happiness and so many smiles that flow and cross her face every morning to night. Angela thinks that one day she will visit ‘Paradise Island’ and meet Santa, Mother Earth, Captain America and God and sing them the song close to her heart titled ‘People of the world’ and then express her thanks to God for giving her this wonderful life and super wonder beings like Mom, Dad, Bro and all others. She also wants to become Miss World and wants to live more than the hundred years with her family forever. She does not want much, only more toys every year, more sweets, hugs, love and blessing of all in this world. She wants to be a unique girl who will be the saviour of mankind and wants to be remembered as the darling daughter of Reagan’s. She wants to shine, smile, shimmer, survive like a winner always with her jewels, her loved ones, for all seasons in her own secluded paradise, the heart of her family.


It will never be right…

When the winds will blow, peace will try to settle in and it will be alright again. When the sun will shine, the roses and sunflowers will forget their pain felt amidst the cold, blatant winters and will laugh spreading their beauty hither and thither, everything will be alright again. When the moon will beam bright and pleasant, the scent of romance will spread all around and all hearts intertwined in love will feel the tremendous power of passion profound, everything will be alright once again. When the rains will unleash their energy and fall, in drips and drops, the dying soul of the earth will be brought back to life, and will be grateful to the rains, sending a sweet smell and magic of the sands to the heavens in communion, and everything will be fine again. When humanity will take a step wider and will feel the power in togetherness, love, cooperation and brotherhood, the sins of the land, the jealousy, vice, hatred, terrorism, crimes and all gross things will vanish bringing in its trail love, compassion, bliss and wellbeing for all and so everything will be alright again. When life will change, bringing in new roles for its people, when world will witness the era of Jesus again trying to usher in kindness and purity for all to possess, when a man will feel things for his fellow beings and each woman will be the new age godmother for every orphan, i.e., everything will be alright again. It would be awesome being in a world full of colours, fun, love and bliss, a real pleasure. But it will always pinch and hurt bad to think of you, our love, correctly only mine, the way I did, so selfless yet so foolish. Everything at one point will strike the right chord again except that mess I made with you called love. The way I loved you, you cheated me, no, it will never be alright again. The way I adored you and you could only exploit. The things I felt for you and the concern which overwhelmed me to be such a nut and the way you showed to be a two-faced scorpion, can never be alright again. I wonder how could I be deceived so well that all universe left me in a dark, frenzied zone called hell. We could never gel. My love was never weak, was never wrong but your love for me could never be that strong, I now think we never really knew each other well enough and our hearts were now confused strangers. My soul gave up on you very traumatically, it never wanted to, but I still am amazed at my innocence, a silent killer which could never see the second foul play face of yours. Love cannot happen to all. But heartbreak can, it sure opens your senses wide and you still can’t accept the bitter truth. I can feel the best if I think from my head and take a break away from my ‘too good self’ but when thoughts come back of you to knock and even say sorry, nothing can be alright again, between you and me or in an exclusive, was to be wonderful space where I imagined to grow only tulips under the rainbow sky, my personal best gift I wanted to give you to create a living heaven of love called Paradisia of June Winters and Jack Bennett sadly which was quite a great thought, a great dream. All dreams don’t come true. But I still feel I love you. Thanks for making some moments memorable, rest are painful.

There can never be an end

What more does a Jack or Jilly need when the world is all orange with a tango. The stars shine brighter and the sun is all smiles already. When what you need has been well taken into consideration and your one-sided worries have gone to play. When life has got such gifts that awesome sounds a word pretty tiny. When you have in your booty treasures, wonders and marvels to preserve, a lot too many. When life has been kind and beautiful and it has bestowed on you elaborate blessings. In many forms, the best one being a loving, caring and helping hand, a boon in disguise who constantly toils to see that you are at ease and your mind is at peace from the passing night to the next golden sunrise. That good samaritan act is better than the best, that angel role is the best gesture ever can be adorned. From caring to see you smile, every inch you walk to making your day a success this person seems to have magical access to creating joys, making moments fun, never letting the darkness settle in, always with you in thicks and thins. This one really takes away your tensions and brings back satisfaction. It’s a beauty to see this genius in action. She knows what is right for you, she gives you motivated wellbeing energy, nothing could be right without her presence. She is the topping of the cake, the real-life essence. Well to point out without being surprised, moms are the ever wonderful angelic caring phenomena. No man can match neither their talents nor their stamina. They are what you needed to create bliss. And could you go to sleep without her goodbye kiss? If you took a pondering moment and paused to look around at the wonder world she has created for you, you would never be more grateful. For all that she has done for you. For the power, she is for you. So according to me and all the lucky kids having mothers, there can never be an end to child prosperity till she’s around. There can never be an end to success sweet knocking on your door and applauses being raised at your achievements, never an end to wonders, sweet and surprising, to beauties churned out from that heavenly corner called moms delicacies(lava cakes being the toppers) to motivating stories, wise moments and learning curves from her magical kitty of good things, and those naps in her lap till the time you wished. She has always been your friend, philosopher, guide, on merely looking into her eyes you have seen the whole world bright and wide. She has been your pride chapter throughout and she wants now that from you. She has always seen you to be better than others. All the qualities and ways of good living taught to you are her designs in shaping your character and heart. She has believed in you from the start. There has been a beginning but there can never be an end to letting her stand strong on her hopes and dreams she has seen for me, and can never be an end to loving her, adoring her and each day praying to her because she is my goddess, my everything. She is the reason for my existence as a humble, good human being. I can never imagine life without her vision, her smell, her eloquence and her ethereal beauty. They have constantly guided me to glories to fulfil my duties. What can the world get better than life, that life for all is a mother, there can be many but none like her. The world may at one point tumble, die, disintegrate but till there is a person called mom there can never be an end to love and a smile on a child’s face.

When It All Could Be

It took me more time than on hand to realize life is more of the unfair kind. When you are innocent and casually thoughtful, it shreds you and laughs at the life game, being a brat, able and to your condition absolutely blind. It never is as you think it would be. It’s too late to curse the Almighty. The ways of the wind are a bit mysterious. Hidden are many secrets under time’s veil. The good things happen faster leaving bad’s never-ending trail. I was paralyzed through senses, found no other option than to quit when I was auctioned for free, tagged an unwanted misfit. For all the love I had showered, for all the pains I had borne on my heart and all probs solved under my belt, I was no longer in the league, was so down under and needed by none, I felt. What has happened to the friend, where is life going, why do I feel an emptiness in all directions? Life is eating me up slowly, in halves and fractions. I was on a hit number just before that minute, when I heard the thunder of world, my joys and emotions falling apart. The dark angel was opening his arms to welcome me for the starts. I had to say, O Lord, give me a deserving share because I have tasted the bittersweet brunt a lot too well. I don’t want to be left behind all and with bad luck gel. I had imagined rosier views, better pathways and brighter loving moments for us to have. At least these are still in my mind groping for ground reality for which I am glad. With you, the days were shimmering, nights were brimming, a vast ocean of love was slowly finding its right course, flowers were blooming and hearts were saying encore. When we were together all was like a dream come true. There was mist, fire, love and stronger values. What happened to the deal, what came as a rocker to shake us to pieces? Now all was bombed, destroyed and no love could be there even in traces. I was again back to the pavilion . My colors had died out when you walked out. All could be only grey and I became destiny’s desirable prey. I now feel I am cursed. But nothing could be worst, than you and me not being together. Well, it is reality’s fair weather. I now have reconciled to walk alone for all the miles. I now dedicate my life to bringing in hearts hopes and on faces smiles. I still remember you my only treasure, I had acquired. Want to say thanks for your time-bound mercy shown on me. But now I feel I am more strong, happier and free. Free to live, to cry, to die and say once and forever goodbye. To this world no good for me.To this life really a puzzle. I am somewhere without you. Without the beauty, the magic, my joys, my air, the paradise-effect and of course all the troubles.



I am feeling so full of fun, it’s bangers. World is dancing to joy’s tunes, it’s bangers. Life is on the run, it’s bangers. We need a moment to breathe again, it’s bangers. Roses are changing identities with tulips, it’s bangers. Man mortal is forgetting sanity rules. Dogs are braying and donkeys are behaving smarter, better than their brighter counterparts, mules, it too is bangers. Sun is working hard to get into eclipse mode and take a dark negativity it can never acquire, it is bangers. Moon and stars are boomeranging and having a gala time. Life is in line with logic but crazy still rules kingsize, it’s bangers. Romeo is no longer in lust for Juliet. He is more into the worldly biz and bad boy stuff, it’s bangers. Guys are all bonkers on gals with that magic elemental bluff, it’s bangers. All seems to be fine but it’s just a superficial clarity visible, otherwise good or bad anything is possible, it’s also bangers. Monday is strangely in love with laziness and Sunday is more into action mode, it’s bangers. ‘Love-live-laugh’ is life’s new celebratory code. Girls are going their ways ahead and different from all. Boys are trying to reach that limit but it’s too treacherous, they fear they will fall. There seems to be modernism creeping in and take a step up, a new type of crazy. The ways are changing, new rules are being made, old is into the shade of fades and all are following, listening, not to their mums or nannies but closer, hearts, of course, it’s bangers. Life is taking giant steps towards change and a revolution of new over old and bold over gold is rolling in, it’s bangers. Now moms are super chic, hot and their daughters take a backseat when bums get shaking super shot, it’s bangers. Masculine is the feminine as the latter is what matters, it’s bangers. Life is becoming colorful, funky and full of new surprises being showcased on everybody’s platter. Bangers, banging, boom, it’s time to focus on life, zoom. Life will soon be so special, only the survivors will afford it. But there will be born heroes always to conquer it. Man and woman, girl and boy each are getting into better shapes. World is adorning a magical drape of love, logic, some magic, and fun. It’s coming perfect shot climbing on the ladder to be number one. It’s time to forget past and future, live the moment now. Because you won’t get a second chance to record this wonder called life in the present and say oh wow. Bangers, it’s really rocking. It’s life. A mystery game which when experienced with a banger spirit inside leaves you wonderfully changed.Only for the best!!!